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Goalscape Desktop and Goalscape Online UnlimitedDiscount

Goalscape Desktop and Goalscape Online Unlimited

Goal Management That's Visual and Intuitive

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Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac OS X (Intel)
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Chances are, if you're into goal-setting, you've tried a lot of different techniques to achieve that utopian state of organization. List methods, graphic methods, GTD, all of that, and yet you still haven't found a system that's simple AND effective at the same time. Today is your lucky day, though, because now you have Goalscape!

I like pie. You like pie. Who doesn't like pie? And now, pie is the name of the game when it comes to managing your goals, because Goalscape organizes all of your objectives into a dynamic multi-level pie chart. Just start by entering in goal categories, like "Vacation", then break those categories down into smaller to-do items, like "Book plane tickets", "Buy clothes" and "Suspend mail service". Each of your categories appears on your Goalscape goal map -- just click on any one of them to expand it and see your tasks in that category. Simple. Effective. Intuitive. Easy as pie!

What makes Goalscape superior to other goal management apps is that each of your tasks has a visual context, and you can control this visual context using sliders. Slide the importance of a goal higher or grab its border, and the slice of your pie chart that represents that goal gets larger in proportion to the others. Want to save for an iPad more than a new outfit or a snowboard? Your Goalscape pie chart slice for "Essential Purchases" will reflect your priorities.

In addition to the Importance slider, Goalscape also gives you the Progress slider, which fills in your goals according to how complete they are. Just imagine, with Goalscape, you'll be able to judge your progress in all of your tasks with a single glance! Other features include the ability to export your goal maps as images, or save goal data in PDF, DOCX, XLSX, CSV and other formats. You can apply color-coding, set dates, add tags, and assign responsibilities to team members. Zoom in on goals, collapse to a high level view, or use Full Screen for presentations!

But what if you find yourself on the road a lot, with your soul pining to see how you’re progressing on your goals? Are you doomed to drift aimlessly and without direction, until you’re safely reunited with Goalscape Desktop? Not if you have an Unlimited subscription subscription for Goalscape Online, the online version of Goalscape that’s accessible from any computer in the world. As well as letting you view and update your goals remotely, Goalscape Online Unlimited is ideal for teams who are collaborating on shared projects from different parts of the world (or the building). It’s smart enough to let everyone work on the same project at the same time, while still safeguarding content so that people don’t overwrite each other’s work. There’s even a direct messaging function: goal comments with inline attachments and email notification options!

Goalscape Desktop and Goalscape Online work hand in hand to give you total control over your goals. You can upload files from Goalscape Desktop to Goalscape Online to work with them on the road, and download files from Goalscape Online back into Goalscape Desktop to work on them offline. There is as yet no automatic 'sync' between the two versions; there is though a new free Goalscape Mobile app (Android and iOS), which syncs with your Goalscape Online projects to display daily goals and tasks on your phone or tablet

    Goalscape has changed substantially since the last time it appeared on BDJ. Here are just a few of the many notable updates:
  • New Goalscape Online Free account: create 1 online project (30 goals maximum). Share your project with anyone: enter their email address and they receive an invitation with a link to sign in. Easy – and completely free!
  • Goalscape Online Unlimited customers can create (or upload) an unlimited number of projects of unlimited size and share them online. They can even give Free users Edit access to large projects (1 per Free user) at no cost to them whatsoever.
  • Full fill goal coloring
  • Highlight sidebar with filter by Due Date, Responsibility or Tag
  • Goal List with Table View option (sortable by date)
  • Enhanced reporting options (including partial reports based on Focus view)
  • High resolution display (eg Apple Retina)
  • Extended hotkey support
  • ... and there's more! For the full feature list scroll down here.

This promotion includes the following:
Goalscape Desktop - Lifetime License ($60)
Goalscape Online Unlimited - 1 Year Unlimited Subscription ($66)

The Conversation
The Fine Print
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Doug Lietz Three questions...

1) If I buy the Goalscape Online version of your product, will the annual renewal price also be $39.60 instead of the regular $66 amount?

2) If I buy the Goalscape Desktop version instead of the Online version, and install it on both my desktop and laptop, is there a feature that will allow the data on my two machines to stay in sync with each other?

3) Is there an alarm/alert feature I can set to notify me when a specific task requires my attention?

Nov 25 2016 at 7:05am Copy Link
Richard Parslow Hi Doug

Thanks for your questions

1. The discount applies to whatever you purchase today: it will not automatically be extended to renewals of Goalscape Online Unlimited. Note that even at full price, Goalscape already provides significant value for money – this year we dropped the full price for both products (from €89.00, which was more than $100 at the time).

