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PpcSoft iKnow 2010Discount

PpcSoft iKnow 2010

Manage the pain of information overload!

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Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 7
PpcSoft iKnow 2010 ScreenshotNotes Software ScreenshotPpcSoft iKnow 2010, Notes Software ScreenshotPpcSoft iKnow 2010, Productivity Software Screenshot

Just like it's difficult to use a computer screen covered in sticky notes or a day-planner without any blank space left for planning, it's difficult to use your brain if it's stuffed full of random, disorganized information.

And yet that's how most of us operate on a daily basis.

So why not let PpcSoft iKnow do the organizing while you get back to the thinking!

PpcSoft iKnow is a feature-laden information organization application. It uses the smart features you would expect from an information organization package (shortcut keys, quick search, full-text search, etc.), but also introduces some innovative ways to synthesize your information.

PpcSoft iKnow allows you to organize your thought process via the four "C"s: collect, convert, connect, and create. Once you have collected your information, and converted it into notes or overviews that are meaningful to you, PpcSoft iKnow makes it easy connect the information by using note titles as autolinks. In other words, if you have a product named "buzzles" everytime you mention "buzzles" in another note, it will automatically be stored as a link to your notes on "buzzles". Oh so easy, but oh so elegant!

Once everything is collected, converted and connected, all that's left is to "create new knowledge" by assigning larger meaning to all those scraps of information.

Please note: Today's PpcSoft iKnow promotion is for all three editions -- Home, Standard, and Professional. Please take a look at the comparison matrix for a detailed overview of the differences.

This promotion includes the following:
Home Edition ($29)
Standard Edition ($79)
Professional Edition ($249)
Review Written by Andrew Dick
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Greg Brown I ask this only because I know it's going to come up.  Are you also offering a 52% off deal on the Standard and Pro versions?  Thanks.
Sep 4 2010 at 7:22am Copy Link
Atle Iversen A quick note about images: "A picture is worth a thousand words" - and it takes many thousands of words' worth of space! You can easily add 50 pictures to a note about your travels to Africa, but that quickly means 50-100 MB of storage space. Do this for a hundred notes, and you'll use a lot of storage space. This is why PpcSoft iKnow allows both linking and "copying" images to a note. Linking If you link an image (drag-and-drop or insert hyperlink to file) you can store your images anywhere and still see them in iKnow. If you have a lot of images you probably have them organized somewhere, and don't want them to take up twice the storage space. "Copying" If you copy and paste an image, iKnow will copy the image to a local subfolder 'images' (where your iKnow datafile is stored). This will create a relative link that will always work if you decide to use iKnow on several computers (copy/synchronize both the iKnow datafile and the 'images' subfolder to all the computers you use). More information: -
PpcSoft - Sep 4 2010 at 9:46pm Copy Link
Joan Korte Is it possible to either export your notes to .rtf or .doc format or save them as .rtf?  That would be in addition to how the program already saves them.  Thanks.
Sep 6 2010 at 8:33am Copy Link
Atle Iversen Joan, both yes and no... You can't export your notes to .rtf directly, but you can copy all the text and paste it into Wordpad (or Word) and save it to .rtf there (it copies the text as RTF by default; use Shift+Ctrl+C to copy only plain text). So a quick Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C and then paste it into Wordpad. In addition, as you open notes they will actually be saved in .rtf format in your %temp% folder for quick cache (but they will be removed when you exit iKnow), so you can copy the files directly from there if you want to...
PpcSoft - Sep 6 2010 at 9:24am Copy Link
Harald Vogel I'm interested in the home version but want to know what your upgrade policy is: Are free upgrade for a limited time (if yes: how long?) included and what do you plan to charge for an upgrade? Thanks.
Sep 7 2010 at 10:06pm Copy Link
Atle Iversen Harald, Bug fixes and minor upgrades are free Major upgrades (from 2010 to 2011): - Home and Standard: 40% of retail price (40% of $29 and $79) - Pro version: One major upgrade free (2011 included), 20% for maintenance renewal PpcSoft iKnow is not subscription based, so you may continue to use PpcSoft iKnow 2010 for as many years as you want. You may therefore choose to skip an upgrade or two if you don't need the new features. For more information about editions and pricing, see: -
PpcSoft - Sep 8 2010 at 12:12am Copy Link
Charles Beauchamp Website no longer functioning.

Why continue to display a dead end product?
Mar 1 2016 at 6:33am Copy Link

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