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Nuance PDF Converter Professional 8


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NegoDan I shall make a remark here but not derogatory though, more as a comparison note. You can compare it(Nitro Pro v8) to a similar software: Nuance PDF Converter Professional 8: sold currently at $ 99.99 but not present on Again, this is just for you to compare futures and prices which, Nuance PDF, is $ 28 more than Nitro Pro v8 PDF and who knows when should Nuance have their next discount if any? Chose smart, cos Nuance even stiffer in price is reacher in features!
Suggestion made by User: Lwarom, Email: , Full Name: Dan Negoescu.
May 28 2013 at 11:54am
disenchanted At the office we bought several copies of nitro pdf and nuance PDF simply fell out of the running.

I was the tester for both nuance pdf and Nitro software.
Other sys admins only had to test nitro pdf; lucky them.

One huge problem was the product activation/licensing software that vehemently latched onto being a startup time process.
[why a software product MUST verify the license every time windows starts is beyond me. Just draconian licensing practice I guess. I could understand random checks to ensure a license key is not being reused multiple times. But on EVERY startup? ridiculous!].

Also, you couldn't kill that licensing check process either.
You basically had to make the process a "Disabled at startup" process in order to gain any control over it.

One time my windows 7 OS was having issues and I needed to run the Repair option from the MS win 7 optical media to fix it.
Nuisance software kept shoving it's licensing process in the startup process que and I could not even get into my own win OS [despite being an admin on the box] repaired
until I:
1. removed my HDD and made it an external HDD on a different PC
2. Removed nuance [nuisance] software while it was a secondary hdd
3. replaced my hdd back into original PC

Whew, I could finally launch the windows Repair utility.

I've never seen any program that wanted to preempt everything else, even windows 7 itself, like nuance's licensing processes did.

IF nuance had spent even half as much time on their PDF product's development as they did on trying to protect its licensing, they REALLY have an A-1, world class PDF product.
But they were more worried that end users would put it on more than one PC, hence their PITA license checking at win startup.
Needless to say I ripped nuance pdf off of my work PC as soon as testing was over.
I also removed my home licenses and replaced with Nitro PDF.
Just my .02 cents on nuance's PDFsoftware.
May 28 2016 at 2:41am
NegoDan To: disenchanted
Yes i agree with your statement.
May 28 2016 at 2:24pm
HJ B Books and pamphlets are often scanned in two pages at a time, with the result that on pdf page is actually two pages from the original. Can this program split the pages of such a pdf so that, for example, a pdf that started out being 100 pages will end up being 200 pages, with each pdf page being only one page of the original hard copy document?
Feb 13 2023 at 2:28pm
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