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Second Copy

from Centered Systems

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Jon Koerner I don't "Want This", since I already bought it. I suggest this product because it is a very good one - very easy to use, reliable, and has advanced features. It is a "file-based" backup system.

(Why doesn't this suggestion system have an "Add Comment" button instead of an "I Want This" button? -- people might want to add a negative comment about a product in the Suggested Products list, and it is useful to be able to see such negative comments as well as the positive ones.) (Better yet, have an "Add Comment" button AND a simple "I Want This" checkbox to add their name to the count of users wanting it, without needing to write a comment, if they don't want to.)

Second Copy sits in system tray and watches for changes in the files, folders or drives you specify, and immediately (or on some other specified schedule) backs up that newly saved file to a target location. It can retain a user-specified number of older versions of a file. It can keep an always-up-to-date exact mirror copy of your source (file/folder/drive), on the target destination -- OR -- it can synch both ways (so that any change on either the source or target location is copied to its "partner" location. It can also mirror file deletions to the target, or not, as desired.
Feb 19 2010 at 8:52pm
Peter Martin it is a good software muti award winning
Jun 20 2019 at 12:08pm
Jim Thompson Easy to use and versatile. I like because you don't need a program to view or transfer file from the backup. Let's hope can offer it.
Jun 27 2020 at 2:54pm
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