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MultiDimensional Information Manager

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Platforms: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista
do ORGANIZER ScreenshotOrganization Software Screenshotdo ORGANIZER, Organization Software Screenshotdo ORGANIZER, Productivity Software ScreenshotOrganization Software, do ORGANIZER ScreenshotProductivity Software, do ORGANIZER ScreenshotProductivity Software, Organization Software Screenshotdo ORGANIZER, Productivity Software, Organization Software Screenshotdo ORGANIZER Screenshot 8do ORGANIZER Screenshot 9do ORGANIZER Screenshot 10

Hey, you know why everybody wants to stay in the Presidential Suite?

The mini bar!

The mini bar is perhaps the greatest invention on Earth! It takes a whole messy bar, shrinks it, and puts you in charge.

do-Organizer, the greatest multidimensional information manager on Earth, also has a mini bar. A free floating mini bar that gives you quick access and cross-platform control over all your relevant data -- right there, right when you need it.

do-ORGANIZER keeps emails, mindmaps, databases, calendars, journals, internet URLs and contacts all in one place, all accessible with one slick drag-and-drop GUI: the mini bar.

Without sapping your computer's resources, do-Organizer gives you fully accessible, searchable data. The calendar is flexible, offering search and move, color and resize, recognition of categorized and recurring appointments, and incorporating them into the relevant application (into your contacts, tasks or notes). do-Organizer can store contact information for every person on Earth! So get networking! Each contact can have unlimited information attached, emails, URLs, notes, or personal data. And for every contact, there are ten tasks, right? No problem. do-Organizer covers tasks, notes and email with similar ease.

Mindmaps and databases have never been so flawlessly integrated into your workflow. Again, storage is limited only by that of your hardware, do-Organizer keeps going and going, linking mindmap blocks to database records, contacts, appointments and notes. Databases are backed up and encrypted for the superior sustained integrity of your work.

All of do-Organizer's functions are fully searchable, so nothing gets lost. And the platform can be accessed by your network, with scales of password access, so no one gets left out.

Let's drink to that!

p>Race you to the mini bar!

Review Written by Roger Thomasson
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Keith Anderson When will version 4 be coming out? Will it be a free upgrade?

Mar 19 2009 at 7:38pm Copy Link
Software Guy What does a single user license mean? Home computer only, Home plus USB, Home, laptop and USB? THANKS!
Mar 23 2009 at 2:43am Copy Link
Joe User If I order 2 at the special price, can they be used in multi-user mode?
Mar 26 2009 at 5:44pm Copy Link
NA NA I would also like to know if the upgrades are free and if not what type of discount is there?
Mar 26 2009 at 6:08pm Copy Link
Jon N/A Hi Joe,

Yes, they would. If and when you order, please include a note with your orders, stating that you'd wish to have 2 users license (multi-user) rather than 2 single users license.
GemX Software - Mar 26 2009 at 6:32pm Copy Link
Jon N/A Keith,
We don't have a definite date for v4 release as yet. We are working on it. We don't think it'll be ready for public release before autumn 2009.

Software Guy,
GemX software license are based on users, not machines. As long as you are the only user of those devices, yes you can have doO on desktop, laptop and usb stick. However, there is a limit for each user of maximum 4 devices use.

Minor versions (ie 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 and so on) are free but major versions are not (ie from version 3x to version 4x). However, we keep upgrade fees as low as we possibly can. We are happy with just cheese and bread :)
GemX Software - Mar 26 2009 at 6:44pm Copy Link
Andy W Hi everyone, please read this before download

also want to hear about the questions made here by other users.
Mar 26 2009 at 7:10pm Copy Link
dor mouse Andy W - all the comments in that thread are out of date. There clearly was a period when GemX support slipped and the forum was closed (a new forum has since been established, though fairly inactive). A lot of users at that time were extraordinarily upset at the situation and there are many threads all over the net in which that was expressed. That shouldn't take away from the value of the software. Latest version of software (v3.2) works fine and I certainly would not describe it as buggy (I don't know exactly how buggy the very early versions of 3.0 were - from what I have heard it seems to the the normal number of little glitches and the degree of upset was high because everyone expected so much from GemX). Remarkably reliable really given all that it does.

