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24 Hour Software Promotions

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24 Hour Software Promotions

How It Works

Looking for more Sales? Then BitsDuJour's classic 24 Hour promotion is for you!

Our marketing promotions are for ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), SaaS (Software as a Service), Digital Content Creators, Software Developers, and Software Companies large and small.

We feature your product at a discount for 24 hours on our homepage and promote it to our mailing list. Sales are direct through our store, and buyers can use credit cards or PayPal to make purchases. We don't charge fees we just get a percentage of each sale as a commission.

Benefits to You

  • Sales: Our Software loving fans are really passionate about great products. And they vote with their wallet!
  • Exposure: Our audience is totally different from people who come to your site. We send over 200,000 daily marketing emails and our deals are shown all over the web.
  • Lifetime Customers: People who have already bought one of your products are seven times more likely to buy another one later. A BitsDuJour promotion can get you that initial customer, and you can keep on selling to them for a lifetime.
  • Traffic: Links to your site drive you traffic, and those links will remain up after the promotion too.
  • Feedback: Our audience love to review software. A promotion on BitsDuJour is a great way to validate a new product or get valuable ideas for the next steps on an existing product.
  • It's Easy: It's no risk, and very little work for you. We don't charge any setup fees and we get paid as a percentage of your sales.

What it does and what does it mean for you:

The BitsDuJour e-Commerce, handles the customer payments and delivery of the license keys. Using the BitsDuJour e-Commerce means there are no e-Commerce fees for you. You take the sales commissions first and we (BitsDuJour) will support the e-Commerce fees from the remaining sum. We pay on the 1st and 15th of the month but only after 30 days from the sales date and if your balance is over your desired limit (minimum $25.00). The payments are made by PayPal, USD check and ACH for US.

We have detailed order information which you can access either through an easy to use web interface:

or trough an Excel file (for more detailed sales information) which you can download from the product card:

and further from the Traffic tab. The REVIEW_ID will be assigned after the product is submitted in our database. The sales information will be available right after the promotion has started. You can also set up your BitsDuJour vendor account to receive instant sales notifications.

Using our E-Commerce is optional.

What do you need to run a 24 hour deal or EveryDay deal using the BitsDuJour E-Commerce:

For 24 hour deals or EveryDay deals, we need 100 registration keys for each of the purchase items we are going to promote. In some cases, we will require more.

Alternatively, if your server supports it, our system could also call an URL (using GET) on your server to get the registration codes automatically. The parameters we could supply to the URL we call are the following: #firstname# #lastname# #email# #quantity# #transactioncode# #ipaddress# #address1# #address2# #city# #state# #zip# #country#. If you want to use this method, please send me the URL we should call on your server. It can be something like

We will send the registration keys to our customers in the receipt email after each successful purchase.

The e-Commerce even works with unlocked installers.

We need to know if you require to have as many registration keys sent in the receipt as there are pieces purchased in an order or can we send one registration key in the receipt no matter the number of pieces purchased in an order?

We also need to know if the purchasing customers can use the trial or limited functionality installer to unlock the application and thus get the unlocked version of the application, or if we require another special installer which the purchasing customers can use for this purpose?

In order to get paid for the sales made using the BitsDuJour e-Commerce, please don't forget about logging here:
and make sure your payment details are accurate.

Frequently Asked Questions


How does this work Step-by-Step?
  • Step one is to Signup. We need your info, and your product info.
  • You offer a discount of a minimum of 40% off your product's regular single unit price. We strongly recommend more, most of our top sellers offer over 50%. There's no maximum discount, and we've run many greater than 90%. The regular price must be the real amount (street price) the product is sold for on your website and any distributor sites.
  • We'll review your software and make sure that it's a high quality application that's going to appeal to our users. We can't feature everything, but we try and be fair.
  • We agree on a price and you send us the registration codes or downloadable executable that you want to distribute.
  • When we're ready to schedule your feature, we'll email you with a suggested date for the promotion and a draft of our feature page for you to approve. We also require that you don't run any other promotions within 2 weeks of ours on any other sites, including your own. Once you OK it we'll take it from there.
  • Three days before your product is featured, it will be previewed on our website (without the purchase links being active). We also send out a newsletter to our subscribers and publish the promotion in our RSS feeds.
  • After the promotion you'll be able to see all sales data. We'll pay you after thirty days on a monthly basis. Our commission is 50% of the sale price (that is, of the discounted price) of any sales we originate. This pays for our work, we never ask for a setup fee.

