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AllMyNotes Organizer

Your Notes, Secure and Searchable

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$0 $34.00
v3.44 for PC 
Platforms: Windows 7 (64bit) or newer or Mac OS 10.13 (64bit) or newer

*** Great News! Vladonai Software has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy! ***

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How many times have you tried using a personal information manager, thinking that it would make your life easier, and instead wound up wasting countless hours struggling through the help file? Why is it so hard to make a flexible, secure, powerful notes organizer that is actually easy-to-use?

AllMyNotes Organizer is the easiest way to keep all of your notes organized in an electronic format that's fully searchable! Free of bloat and sporting an attractive interface, AllMyNotes Organizer lets you focus on writing and organizing your notes, ensuring that you'll use it more and more each day.

Imagine typing a URL and having it automatically transform into a hyperlink, or jotting down an email address that then becomes a live link as soon as you enter it! Backup is automatic when you exit AllMyNotes Organizer, or more frequently, if that's your preference. With its powerful Global Search feature, you'll be able to perform advanced boolean searches across every single note in your database, ensuring you'll be able to retrieve anything you need, anytime you need it. Plus, all of your notes can be exported to RTF, HTML, and plain text format!

AllMyNotes Organizer allows you to easily create fully sortable, editable, and merge-able tables within your notes. It allows you to attach files to your notes, and if they are images, to view a preview. You can insert Icons and clickable checkboxes... heck, you can even ctrl+click on a telephone number to launch it via Skype, TAPI, or NetMeeting!

Have you ever had your confidential information compromised? With AllMyNotes Organizer, all of your data is securely encrypted at all times using an 1800-bit cipher, and you can even have the added security of password protection.

You'll appreciate the high level of flexibility in AllMyNotes Organizer's customization options! You can change the look and feel of AllMyNotes Organizer using skins, and there's even support for a multitude of languages.

Please note: AllMyNotes Organizer can be installed and launched directly from a USB device. Fully portable!

Today's promotion includes the following:
AllMyNotes Organizer v3.44 ($0)
AllMyNotes Organizer (Commercial Usage, Life-long support and minor upgrades, plus 12 Months of Major Upgrades) v3.44 ($9.95)
The Conversation
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John I ask those who are well versed in this matter to answer. So, since in my daily work I often use this application and save confidential data in it, recently I began to think more often about the security of this information.

Based on the above, I have a reasonable question, it may very well be that the program monitors, and perhaps even transfers my personal information secretly, secretly from me, to other interested parties. Perhaps my fears on this score are unfounded, and there is absolutely no cause for concern. But, is it really so? I still have doubts.
Thursday at 2:06pm Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy @John: AllMyNotes stores your data on your disk, off-line. It doesn't monitors you and it doesn't transmits your data anywhere.

If you'll turn off automatic check for updates, it will not connect to Internet at all. And you can easily monitor checks for updates using third-party sniffer tool, and see, data packets it sends outside are tiny. It's not possible to send your data outside this way. But for 100% safety you can simply turn off Internet communication for the program, if you have a firewall installed.
Vladonai Software - Thursday at 3:45pm Copy Link
John Volodymyr Frytskyy: thank you, you dispelled my doubts about the reliability of this utility.
Thursday at 7:15pm Copy Link
Peter First Click on the Download button, but nothing happens
Thursday at 8:58pm Copy Link
Allan Winston I "purchased" the giveaway version and received the email. However, there is no activation code in the email. A potential complication is that I juts discovered that I had obtained, but never used, an earlier version around 2012 or 2013.
Yesterday at 10:05am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Allan Winston, Please read the Instructions section in the receipt email you received.
BitsDuJour Admin - Yesterday at 10:47am Copy Link
JJ S I cannot get it to download. Now it says: ?

Too Many Downloads
This promotion has been downloaded too many times from this link.
You can get this download by making a purchase from this page.

But I never got the download at all. Nothing is there. Thanks for any help?

I know this happened once before. I never got that download either.
Yesterday at 4:06pm Copy Link
Allan Winston Constantin,

Copying & pasting from the email:

Use this registration information to unlock the software after installation.


The installer is already unlocked!

When I run the program, Registration Details says:
"Owner Name: Anonymous
E-Mail: N/A
License edition: DELUXE Edition (version 3.44)

Does this mean that it is fully functional?
Yesterday at 4:22pm Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy @Allan Winston: Yes, it's fully functional Deluxe.
Vladonai Software - Yesterday at 5:24pm Copy Link
JJ S Ahh, never mind. I got the installer. Thanks!
Yesterday at 6:20pm Copy Link
Payne N Diaz Volodymyr Frytskyy, I have been using AMN since infoselect stopped working,perhaps 2 decades or more. It is a MUST Have, and there is nothing else that comes close.

