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LockScreen Lab

LockScreen Lab

LockScreen Lab

LockScreen Lab  ScreenshotLockScreen Lab  ScreenshotLockScreen Lab  ScreenshotLockScreen Lab  ScreenshotLockScreen Lab  Screenshot

NEW: You can download the free version of ScreenLab to try all the features of LockScreen (look for SCREENLAB LITE in "More by Lemonskin" section). Just keep in mind that, while ScreenLab and ScreenLab Lite are universal apps, LockScreen is not (read the note below). IMPORTANT NOTE: LockScreen creates wallpaper for iPhone and iPod Touch size screens (3,5 and 4 inches, Retina supported). If you need a more advanced app we suggest to have a look to ScreenLab (check it out in the "More iPhone Apps by Lemonskin" on this page), that supports iPad and iPad Mini resolutions too. :) ¦ A little introductory video: ¦ Official webpage: ? What is LockScreen? LockScreen is an iOS application for iPhone and iPod Touch that helps you show vital information in the device lock screen, alongside with your favorite wallpaper image. ? Why should I use it? The image iOS let you use as wallpaper may be wonderful but, it’s not useful in most cases. What if your device got lost? Whoever finds it, hoping they’re honest enough, have no chances to find out who you are, because no visible information is shown on the screen. ? Always protect your device! Even worse, if you keep the device protected with a password code, they can’t even unlock it to look for a phone number in order to get in touch with you. On the other hand keeping it unprotected exposes you to a serie of privacy dangers you won’t like to face. ? So, what to do? With LockScreen you still have the freedom of having your favorite desktop image plus all the useful information you may need. An email, a phone number or a website. But you can also add information that may save your life, like blood group in case of an accident, food or medicine you are allergic to or special medical treatments you may require. ? Calendars, notes, to-do lists… Of course, you can also add fun and less serious things, like several nice looking calendars, to-do checklists and free text fields with custom color, style, transparency, position, rotation angle and many other features. ? All the help you may need Objects manipulation is really simple and intuitive, there is an useful specific help in every section of the application and a complete video tutorial showing you how to use all application features. ? Main features - Wonderful predefined models; - Calendars, to-do lists, multiline text fields; - Beautiful wallpapers included in the application; - Every object is highly personalizable; - Video tutorial and help available everywhere. All the wallpapers you see in the screenshots are included in the application. :) WARNING: while the application does run on all iPads, it won't be able to create wallpapers in the right resolution. This because, like all iPhone-only applications, it's executed in compatible mode. We’ll be considering an iPad update in future, if customers will show enough interest. NOTE: the wallpaper is just an image so, once you saved it to your Photo Roll, you won’t be able to mark/unmark the to-do lists checkboxes from the iPhone/iPod Touch Lock Screen. You can do it in the application, updating the objects and saving a new image.

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