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Rylstim BudgetDiscount

Rylstim Budget

Track Your Finances Right on a Calendar

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Platforms: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7

*** We're Sorry, but there is currently a problem with this deal which means that we cannot bring you the reduced price! We're working on getting this fixed. Please check back soon. If we can't fix the problem we usually run the deal again. ***

Rylstim Budget Screenshot

How do you go about managing your money? Do you mark your bills and other expenses on a calendar, then launch a money management app and enter the info? Why not pick up a copy of Rylstim Budget, and start managing your finances DIRECTLY on a calendar?

By far, visually scanning a calendar is one of the best ways to organize information and retain important dates. Rylstim Budget takes full advantage of this method by letting you keep track of your money right on a calendar interface! Far better than list management apps, Rylstim Budget just makes more sense. You can even manage multiple accounts, with the ability to show and hide any account on a whim.

Everything that you need in a personal finance app is here in Rylstim Budget. Create a budget, and have Rylstim Budget track your expenses by category, with automatic notifications if you exceed your budget in any area! And when it comes to planning, you'll appreciate the ability to see your financial state for any month, displayed in a nifty and intuitive diagram. Best of all, the diagrams update automatically whenever you enter a new transaction onto the calendar! And speaking of automatic updating, can you believe that Rylstim Budget supports multiple accounts in different currencies, with over 150 currency exchange rates that are updated daily? What a time saver!

For more detailed analysis, Rylstim Budget gives you access to project statistics, expenses by category, six included reports, as well as the ability to create your own customized reports. For your convenience, all reports are compatible with Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and WordPad.

Review Written by Derek Lee
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Software Guy Nice calendar based personal finances program. It handles multiple accounts, and has a very handy marking feature that lets you know at a glance if you apid the bill just in case you might forget. It has a built in calculator and the ability to attach notes - this is a handy feature. You can print the calendars - also handy. The reports portion of the program is nice because you can export them into MS Office .

Questions for Rylstim - what does your EULA permit - one computer only, desktop plus laptop or is it a single user/multiple computer license? What is your upgrade policy? Is this portable, meaning can the user install this and run it from a USB drive? THANKS!
Mar 28 2010 at 5:27am Copy Link
S B It looks *very* nice.

Are there options to suppress the cents (.00) on the calendar?

The app looks like a good way to track expenses, but how about "budgeting": are there easy ways to see what has been budgeted vs spent (actuals) for each account? By and for each period by account?

I see a monthly budget period. Can it set up a weekly period?

There are per-transaction notes; are there notes for each account?

What is the underlying database? Can it be backed up separately? Shared?

And again, what does the EULA permit?

Many thanks!
Mar 28 2010 at 7:09pm Copy Link
Bob S I like the concept of a calendar-based approach - it should be intuitive but after playing with RB find the user interface awkward and confusing. Examples below - given the limitations, I think I'll wait until the next version.
In 15 mins. here are several basic things I found missing or inconvenient:
1. Once you've set up a transaction, there doesn't appear to be any way to go back and change the frequency (at least I couldn't figure it out).
2. The "delete transactions" deleted both of the transactions that I had scheduled for one day, when I only wanted to delete one of them. There doesn't appear to be any way to delete a single transaction.
3. There doesn't appear to be a way to view all of a month's transactions in a list, only those on a given day. Again, this should be readily available.
There might be others but these are show stoppers for me. I would encourage the developer to keep refining this as I think it has promise.
Apr 3 2010 at 6:53pm Copy Link
S B I agree completely.

Lots of promise, but in need of refinement, and these require support.

Our best estimate of the availability and quality of support--and indeed the developer's actual commitment to the product--is the developer's presence and earnestness in responding to these Bits du Jour comments.

Though we don't know the whole situation, this developer's absence doesn't speak well for the very future of the product.

Though I wish the product well, I'll have to pass on it.

Niko and team: of course you let the developers know *in the strongest possible terms* that the success of their promotion depends heavily on their participation in the comments???
Apr 3 2010 at 8:12pm Copy Link
Roger Thomasson Apologies folks, trying to get to the bottom of things right now.

BitsDuJour Admin - Apr 4 2010 at 5:56am Copy Link
No Name It's a shame... I was hoping to get this, but with no response from the developer, I didn't. Hopefully some other day...
Apr 4 2010 at 5:07pm Copy Link
Mr. Yoop As this program looks quite promising I was interested in this offer - even if the support seems to be a shame :-( Are there any news concerning this application and perhaps a future offer on Bits du Jour?

Mr. Yoop
Apr 10 2010 at 9:29am Copy Link
_*_ I bought this program and sent a couple of emails off to support and have never received any form of response.
It has potential for simple tracking, but lack of support and some clear need for updates should cause others pause before buying this product.
Dec 17 2010 at 2:45am Copy Link
Pepepotamo Gonzalez I bought this software and I regret it completely.
The support is completely void. When you send 6 or 7 posts can get some response.
The application has a serious bug. Can not save can not be saved "my plans " and open a new one. I always get error. Takes weeks and no solution.
It's a shame, but it is easily verifiable. I have to sell this software on the web hurts Bitsdujour
Feb 3 2011 at 11:53pm Copy Link

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