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Platforms: Windows 7 (64bit) or newer or Mac OS 10.13 (64bit) or newer
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How many times have you tried using a personal information manager, thinking that it would make your life easier, and instead wound up wasting countless hours struggling through the help file? Why is it so hard to make a flexible, secure, powerful notes organizer that is actually easy-to-use?

AllMyNotes Organizer is the easiest way to keep all of your notes organized in an electronic format that's fully searchable! Free of bloat and sporting an attractive interface, AllMyNotes Organizer lets you focus on writing and organizing your notes, ensuring that you'll use it more and more each day.

Imagine typing a URL and having it automatically transform into a hyperlink, or jotting down an email address that then becomes a live link as soon as you enter it! Backup is automatic when you exit AllMyNotes Organizer, or more frequently, if that's your preference. With its powerful Global Search feature, you'll be able to perform advanced boolean searches across every single note in your database, ensuring you'll be able to retrieve anything you need, anytime you need it. Plus, all of your notes can be exported to RTF, HTML, and plain text format!

AllMyNotes Organizer allows you to easily create fully sortable, editable, and merge-able tables within your notes. It allows you to attach files to your notes, and if they are images, to view a preview. You can insert Icons and clickable checkboxes... heck, you can even ctrl+click on a telephone number to launch it via Skype, TAPI, or NetMeeting!

Have you ever had your confidential information compromised? With AllMyNotes Organizer, all of your data is securely encrypted at all times using an 1800-bit cipher, and you can even have the added security of password protection.

You'll appreciate the high level of flexibility in AllMyNotes Organizer's customization options! You can change the look and feel of AllMyNotes Organizer using skins, and there's even support for a multitude of languages.

Please note: AllMyNotes Organizer can be installed and launched directly from a USB device. Fully portable!

Prices are subject to vendor's pricing and may change
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A K "Instructions
No registration code is needed to unlock this software"
Sep 18 2013 at 7:15am Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy 2 Watcher 1924: Regarding Chrome – we do support images clipping, as well as all other HTML formatting, but you have to try it yourself, cause clipping quality depends from source site.

Regarding tagging: I bet you where using Evernote in the past. Evernote has no hierarchy tree, therefore it needs Tabs. While in AllMyNotes we are free from this limitation. We are still having this feature unimplemented because of too few requests of this kind, therefore we have to give priority to other, most commonly requested tasks.
Vladonai Software - Sep 20 2013 at 5:15am Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy 2 Jo Ann Rice: You are welcome to install purchased license on all computers that belong personally to you. Here you can find all details on this topic -
Vladonai Software - Sep 20 2013 at 5:52am Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy 2 Mario Balzic and VLM: Purchased license is user-based, good for commercial and personal use. You need to buy a license for every employee, if you wish them to use Deluxe features of the app, or, simply let them use Free edition, which is totally free of charge but bit limited in features.
Vladonai Software - Sep 20 2013 at 6:03am Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy 2 dan bromberg: giveaway users needs no code, they only need to install the app during the giveaway period (already over). Once installed, the app will deploy file named allmynotesXXX.key, make sure to keep this file to survive system reinstallations.
Vladonai Software - Sep 20 2013 at 6:03am Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy 2 Grenville Bingham: Yes, we do have plans for cross platform, the only thing I cannot say when exactly - it depends on too many factors.
Vladonai Software - Sep 20 2013 at 6:04am Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy 2 INHO: Disables the taskbar? Absolutely not! I'd suggest to contact us via the support e-mail to resolve this issue on your end.
Vladonai Software - Sep 20 2013 at 6:04am Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy 2 VLM: Purchased license can be used on all owned computers that belong personally to you.
Vladonai Software - Sep 20 2013 at 6:04am Copy Link
Kit Kagaya I got this great software in September last year as a free giveaway understanding that upgrades would not be included.

However, going from version 2.74 to version 2.78 is not an upgrade - it's a minor update. Why should BDJ users have to pay for a minor update?
Mar 4 2014 at 5:12am Copy Link

The Multiple Computer Sharing instructions for DROPBOX DO NOT WORK.

CLAIM from software website:

We also can recommend to sync your files online and across computers using a Dropbox service. Simply put your storage file (.ddb file) in to a Dropbox folder, and you are good to go.

Multiple backup files are sent to the DropBox Folder by each computer with program installed, with no markers to indicate which should be used as a single-source DDB-file for all, so that all computers are updated from sharing a single-DDB-file.

There is NO auto-loading of the most recent, up-to-date DDB-file from Drop-box

AND, there is a real good chance that the most up-to-date DDB-file will be overwritten by an older file, by being accidentally loaded by by one of the Multiple Computers running the program.