2. The Goalscape Desktop single user license allows you to install and activate the software on 1 machine at a time.

Goalscape Desktop is standalone desktop software: you can share .gsp files over a network, or via a third party online filesharing facility, or by email – although that will not automatically share your attachments. Note too that if you save your project(s) at different locations you will need to do your own version control.

We developed Goalscape Online to allow full online access and sharing (including attachments). Even for single users this brings many advantages: losing a laptop or suffering a crash does not result in the loss of your data – and of course you can use the application on any computer anywhere in the world (as long as it has an Internet connection).

3. We are investigating ways to integrate it with third party Calendar applications to provide the alarm/alert feature you are seeking.

In the meantime you can set start and due dates on goals, then use the Highlight Sidebar to see imminent deadlines (including goals that are 'Due today') at a glance. Goals that reach their due date without being completed are also labeled with an alarm clock icon in the goal map.

You may also be interested in Emmett Lazich's article 'Getting Things Done – with or without Dates':

We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Goalscape Software - Nov 25 2016 at 8:59am Copy Link
Peter Gabriel In the image on Bits Du Jour some of the tasks have a background colour fill. How is this done? Or has this feature been removed?

When I use the 'Color Goal' it just colours the text and the border of the selected task.

Nov 25 2016 at 10:33am Copy Link
Richard Parslow Hello Peter

Thanks for your inquiry.

Full fill goal coloring is one of the options available in Customize-Settings – click the 'wrench' button at top right to open this window.

You can also use this screen to manage your account, change your password, select your language, apply a logo, enable/disable dates and alarm clocks, change the default font size for Notes text and (in Goalscape Desktop) change the autosave interval.

Enjoy the journey!

Goalscape Software - Nov 25 2016 at 12:36pm Copy Link
Michael R. Sometimes there are certain sub-tasks, which are needed for more than one main-task.

Is it possible to duplicate such a sub-task, so it occurs more than once in the pie and make sure that if one instance is changed, the other one is changed too? (Probably this would be implemented with links to the real Tasks and in the example more than one link would refer to this sub-task).

Is the 'one-project-online-sharing is free' handling also implemented inside the desktop-version?
Nov 25 2016 at 8:53pm Copy Link
Richard Parslow Hello Michael

Thanks for your inquiry. Sorry for the tardy response – in case you are still waiting to hear our answer before purchasing, I confirm that the BdJ discount coupon will be valid for 24 hours from your post here.

1. We call goals that contribute to more than one parent 'synergistic' goals. I confirm that we are investigating ways to support such a feature – possibly by providing a facility to 'clone' goals (rather than the current Copy function). As you say, updating some attribute (Progress, dates, notes, etc) in any instance of such a cloned goal will require all other instances of it to be similarly updated at the same time (of course this does not apply to changes made to the *Importance*, since that depends on the relationship of each instance to its neighbors). This is however not a trivial task, since updates to attribute information are made in the panel of the selected goal; updating multiple goals via a single panel is extremely complicated.

In the meantime you can create a synergistic goal as a subgoal at the same level as the goals it contributes to (or just as a level 1 subgoal). You can also use (part of) its name as a Tag, which you can apply to all the goals that depend on it (wherever they are in your project). Then you can find all these dependent goals using the Highlight sidebar (see video [here](

In Goalscape Online (, each goal (and each field within that goal) has its own URL. So you can also link a synergistic goal to all those to which it contributes by including its URL as a hyperlink in all their Notes fields (and vice versa).

2. Goalscape Desktop is standalone desktop software and does not provide any project sharing facilities. You can share .gsp files over a network, or via a third party online filesharing facility, or by email (although that will not automatically share your attachments). You can try Goalscape Desktop with full functionality free for 14 days: create as many projects as you like, of whatever size you like. At the end of the trial if you choose not to purchase Goalscape Desktop, your projects will be View only.

Proper project sharing and collaboration is only possible using Goalscape Online ( The Goalscape Free account allows Online users to create 1 project (30 goals maximum) and share it with others. There is no time limit: you can use Goalscape Online like this for free for ever.

The Goalscape Online Unlimited subscription allows you to create an unlimited number of projects of unlimited size and share them with others – you can even give new Free users Edit access to large projects (1 such large editable shared project per Free user).

Note too that if you create projects during your trial of Goalscape Desktop and subsequently purchase a Goalscape Online Unlimited subscription you can upload your Desktop projects (.gsp files) to Goalscape Online and continue to access them (with full update fuctionality) as online projects (which you can also share with others).

Enjoy the journey!

Goalscape Software - Nov 26 2016 at 3:53am Copy Link
Paul User I literally could not exercise on the sale I just missed by a day. is there any chance I can buy at the sale price? I will purchase at that price.
Nov 27 2016 at 9:46am Copy Link
Richard Parslow Hello Paul

Bits du Jour promotions are strictly 1 day only. To accommodate different timezones (and some laggards) we leave the coupon code valid for another 24 hours; unfortunately it has now expired and, since it has already been used, we cannot change the expiry date.

