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A1 Website Download 10.xDiscount

A1 Website Download 10.x

Download Entire Websites for Offline Viewing

v10.x Mac & PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS X - Yosemite or newer
A1 Website Download 10.x ScreenshotWeb Development Software ScreenshotA1 Website Download 10.x, Web Development Software ScreenshotA1 Website Download 10.x, Development Software ScreenshotWeb Development Software, A1 Website Download 10.x ScreenshotDevelopment Software, A1 Website Download 10.x Screenshot

For all of the usefulness of the Internet, there are times when you want or need to be able to browse a website offline - either because a client doesn't have broadband, or you want to transport the entire site on a flash drive. You may think this is an impossible dream, until you hear about today's discount software promotion, A1 Website Download!

A1 Website Download lets you download entire websites to local storage, enabling you to browse them offline. With A1 Website Download, you can experience the speed of browsing a website at broadband speeds even if you're using a dial-up connection, because it won't be running on the Internet! Researchers and travelers will love the ability to view websites anytime, anywhere, without relying on the presence of an Internet connection.

Instead of grabbing everything under the sun, A1 Website Download lets you customize your experience with filters that let you specify which files and pages you want to download and which you want to leave behind. If you have a slew of sites that you want to grab for offline enjoyment, you can even use A1 Website Download to automate the download of websites at a specific time (like when you're sleeping!).

Please note folks, it may take up to a few hours for some of you to receive the email containing your license file (depending on what time you purchase). The registration process is semi-automated and there's a chance the developer will be momentarily unavailable. Thanks for understanding!

The Conversation
The Fine Print
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Stephen Warkentien What version is this please?
Sep 9 at 9:58am Copy Link
Thomas Schulz @Stephen

As in the headline "A1 Website Download 10.x"

(But if version 11.x is released within an year of your purchase, you get a free upgrade to 11.x as well.)
Microsys - Sep 9 at 10:08am Copy Link
Stephen Warkentien Thank you Captain Obvious!

Now would you solve for X please?
Sep 9 at 10:44am Copy Link
Thomas Schulz @Stephen

- a version 10.x license means your license will work for entire version 10 series meaning any version in range 10.0.0 to 10.99.99

- a version 11.x license means your license will work for entire version 11 series series meaning any version in range 10.0.0 to 10.99.99

- if you buy a 10.x license and version 11.x is released within an year of your purchase, you get a free upgrade to 11.x as well

I hope that answers your question.
Microsys - Sep 9 at 11:19am Copy Link
Stephen Warkentien @Thomas

I did not ask about the license.
I did not ask about the range of versions.
I asked "What version?" not "What versions?"

If you don't know what version your software is, then just say so!
Sep 9 at 3:39pm Copy Link
Thomas Schulz @Stephen

You can always check the product page: http://www.microsystools....-download/
Current version is 10.1.5

If you really need details you can go to the changelog: http://www.microsystools....istory.php
Current version is 10.1.5 update #7

There is probably a new update every 14 days. (Also Mac versions is usually trailing a few days behind the Windows version.)

Can I ask you why you are asking what the current version is? I assumed it was because you maybe already had a license or were curious if you purchased which versions your license would be eligible for?

Note: If you already have a 10.x license you can simply download the latest 10.x version (i.e. at time of writing 10.1.5 update #7) and then simply download + install and your license still works.

Note: From my POV: When you state "What version is this please?" in a BDJ promotion context, the answer to your question is that this BDJ promotion is for all versions 10.x ... It would be incorrect to answer that question with "10.1.5 update #7" since the license you receive from the BDJ promotion is applicable for all 10.x versions.

Anyhow. I hope that clears everything :)
Microsys - Sep 10 at 1:58am Copy Link
kydara Ok, somebody has to ask the 800# gorilla is this any better than httrack which is free and feature-loaded?
Sep 10 at 5:18am Copy Link
Thomas Schulz @kydara

I believe A1 Website Download offers more/different features and more options. The A1 suite of tools been in development since 2005 (with A1WD released in 2006), so it is not like you are getting some thin featured tool with A1WD ;)

You can try take a look at "Scan website | Output filters" and "Scan website | Analysis filters" to get an idea (and yes they are separate since you want to analyze some pages for links but not actually include them in "output")
Microsys - Sep 10 at 6:18am Copy Link
kydara @Thomas Schulz thanks for the reply. One quick question: for "courses" sites that contain a mix of text and embedded videos, some or all of which are behind paywalls, can your software download those (including the videos)?
Sep 10 at 7:16am Copy Link
Thomas Schulz @kydara

The answer is it depends. But streamed videos will not work at present. Video, image, PDF etc. files will get downloaded.

Concerning paywalls it depends if the embedded browser login solution works. After login the crawler takes over the login/cookies/session. In the past this worked for *far most websites* on Windows, but the situation is starting to get a bit more murky. It is currently #1 item on TODO list to ensure both Windows and Mac versions get this functionality back working with *far most websites* again. (And I *expect* this will be the case again within a very reasonably amount of time, at least on Windows. It will take longer for Mac versions.)
Microsys - Sep 10 at 7:38am Copy Link
kydara @Thomas Schulz thanks again. It sounds like it's worth $20 to check your software out and compare it to HTTrack. The fine print says there's a 30-day refund policy in case I find that it doesn't meet my needs, is that correct?
Sep 10 at 7:55am Copy Link
Thomas Schulz @kydara


There is both a 30 days trial (if you keep the BDJ link you will get the BDJ discount + BDJ gets credited for at least 7 days further if not longer)


a 30 days refund period after you buy :)


people who report a problem after recent purchase often get extended refund periods, so should you encounter anything after staring to use it... then send an email :)
Microsys - Sep 10 at 10:28am Copy Link

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