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Folder Marker Pro + Business Folder Icons BundleDiscount

Folder Marker Pro + Business Folder Icons Bundle

Escape the Yellow Uniformity of Folders

for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows 7, 8, 10; 32 and 64 bit
Folder Marker Pro + Business Folder Icons Bundle ScreenshotIcons Software ScreenshotFolder Marker Pro + Business Folder Icons Bundle, Icons Software ScreenshotFolder Marker Pro + Business Folder Icons Bundle, Design, Photo & Graphics Software ScreenshotIcons Software, Folder Marker Pro + Business Folder Icons Bundle ScreenshotDesign, Photo & Graphics Software, Folder Marker Pro + Business Folder Icons Bundle Screenshot

In the ordinary world, we’re using markers, highlighting important documents or laying them out in folders of different colors. This allows us to be organized and quickly find the information we need. Why don’t we bring the same approach to our computer files world?

This is exactly what today’s deal software is doing. Folder Marker lets you add colors and/or images to Windows' folder icons. Seems trivial, right? Yet once you start using it, you'll wonder why Microsoft never bothered to incorporate such capabilities into Windows. It’s awesome.

Once you have installed Folder Marker, right-click the folder you want to customize. Go to “Mark Folder” item there, and click the icon you like. That is it!

Folder Marker Pro lets you distinguish between folders by assigning different colors, priorities, work status, or type of file, just in a single click of your mouse! Freed from the uniformity and blankness of yellow folders, you'll be able to tell, visually, what kind of files are in any folder that you've marked with Folder Marker Pro! On a basic level, you can assign folders to represent various types of files in your workflow. Then, you can mark folders by how high of a priority those files are, or by the level of completion of the work inside the folder!

Pro edition has advanced features such as:

  • - ability to customize Network folders
  • - a backup feature, that allows you to restore your colorization after reinstalling your operating system or after migration to another computer.
  • - command-line work. This allows you to write your own script and automate marking of folders in your specific cases.
  • - ability to customize folder icons without changing its date. It is convenient if you sort your folders by dates.

If you've got some favorite icons in your arsenal, you can use them in conjunction with Folder Marker! Just select an icon (like a whimsical URGENT sign) in ICO, ICL, EXE, DLL, CPL, or BMP format, and use it to mark up your folders. And you won't be needing to mark folders one at a time, either -- Folder Marker Pro lets you work with several folders at once, or mark up subfolders.

Folder Marker Pro has 148 icon options built-in but with Business Folder Icons you get even more. Business Folder Icons contains 74 professional folder icons with business symbols, each created with the express purpose of making it easier to navigate through office documents. It includes:

  • 27 icons that symbolize the client's movement through the stages of the sales funnel;
  • 6 icons that categorize quality and contact type;
  • 10 icons that symbolize type of activity and enterprise departments;
  • 4 icons that symbolize order status: finished, paused, canceled, possible in future;
  • 26 icons with various business symbols and markers that help you highlight the most important things;

You will benefit from this pack if you’re a company executive, entrepreneur, business owner, manager at any rank and level, or if you just want to keep your work folders in order.

Review Written by Constantin Florea
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AL-M712 AL-M712 I've been using this program but find it only useful in assigning folder icons of better basic design to my folders. What I mean is that this program may have lots of colors; numbering, little symbols that can be added to the the folder icons it offers; however, this program has basically just one base folder design -- only a vertical standing, open, file, as is seen in its video. This design is nothing at all like the traditional and IMO, far more appealing horizontal closed or partially opened folder design. Aside from personal preference, it is limited and not well serving to distinguish its folders from file icons all seen in one folder. The horizontal.layout of traditional files far better visually distinguished, and can easily be edited, colored, stylized, etc. in an icon editor if one would choose. So given all of that, I use this program ONLY for quickly assigning my better made icons to folders, even multiples at a time, rather than by Windows' relatively complex way limited to one folder at a time. I've communicated this matter to Folder Marker several months ago in response to one of their survey emails; however, there had been no response to it nor any indication of wanting to add more and better basic folder designs. Hopefully, posting here will raise the matter to all, and serve to elicit response and better the program.
Oct 12 at 6:29am Copy Link
Jane Blue I assume this only works in Windows Explorer. I've been looking for a way to use colored folder icons on the bookmark toolbar of my browser. Will it do that?
Oct 13 at 2:57pm Copy Link
Roman, ArcticLine @Jane Blue, Folder Marker is for Windows Explorer (File Explorer) only. It doesn't work with web/browser
ArcticLine Software - Oct 14 at 5:49am Copy Link

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