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Anna User

Everybody has their own cheesy analogies when relating to the subject of love and online romance. “Love is like nicotine, addictive as hell.” “Love is like a mine field. “ My personal and corny analogy is love is like riding a horse.

People are all very different when it comes to riding a horse. Some will find a horse that they trust, and then one day they get into a huge accident and are always afraid to get back on the saddle. Others will be too scared to go to the stable, and will stick to the carousel. Too scared to try something new, they would prefer to stay on the same boring and predictable ride that constantly goes round and round without actually going anywhere.

Then there’s the people like me. I used to get thrown off horses a lot. I had no trouble getting back on, and ditching the carousel. The problem is I was like a child. A child not quite mentally challenged, but not quite all there as well. I got on the horse quickly, and get thrown off just as quick, and I usually had a very HARD fall. But, instead of crying about it, I giggled and said, “Ouch..That tickled. Let’s do that AGAIN!” Instead of focusing on my wounds and concussions, I ran back to the horses…and to the horses that were far from being tamed nonetheless.

Horseback riding is not as easy as it looks. The ones that make it look easy have really had years of practice. Sometimes people who can’t successfully ride a horse envy those around them that can. But what they don’t realize is that those people have fallen just like everyone else have. They just handled it differently and learned from their past experiences.

The people who have had a bad fall and are afraid to get back on must realize that they have to ride with their fear to overcome it. People on the carousel need to realize they’re not five anymore, and they need to pursue a more exciting and fulfilling ride, and people who were like me need to actually start learning from their mistakes, and wear a helmet!

Years ago in my attempt of horseback riding, I fell for a wild horse that was far from being tamed, and he let everyone know in advance. (In fact, he wasn’t even in the stable!) But like I said, “I was the silly kid with no helmet.” So I attempted to ride him, ( Warning: Everything is going to sound so sexual now. I’m kind of surprised it’s taken me this far into the blog to make it sound that way.) and for a while there, he actually let me and wanted me to. Unfortunately though, he threw me off…but this time when I made my hard fall, it didn’t tickle. It actually made say, “Holy f*ck! OWWW!”

Although it hurt like hell, I really thank that steed. He really knocked some sense into me. I wasn’t so eager to go back to the stable. Before I would run back to it after a hard fall just for the sake of riding a horse again. But now I realize horseback riding is not going to heal you. You need to nurse your own wounds before you can be strong enough to get back on, because the new horse won’t do it for you.

I missed that horse from time to time. He wasn’t a pony or a jackass. (Like so many of them are nowadays.) but oh well, live and learn, I guess. I realized that I don’t need a valiant steed in my life to come rescue me, because now I have a strong helmet and great piles of hay (friends) to support me when I fall, and that’s all I needed for a while until the right horse came into my life.

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