Even at full price, Goalscape represents exceptional value for money: it costs far less than other premium mind mapping and project management, yet provides benefits that are simply not available in any other tool. You can even use Goalscape for free for ever to run (and share) a personal project (30 goals maximum) – register for a Free user account here:

Unlimited users can create (or upload) an unlimited number of projects of unlimited size and share them with an unlimited number of others – they can even give Free users Edit access to a shared project. The Goalscape Online Unlimited subscription is only $6 per month or $66 per year (NB the monthly Plan was not included in the BdJ promotion).

May you achieve great goals!

Goalscape Software - Nov 27 2016 at 11:06am Copy Link
Paul User Richard,
Thank you for the response.
Although you are entitled to your opinion regarding the value not everyone shares the same opinion as you , especially regarding an initial investment and its cost. So no worries.

In the endless list of $60 task, goal and project applications Who all stand by their value it becomes difficult to filter out one that will actually work for each individual and their needs.

If you feel the need to stand firmly on a simple sale price deadline i can't help but to wonder what other customer service issues would be met with the same rigidity.
Nov 27 2016 at 11:57am Copy Link
Richard Parslow Hello Paul

I am very sorry that you missed the 1-day promotion and the extended 'window' for the coupon.

Goalscape Software is still a small company and we cannot afford to discount single sales – the only exception is in our 'once in a blue moon' 1-day Bits du Jour promotions. We do however also offer a 50% discount for all professors and students in full-time education – and for approved nonprofits. If you are in either group please apply to with the relevant evidence.

To see if Goalscape suits your needs for visual goal management you can use it for free for ever – just register here and see for yourself. To try it on larger projects you only need to buy a month's Unlimited subscription for $6, which I am sure you will agree is a tiny initial cost. There is no minimum contract period and you can cancel any time.

Goalscape's support is second to none: you can check any number of online reviews and you will not find a single complaint about our service (which has to be unique in the software industry). As for our flexibility and willingness to go the extra yard for our customers, see Oliver Shetler's comment here: (and there are more here:

Once again I am very sorry that you missed out – if you still believe that full price is too expensive we will probably be repeating this Bits du Jour promotion in a couple of years.

All the best on your journey

Goalscape Software - Nov 27 2016 at 12:57pm Copy Link
John Lynn Regarding the statement "we will probably be repeating this Bits du Jour promotion in a couple of years" ... I was also literally unable to take advantage on the day of the sale, and I'd been waiting for Goalscape to go on sale for a long time.
Wouldn't it be wise to run it for a day again now, to catch all the people who were caught by surprise by this sale? Sure, you are selling it at a nice discount, but on the other hand you will gain customers who will then evangelize your excellent product throughout the land. :-)
Dec 1 2016 at 7:53am Copy Link
Richard Parslow Hello John

Thanks for your suggestion.

Since our last Bits du Jour promotion we reduced our prices to $60 for Goalscape Desktop and $66 for Goalscape Online unlimited, from €89 for each (which was over $100 at the time).

We also introduced the new Goalscape Free account, which allows people to use Goalscape *for free for ever* to run (and share) a personal project (30 goals maximum). This has already produced nearly 10,000 new 'evangelists' for Goalscape all over the world. If you have not yet already done so you can register for a Free user account here:

Those who want to try using Goalscape for larger projects can download the free 14-day trial of Goalscape Desktop here: And you can try the full Goalscape Online Unlimited functionality by buying a monthly subscription for just $6 – it's a tiny initial investment, there is no minimum contract period and you can cancel any time.

Note too that because Unlimited users can grant Edit access to Free users when they share a large project with them, you can now run a project (or even an entire company) for the price of a single Unlimited subscription.

So even at full price Goalscape represents truly exceptional value for money. And our customers agree: our conversion rate (from Free users to paying customers) is high and our churn is low.

Even though we are still a small company we also offer a massive 50% discount for all professors and students in full-time education – and for approved nonprofits.

John I am very sorry that you missed this Bits du Jour promotion. Goalscape is never discounted anywhere else and this one is strictly 1 day only (with a 1-day extension to cover all timezones). This protects all our customers who happily pay full price (especially those who have done so since this promotion ended).

Our billing system precludes reopening a discount coupon once it has expired – and furthermore we have already finished the accounting process with Bits du Jour. So you are effectively asking us to set up a new one-off promotion just for you and others who missed this one, with all the additional admin and accounting that would require; I regret that this is not possible.

All the best

Goalscape Software - Dec 1 2016 at 9:02am Copy Link

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