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Writing Term Paper Topics

Two Stories Paper

A paper that contrasts two stories: The Swimmer and The Sorrows of Gin by John Cheever. By showing a character analysis of each of the stories, we can assemble an argument to show their differences on the subject of alcoholism.

A Contrast of Heroes: The Heroes of the Iliad by Homer and Joshua in the Bible versus Bluebeard by Kurt Vonnegut and The Soldier's Home by Earnest Hemingway.

An analysis of the certain heroes that are within the Iliad by Homer, The Soldier's Home by Hemingway, Bluebeard by Vonnegut, and Joshua in the Bible. By contrasting these distant examples of heroes in history, we can see how they differ.


A Creative Admission Essay.

Create and answer your own college essay question of my choice. It must be organized and expressed clearly.

A Current Event: The Twin Towers Attack.

This essay will e about the Twin Tower attacks in New York City on September 11th. My aim will be to express how I felt about the situation and Americans to open their eyes, become aware of world issues, and urge our diplomatic leaders to remain neutral.

A Second Chance: Committing a Future to Education at the Collegiate Level

This paper will seek to understand how a young hockey player was nurtured to become a great player at this sport. However, being injured in recent times, he was unable to play the game any longer. His desire to go to college is his next goal in life. This is the main application of this essay, as he argues for his ability to take his confidence in hockey into the sacred halls of learning.

A Significant Relationship.

This undergraduate paper is about a person that one has known personally and with whom one has had a significant relationship. My mother has influenced me in overpowering ways. There are things that I may not have wanted her to influence me with. But this was not in my control until I learned recently that I must only be influenced by people in good ways. When I see bad behavior, I must hate it without rejecting people in order to not adopt the bad habits. 3 pgs. No bibliography listed.

A lesson of Life.

This is a paper on the knowledge that the youth impart to elders.

An Oryx is not a Vacuum.

This tragic but fun story tells the story of a young man visiting Egypt who has his automobile sat on by an Oryx and then having the animal urinate on it. Well written and suitable for any level.

Argumentative Essay

This undergraduate argumentative essay paper, which agrees and supports the issue of gun control and argues on the basis that guns should be decreased and limited.

Dentistry Term Paper Topics

A Wave of the Future in Dentistry

This paper describes what electronic dental anesthesia is, how it works, and how it relates to the work of dental hygienists. This paper looks at recent research, which shows the benefits of this new form of anesthesia over older, more invasive practices. This paper looks at the important role of the dental hygienist in providing preventive dentistry and analyzes the benefits of making their work more painless to patients.

Animal And Human Communication.

This is a paper that depicts the similarities and difference and the development within the debate of human and animal communication.

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