I have been waiting for a network version. I have 4 PC on my LAN. laptop -2 tablet 1 and desktop 1,

I want to share a single MyData file so they are all sync'd.

Is there a way to access from more than one without locking the file or do you have plans to release a version with that feature.
19 hours ago Copy Link
geo User This promotion has been downloaded too many times from this link.

You can get this download by making a purchase from this page.
18 hours ago Copy Link
Constantin Florea @geo User, I just sent you an email regarding the issue you mentioned.
BitsDuJour Admin - 18 hours ago Copy Link
Volodymyr Frytskyy @Payne N Diaz: In version 4.xx (beta) there is a feature to share same data in workgroups within LAN, you are welcome to give it a trial -
Vladonai Software - 17 hours ago Copy Link
Tim Parsons I have an odd, off and on, relationship with this notes organiser.

It has some idiosyncracies, and it's perhaps not as feature rich as -- say -- Rightnote, but it has usability oozing from every screen and, at this price, who can argue? :)

I've just bought Yet Another Licence to support a developer who's been supporting and developing this for many years so if you're wondering if there's a use case for it in your life, that ought to suggest something :)
17 hours ago Copy Link
Greg Newell I'm getting "Error. Cannot save changes. {Possible reason - insufficient disk space or media is removed.

Immediately after installing the software
14 hours ago Copy Link
Hansen User Too Many Downloads
This promotion has been downloaded too many times from this link.
You can get this download by making a purchase from this page.
10 hours ago Copy Link
garrett james A must have for any desktop. My Go to Notetaker for all my web notes, I copy and organize hundreds of webpages most days. I install ClipCache, Clipmate, AllMyNotes, wiztree, xyplorer and or x2plorer first things on every build. the clipboard extenders work in the background, but AllmyNotes is used almost as much as any of the browsers i use/

the developer releases dozens of updates per year

I have Ultra Recall most recent version ULTRA SLOW, and breaks often. MyInfo lots of improvements nice button to paste straight into the app from the web but then I can never find the thing i paste.
Copy and paste from web often takes 30 to 50 seconds

RightNote but have to pay $50 for the pro upgrade to test out its new webpaste ability

MyBase 8. Also too slow
Treebase now deprecated and free but actually have to go through multiple screens to add an html webpage and have to type or paste url
Pros, it pastes the webpage identically
Cons, try adding hundreds or a thousand pages and you just lose interest in adding extra steip

AllMyNotes is always comeback to app

Wish list for web paste tool and subfolder capability'
Wish the search would highlight search term in return window and I wish end user could use a function key to jump to the next search find.. However, i just used the global search just now and discovered now that every line displays the search term at least so it has been improved somewhat. AND GLOBAL SEARCHED over 10GB and displayed the Search popup window in only 1 second.

Sometimes pics paste as pics'\
Sometimes paste as a lttile link which I have to open with some editor.
sometimes hangs but simply exit and come back in and all is Good

Blindingly FAST and handles HUGE files. My current research topic database is 10.3 GBs
I often copy title of webpage click on new Folder, 2x click and paste web title into folder name
Create a subnote
Flip back to web page SELECT ALL | COPY switch over to AMN and PASTE into the AMN Note. Actually i use 3 monitors and keep AMN open in one and use a macro keyboard to auto the copy paste
Next in the Note, I erase everything above the tite of the page (takes a few seconds to highligt and delete] Now the ttile of the note on the LEFT folder area displays the name of the note equal to the first actual line in the note. This way, I save time not typing in names
A straight forward layout
A litte more true html paste from web as it currently Left Justifys the page so that a pic on the right hand side or middle is on the left, but that i minor

I have downloaded the free version many times for various new machines and have paid for the Deluxe software 3 times when it is offered for $10

Simply the best Value for the Money and its Robustness and Speed are untouched by any other notetaker

Tonight, i am making a copy of my 10 gb file, deleting some content and then sending the whole outline to a company where I am applying for a job. I am also sending a link for the trial copy so the end user can open. I once tried to copy from AMN to word, but Word fought me all the way. this way the enduser can peruse all the research I have spent dozens of hours on saving everyone a lot of time and pain
4 hours ago Copy Link

AllMyNotes Organizer

$0.00 100% Off

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