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Since Weber introduced the conception of charismatic leadership into bund, myriad charismatic leaders have been identified. Leaders that are considered charismatic leaders apt to from equivalent fundamental characteristics.

These characteristics are:
1) Self-confidence and self presumption
2) Basic recompense power and smutty authoritarianism
3) Proficient power
4) Referent power
5) Communications and rhetorical skills
6) Opinionated, spry, amenable, and severe

Leaders such as John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther Sovereign, Charles Manson, and Adolph Hitler were considered charismatic leaders. All four leaders demented self-reliance and self nerve along with other charismatic characteristics. They believed in their “perception” whether valid or bad. As leaders they were skilled to win over others to follow and broil for the idea they essentially believed in. Diverse followers believed so whole-heartily in the phantom that they committed homicide and even suicide.

People that follow the charismatic bossman possess multifarious of the same characteristics as their leaders. Characteristics of followers:
1) Home in on with the conductor and the chieftain’s beliefs
2) Heightened volatile levels
3) Consenting subordination to the captain
4) Feelings of empowerment

Followers of charismatic leaders over devote oneself to there leaders deludedly because the leader is so cool in his beliefs that whatever the kingpin says or does is accepted past all without comment or thought. Leaders of religious cults and sects often draw followers that are lonely and unsure; these followers are looking for someone that will obtain repress of their “measly” lives and many are looking recompense a station to belong.

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