Product Content

What can't I sell?
We won't feature any "adult content" or file sharing software, or software that could be used for illegal or "semi-legal" purposes. Your product can contain no viruses, spyware, trojans or malware of any kind, and cannot violate anyone else's copyright or other intellectual property. Also, you have a way for purchasers to opt-out of your mailing list, and must have a published Privacy Policy that states that purchaser's information will not be sold, rented, given away or mistreated. We reserve the right not to feature any products submitted to us.
What about guarantees?
All the software that you sell with us must come with the full guarantees that you usually offer. It's standard in the industry to offer 30 days money back. We don't guarantee on your behalf, although we do try and resolve any problems our purchasers have with you.


How many times are our products featured?
We do re-run products after several months have elapsed, especially those that do well.
Are the discounts announced in advance?
We've experimented with this, and found that products were selling noticeably better if people have time to look at them. We preview everything three days in advance for users on our website, but we don't say which day the promotion will run on.
What happens after the discount ends?
After the deal closes then we don't accept any more sales at the discounted price. We can continue selling the product at full price or at a lesser discount if you wish, opening up a new sales channel for you.
What requirements are there?
First and foremost you have to have a great piece of software to get listed. We hand review everything and some products unfortunately won't make the cut. We also choose products that our users are going to buy. You must offer a good discount, abide by our signup agreement, and respect your purchasers' email addresses. We also require that you don't run any other promotions within 2 weeks of ours on any other sites, including your own (this applies only to 24 hour deals and giveaways - it does not apply to EveryDay deals).

Sales and Results

Does this work? What kind of sales should I expect?
We don't want to set unrealistic expectations. It works very well for some offers, but not for them all. The products that sell very well have big discounts, or are also promoted by the vendor to their existing users. It's important to keep in mind that you'll be adding users, who you can sell upgrades and add-ons to, as well as making the original sale. And you'll be increasing your market share and getting exposure, a great way to make a splash with a new product launch or version.
How can I improve my chances of good sales?
Offer a big discount, and help us promote your feature, in your mailing list, on your website, or in any blogs or boards you spend time on. Read up on our articles for some great additional tips.
What kind of traffic do you get?
We have 250,000 visitors a month, and over 200,000 people get our daily emails.
Will you provide traffic details on my promotion?
Yes, you'll get access to details on how many visitors came to your website and downloaded your software or started the checkout process.


Can we offer promos in the newsletter even if we've never had a featured product on your site?
Possibly. Let us know what you are thinking about and we'll see if it works.
Will you exchange promotions with us?
We have to take things on a case-by-case basis. Just let us know what you have in mind.
Can I do a Giveaway with you to raise publicity for my product?
Yes! We've now created a new serivce that allows us to offer 100% Off Software Promotions. We've cracked how to make it profitable to you!
Can I promote my Facebook Fan-Page?
Yes! We offer special Facebook Software Promotions which get "Likes" for your page.
Give me some proof - What do past sellers say?
We've been doing this for over 7 years, so feel free to ask your developer friends, or take it from these past sellers:
If you are a mISV, regular BitsDuJour promotions are the easiest way to grow your software business. It usually takes less than 40-60 minutes total to setup the promotion (BDJ writes the promo copy!), and you will gain many new customers and sales.
That's a ROI nothing can beat.
Jiri Novotny - Dextronet
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