A solution is needed.
Jun 19 2015 at 9:48am Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy @John Brazier: You got it wrong. Purchased version allows free minor upgrades and includes 12-months of free major upgrade protection.
Vladonai Software - Feb 4 2019 at 1:27am Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy @H. H.: We have more than 45 colors, just scroll the mouse wheel when in color selection menu to get more shades. And we do have custom icons request filed for implementation already.
Vladonai Software - Feb 4 2019 at 1:38am Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy @jack hath: Sorry for late reply, but I'm really confused by your Dropbox synchronization questions. You don't have to place all the backups in that folder, enough to place your main data file there and work with it on all computers you are sharing your data with. As simple as that.
Vladonai Software - Feb 4 2019 at 1:41am Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy @Kit Kagaya: Sorry for late reply... If you've paid for the license, likely you are doing something wrong... Perhaps you didn't activated AllMyNotes using your license so it doesn't allow free upgrades... For more details please contact our support.
Vladonai Software - Feb 4 2019 at 1:44am Copy Link
W User Just want to thank Volodymyr for producing such a fine tool. I have been using this tool for several years now. The tool is good; the customer service is good; and the bargain price is superb. Thanks, again! --Wade
Aug 20 2019 at 12:25pm Copy Link
Rohs Is there a way to send clipped content to allmynotes from the clipboard or emails?
I believe no longer works. Is that correct?
Apr 23 2020 at 11:26pm Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy @Rohs: The easiest way is to paste from clipboard or use drag & drop. is also available, we have instructions how to configure it to work with AllMyNotes -
Vladonai Software - Apr 24 2020 at 2:36am Copy Link
Patrocle Misu I guess will have to pass on this, as my question's where not answered here or their contact form sent out to the seller , also the sale has gone. Reply to questions faster and extend the sale so people can buy
Jun 21 2020 at 10:13am Copy Link
Al Aymer I'm attempting to install All My Notes but keep getting the following error:

"AllMyNotes Organizer

An error occurred on reading file content. File is missing or exclusively locked. S=Access to C:\Users\Al\Documents\AllMyNones\AllMyNotes
Documents.ddb was denied."

I attempted uninstall and re-install but the same error persists.

Help please!
Jul 18 2020 at 8:08am Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy @Al Aymer: It looks like an issue with file access permissions. Try to reset file access permissions, make sure you have full access privileges to read and write it.

You are welcome to contact our support for further assistance -
Vladonai Software - Jul 19 2020 at 3:57am Copy Link
Mr Dave Nothing downloaded. After several tries, a box popped up saying BitsDuJour wants to download multiple files. I clicked "Ok", but still nothing downloaded. I'll stick with my old version for now.

I'm using Google Chrome, Win 10/64, Bitdefender antivirus (which didn't give me any warnings or notifications).

Hopefully this will work better for everyone the next time, thanks for the work that goes into your product!
Dec 4 2020 at 12:29am Copy Link
brenda adams Whew! :) Never had any problem with downloading. :) And now, installing BETA and getting registered PLUS having new version showing as registered... ALL GOOD. :) (Perhaps rebooting my computer also helped. I don't know but I'm now all fixed and happy!!) :) :)
Dec 6 2020 at 1:39am Copy Link
b g Where are the most recent comments? Some addressed current problems with downloading and registering.

(Looks as if download problems and unclear registration instructions have been happening since 2010 . . .)
Mar 22 2021 at 7:43am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @b g, Click the "Load 751 Older Comments" link above.
BitsDuJour Admin - Mar 22 2021 at 7:56am Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy @Joel Dubow: Just make sure to enter your name, email, and activation code exactly as stated in your registration details. To avoid mistakes I recommend to copy-paste.

In event further assistance is needed please contact our support directly.
Vladonai Software - Mar 22 2021 at 8:27am Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy @Joel Dubow: Let me followup. I see you have a middle name, make sure to include it in Full Name field, likely by this reason the issue is happening.
Vladonai Software - Mar 22 2021 at 8:30am Copy Link
Joel Dubow Thanks Volodymyr. I'll give it a try and let you know what happens.
Mar 22 2021 at 9:07am Copy Link
garrett james For people having trouble downloading simply download from his website and then after installing go to HELP | Enter Activation Code if you have already paid
Mar 22 2021 at 6:51pm Copy Link
Jonathan Prusky I downloaded this software and tried to install it in a different folder that the previous version I had (3.46). I didn't uninstall the last version. The installation hung.

Then I uninstalled the 3.46 version and tried installing 3.50 to a unique folder (not the default). The installer hung again.

So I rebooted my computer and tried to install 3.50 to the default location. That worked, but it was now 3:02 am and when I started the program, it was configured as a trial version.

There was no activation code included. Even though I attempted to install 3.40 multiple times before the deadline when it was finally installed it was after the deadline. Is there any way I can get this promo for free at this point?
Sep 25 2022 at 1:40am Copy Link
Nunya User I sent you this support ticket three days ago. Could I please get some help?

It downloaded and installed without a hitch. However, the moment I tried to run it, I got an error saying:

Cannot Open File
An error occurred on reading file content. File is missing or exclusively locked.

I tried re-installing, but that had no effect.
Sep 25 2022 at 6:59pm Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy @Jonathan Prusky: The installer should not normally hung. If it happens, may be AllMyNotes is running is background (no matter where you install new instance to, there is a rule that should be no other instances running) and it cannot exit (hard to say why). As for activation, make sure you are connected to the Internet and not behind a firewall. Let AllMyNotes connect to Internet at least once on program launch time to download and deploy Deluxe license.
Vladonai Software - Jan 23 2023 at 2:06am Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy @Nunya User: Exact reason of this issue can be found in file allmynotes.log. Likely the issue is related to file access permissions, make sure to provide full access to Documents/AllMyNotes folder.
Vladonai Software - Jan 23 2023 at 2:09am Copy Link
Susan User You need to allow the left hierarchy box to enlarge text before I purchase this again.
Nov 7 2023 at 3:53pm Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy @Susan User: Please contact our support at directly, we'll provide all needed instruction how to tweak that font size.
Vladonai Software - Dec 7 2023 at 7:31am Copy Link
Susan User Thank you!
Dec 8 2023 at 4:06pm Copy Link

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