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Recover Any Version of a Lost File

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Platforms: WindowsXP (x32), Vista (x32, x64), 7 (x32, x64)
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Remember that time you lost a bunch of important files and sentimental photos because you accidentally deleted or overwrote them? Or that other time when you started revising your manuscript, only to make such a mess of things that you wanted to revert to the original? Well, at least you could use your Mac's Time Machine function to roll back to your pristine files. What? You don't have a Mac? Oh, um. Er. Sorry.

Today, there is a software application that provides you with all of the amazing functionality of Time Machine, right on your Windows computer! It's called Oops!Backup, and it gives you the power to bring back lost, deleted, or misplaced files in a jiffy. What's more, Oops!Backup lets you view the full history of edits to any file, letting you undo or accept those changes. All of this happens in less than a minute, and in just a few clicks of the mouse!

Other backup methods only give you the most recently-archived version of a file prior to the changes that you've just made. With Oops!Backup, you have the ability to travel back in time to ANY POINT, to recover nearly ANY version of your file. It's the ultimate combination of backup and version control, all wrapped up in a shiny package called Oops!Backup. It's not just the last time you saved a file -- it's the file as it existed yesterday, last week, or last month!

The revolutionary nature of Oops!Backup means never having to buy a dedicated external drive for backups. Oops!Backup uses your existing external drive, and can even backup to a USB flash drive, network share, or NAS drive. You can even have multiple Oops!Backup installations backing up to a central server, so each user gets their own versioning capability! Plug & Protect functionality ensures that your changed files are always backed up whenever an external drive is connected.

Review Written by Derek Lee
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Glen Hilton RE Mar 13 2010 at 11:32pm
"As to the resource usage - our product is very lean on resources especially when compared with other backup products."

David, I like the program and was thinking about purchasing a licence this time around however your claim about low resources compared to others leaves me a little puzzled. After a quick check with a those I have currently installed at idle, OopsBackup appears to be running at 3x explorers memory usage. For many, it's no problem, for others it may be.

For those with lower resources who are looking for something that is more feasible I would suggest checking the alternatives. AJC works well enough, is low on resources and is easy to set set up, though my pick is SyncBack for those that don't require flashy extras and who are willing to take the time and effort to set it up correctly. It is very flexible with oodles of user options and has performed very well in the last 6 months.

Image Name CPU Mem Usage

OopsBackup.exe 00 69,528 K
OopsBackup.Engine.exe 00 54,972 K
OopsBackup.Service.exe 00 32,480 K

tk8backup.exe 00 31,876 K

SyncBackSE.exe 02 17,976 K

AJCActBk.exe 00 5,544 K

GoodSync.exe 00 2,340 K
May 28 2012 at 6:44pm Copy Link
Brian H Hi- this product looks very good! Tell me, could it be used at the same time a recovery program like "Rollback Rx" is used (but for different functions); or are the two programs incompatible? Thanks. -Brian
May 29 2012 at 12:53am Copy Link
Frank Sielna The software vendor is not available for this product?
Because I had some questions. For once not "why would I buy it" but:
- is there any encryption planned for the /near/ future?
- any 'intelligent' change detection (NTFS based) instead of 'dumb' "once each X hours/minutes/whatsoever"?
- any compression of the backuped files (I do backup to costly online storage!)

I really loved the Delta Sync, but in my test installation it produced a backup set of 113 MB from 2 times backing up a 60MB *.txt which only consited of "" and (for the second beackup) inserted a b. Even MS Win zip compression makes that 920 KB (in words: ninehundredandtwenty KILOBYTES despite your backup set of 113 MB)

Thank you, Frank
May 29 2012 at 11:06am Copy Link
DroidLuvr Why on earth would a developer put a promo on here and not be available to answer questions? That doesn't bode well for tech support in the future; I think I'll have to pass due to the resource usage and questions without answers here :(
May 29 2012 at 11:42am Copy Link
Franck Waserman I also feel sorry that the developer is not around to answer the questions.
I saw somewhere on their forum they are proud of the support reactivity... Hum... We will have to wait and see, and hope we won't have any need for support.

I bought anyway, as I was really impressed with the ease of use and functionalities of this program.
I do really mean "impressed" ; usually, I'm charmed, pleased, teased, by programs. This time, I installed the trial just to see... and I immediately fell that I need this one :)
(although I'm a little concerned too by this memory usage affair)

Frank, regarding your question about DeltaSync the explanation may be that this technology only applies to 5Mb files. So if your 60 Mb are a bunch of small *.txt files, it may happen they are not deltaed in any manner.
This 5 mb threshold can be customized in your backup plan settings.

I'm not sure I have the proper explanation, but I hope this helps.

May 29 2012 at 12:32pm Copy Link
Frank Sielna Hey Franck,

thank you for caring about my issue!!!
But I only have 1 (one) file of 60MB. Which I backed up twice (once originally being 60 million times the letter "a" and a 2nd time inserting the letter "b" anywhere in the first 100 characters) resulting in a backup set of 113 MB :(

Anyway, I hope at least you got exactly what you need!

Regards, Frank
May 29 2012 at 12:40pm Copy Link
Altaro Software Hi Guys,

Sorry for not answering these questions earlier. Will try to answer all your queries below.

@Glen Hilton re Memory Usage.

What you are seeing is due to the fact that we make use of the .NET framework. Please note that the way .NET memory management works is that if there is 'spare' memory it will assign it to the process automatically but after some time the .NET Garbage Collection will kick in and the unused memory will be disposed automatically. After some time you should see the memory going down considerably.

@Brian H re Rollback Rx.

I don't believe we have any reported compatibility issues with Rollback Rx and I don't see how they could be incompatible.

@Frank Sielna

- is there any encryption planned for the /near/ future?

Answer It's on the feature list but we don't have a date yet. What some of our customers do is that they use TrueCrypt in conjunction with Oops!Backup.

- any 'intelligent' change detection (NTFS based) instead of 'dumb' "once each X hours/minutes/whatsoever"?

Answer There is already - Oops!Backup uses the Windows File System Watcher.

- any compression of the backuped files (I do backup to costly online storage!)

Answer Same as encryption.

I really loved the Delta Sync, but in my test installation it produced a backup set of 113 MB from 2 times backing up a 60MB *.txt which only consited of "" and (for the second beackup) inserted a b. Even MS Win zip compression makes that 920 KB (in words: ninehundredandtwenty KILOBYTES despite your backup set of 113 MB)

Answer This is strange as it seems that somehow ReverseDelta is not kicking in. Did you maybe create a special folder and not enable ReverseDelta in the Advanced Settings? (

@Franck W - Thank You.
Altaro Software - May 29 2012 at 12:46pm Copy Link
Frank Sielna Dear David,


ReversDelta is checked (it appears to be standard in your soft what makes sense).
Do you use and remote support software? I could give you admin acces to the test machine online. It's just a VM clone.

But I doubt it would really help: You were not even supposed to store the original 60MB as 60 MB but compressed as 600k.

Regards, Frank
May 29 2012 at 1:19pm Copy Link

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