I bought it a good while ago, but after the 'relaunch' and bearing in mind all the critical comments. Most users commented that it did mostly work very well, and it does give a 60 day trial. I was a little anxious initially, but I bought 'as is' and I have had absolutely no regrets. Well worth the current asking price and a bargain at $25.

As far as I can see, the developer has answered all the questions asked.
Mar 28 2009 at 4:23am Copy Link
pereh pereh Hello dor mouse,
of course you are right, these complaints are somewhat old.
But as you can see, GemX did not comment these complaints, so it seems no user knows what was going on and how things are going now.
And the new forum is not very vivd, indeed. So, potential users might ask themselves how long this application will be supported with help, bug fixes and maybe new versions...
Because this kind of software is not a simple utility that can be easily replaced. If you really use it, you handle your email, contacts, diary, thoughts and other parts of your very personal life with it.
The trial limit is down to 30 days now, which should suffice. I have only just started to try out this program and already like it :)
Mar 28 2009 at 10:22am Copy Link
Jon N/A Hi everybody,

Thanks for your comments and support.

It's true there was a period we were just trying to do too much. We thought we were unbreakable machines. While developing doO, we were trying to answer every query, even if answers were already on the help and rough guide. Most of the days, we were only sleeping 3-4 hours. Unfortunately, our stamina couldn't hold us together more than couple of years. We just over burned ourselves. Doctor told us we have to take a long holiday and forget about work, unless we wanted receive 50th birthday cards.

However, we are back and not giving up on current GemX applications, it also includes doO of course. However, we are taking it easy these days - no more super human ambitions.

Not long ago we have updated the GemX website, and it will be updated again with more features.

Currently we are working on doO v4. It's quite a large undertaking as we decided to re-write existing code (which is well over 2m lines of code) with additional/improved features. We hope to bring you a real world beater application that can handle unlimited data, in single user or client/server environment with a minimal amount of bugs. I wish we could say totally bug free, but it's just not possible as we are humans. Every software has bugs which surface in due circumstances.

In our view, this large undertaking will take the best part (if not all) of 2009. We know by our own past experience, rushing things usually doesn't generate desired results. So, please allow us some time to develop. We sincerely hope to put a big smile on all doO users face with the upgrade to version 4.

Please keep in mind that we won't be able to answer external blog or forum comments about GemX software as we like, especially considering that we need to focus our efforts towards doO's development. However, if you have genuine inquiries, questions or concerns, please use the GemX forums or contact our support directly. Our contact details are on the contact page.

Once again, thank you all for your past, current and future support.
GemX Software - Mar 28 2009 at 1:06pm Copy Link
robin miller Please offer doO again soon! The wait has been so long . . .
Oct 30 2010 at 4:45pm Copy Link
JesusInsideMe Do can I import tasks, contacts and notes from my local Outlook?
God bless you, bye.
Dec 5 2011 at 9:24am Copy Link
Software Guy Shortly after this offer gemx raised the price to an astronomical $99.95 for an extended period. Then towards the end of 2011 gemx dropped the price and changed the name to Harmony PIM Organizer. The price is 39.95 and the software is updated. For icon lovers, the trees and folders now support user assignable icons. Their excellent notes programTextnotes is also updated with a new price of $19.95.
So DoO is now Harmony PIM with a new, attractive price.
Jan 10 2012 at 7:59pm Copy Link
K. Christoph It's now called "Harmony PIM" !
... and it's portable !
Dec 26 2014 at 12:11pm Copy Link
BiteSpire (Chris) do-Organizer / Harmony is no more. GemX Software closed its doors a few years ago, leaving a lot of disgruntled users.

The good news is, I've obtained the source codebase and created a new version under BiteSpire. It's called doogiePIM.

All do-Organizer registered users get a 65% discount off the current price of doogiePIM. Just contact for the link.
Aug 10 2016 at 2:15am Copy Link

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