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Process Improvement Training

Process Improvement Training

What is Six Sigma Process Improvement? Six Sigma is a powerful methodology that gives companies tools to improve their company processes. It improves work flow and reduces errors by defining standards of good customer service. This decrease in error and increase in productivity helps to boost employee satisfaction, employee motivation, and increased quality of services or products. Organizations using Six Sigma have found that over time, the improvement made has resulted in an overall increase in bottom line profits. Six Sigma training helps to ensure that all employees understand the process and are committed to ensuring that it improves their job performance.

What is the "Six Sigma Strategy"? Six Sigma is actually a family of management systems that are related but distinct. The key feature that all Six Sigma methods share is that they endeavor to achieve total process improvement through a systematic approach. They not only look at processes as isolated units, but as a whole. They analyze the processes of the entire organization and develop ways to integrate all of them.

How are changes made? Once the analysis has been completed, strategies are developed for streamlining processes, reducing costs, and introducing efficiency improvements where possible. These strategies map out how each aspect of the process will work and what steps need to be taken to make them work together. A formalized plan is then developed and implemented. It includes a description of the process, a definition of goals, an action plan, and timelines for when progress is happening. Management can use this plan to motivate appropriate personnel to get the work done and to keep it moving in the right direction.

How is data collected? Every part of the process is called a process event. These events include actions taken, targets achieved, results obtained, and other relevant information. Organizational data is used to track progress and to provide reports on those processes. The information is then stored so that it can be reviewed later. Managers can look at the data and determine what changes need to happen within the organization to move it in the right direction.

Why is improvement necessary? Process improvement ensures that processes do what they are supposed to do it in the right way. Processes that are not followed or not systematically efficient will be poor investments in overall productivity. Organizations will waste time and energy because they are moving in the wrong direction.

When should you perform a process assessment? Process assessments are often performed before major processes begin. If you notice some areas of your processes that could be automated, adjusted, or improved, this is the time to make the changes. Process assessments will allow managers to identify which changes are needed, when they are most needed and how to make them happen.

Who should be involved? All employees in an organization should be involved in the process improvement plan. They will have a direct impact on how the changes are implemented. The more employees that are engaged, the more successful the overall process improvement effort.

How do you measure process improvement? You should track the results of the improvements made. This information will show you if your attempts are working or if more time needs to be devoted to the project. By analyzing the data, you will see if additional resources were necessary and if these resources would have been better spent on other aspects of the organization.

When should you give process improvement training? It is never too early or too late to train your employees. Giving training is always a good idea because it helps workers to be more aware of what is happening within their workplace. Most people appreciate learning new methods or concepts, so providing process improvement education is sure to have positive results.

Who should be trained? Employees should be trained not just on the basics of change management, but also on how to implement the change. They should know that they are expected to share responsibility for making the change. They should understand that the change won't happen overnight and they should work together as a team to make the change a reality.

Can your employees be trained online? The answer is a resounding yes! There are many training providers who are now offering online courses for both new and experienced managers. By taking the course online, you can continue to work with your employees and can deliver the training in the comfort of your own home. Online training is a great solution because you can easily monitor how your employees are progressing and keep track of who is doing what to help them make the changes needed.

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