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Animated Wallpaper MakerDiscount

Animated Wallpaper Maker

Bring Your Wallpaper to Life

15% Off
$29.55 $34.77
for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
Animated Wallpaper Maker ScreenshotWallpaper Software ScreenshotAnimated Wallpaper Maker, Wallpaper Software Screenshot

Let’s face it, staring at the icons on your desktop all day makes your eyes hurt. It’s a proven fact that getting “eye exercise” in the form of switching up the things that you look at has a beneficial effect on your eyesight as well as your productivity. Let’s all get there together using today’s discount software promotion, Animated Wallpaper Maker!

Animated Wallpaper Maker places astounding animated scenes behind your desktop icons and toolbar, bringing life to your otherwise dead workspace. Best of all, Animated Wallpaper Maker works with your existing photos, adding animation in just a few clicks of the mouse, with no technical expertise required!

You would think that all of this sorcery would be a major drag on system resources, but Animated Wallpaper Maker is actually designed to have zero impact on running applications. You can even enable and disable Animated Wallpaper Maker at will!

Prices are subject to vendor's pricing and may change

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The Conversation
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Jim Buchanan Well, I downloaded this program yesterday and still have not received a key so I guess I may as well delete it. This is not like Bitsdujour to leave a guy hanging. I also posted my problem in the forums but no reply there. I guess everyone is on holidays.
Aug 15 2013 at 11:13am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Jim Buchanan - I have just sent you an email at the email address you have in your BitsDuJour profile. Could you please confirm that you received it?
BitsDuJour Admin - Aug 15 2013 at 11:34am Copy Link
Jim Buchanan I have replied to your email. That was weird. Nothing like that has happened to me before. I assume there is no problem even though I did the install a day late. At least it seemed to work.

Now the fun begins.

Aug 15 2013 at 4:06pm Copy Link
Judi Podgurski Just a note to let you all know that I have this program, and it is FANTASTIC fun !! The finished animated wallpapers can be saved in an .exe format, so they can be easily shared or sold too. For people who love to accessorize their work space, or just enjoy pretty things, these animated wallpapers are just wonderful ! The price is right, and would make a great gift too. This program provides endless fun for anyone interested in computer graphics, and is very simple to use. I have ALL of the programs that Desktop Paints makes, concerning animated graphics, and I recommend them highly. Grab this one and enjoy !! Happy holidays to you all !
Nov 23 2014 at 7:36am Copy Link
InsaneXade @Denis Burenkov perhaps you need to set up as a tester. Windows 10, nvidia graphics ATI mobo, I have 3 screens, and it also does the same thing with the examples you can contact me at xade521b@ google's email system.
Oct 23 2015 at 12:26am Copy Link
Christiano User Animated Wallpaper Maker software would not register with the key I received.
Nov 21 2015 at 5:58pm Copy Link
Que La @Christiano User, The promotion ran with the following condition: "You must install/register the software while the promotion is active, and cannot do so afterwards." and that can be seen in "The Fine Print" tab in the promotion page.
BitsDuJour Admin - Nov 22 2015 at 3:43am Copy Link
K E It's says this offer is "FREE" but when you click on it, it's only 15% off. What's up with that?
Jul 4 2016 at 2:18am Copy Link
Roseanne User I downloaded the program yesterday and signed up for a key, twice, waited all day an into the early hours of this morning but still nothing, checked spam nothing was there. I was really looking forward to being able to use the program. Can you help?
Thank you.
Jul 4 2016 at 10:34am Copy Link
Denis Burenkov Please check if you use the correct key.

Also make sure that you have Internet connection and your antivirus does not block Internet access for the program. - Jul 4 2016 at 10:46am Copy Link
Que La @K E, The giveaway promotion we had for this product ended approximately 2 hours before you posted your message.
BitsDuJour Admin - Jul 4 2016 at 3:25pm Copy Link
Greg Newell Registration didn't work for me either. download, installed and tried to register on the SAME DAY. Already uninstalled. Que La - You seem to want an argument. I suggest you listen to your potential customers instead.
Jan 27 2017 at 8:12am Copy Link
Denis Burenkov Most of our customers reported that they successufuly registered the program.

So please check if you enter the correct activation code. Also check if your antivirus/firewall does not block internet connection for the program. - Jan 27 2017 at 11:13pm Copy Link
Greg Newell TROJAN.GEN.8

I got a nice little message from Norton: Threat Type Heuristic Virus. Detection of a threat based on malware heuristics. "This file risk is high".
Feb 2 2017 at 6:08pm Copy Link
Denis Burenkov Thank you for your report, Greg. It is a false positive detection. Could you please tell what an action or file triggered this warning?
We will contacting the Semantics support regarding this issue - Feb 3 2017 at 10:25pm Copy Link
Greg Newell It just came up in a normal scan.
Feb 4 2017 at 10:13am Copy Link
Denis Burenkov Hi,

What version of Norton antivirus do you use?

We checked the program on dedicated machine with Norton Deluxe and did not find any problem.

Also non of 57 existing antivirus program gives any warning

Are you sure that your version of antivirus is up to date? - Feb 6 2017 at 1:47am Copy Link
Greg Newell Norton Security - Latest version (it updates by itself).

I've since removed the file but in my history it says this: Wallpaper manager.exe (Trojan.Gen.8) detected by Auto-Protect. Quarantined...
Feb 6 2017 at 10:18am Copy Link
Denis Burenkov It seems that Symantec fixed this false positive already. Thank you for your report. - Feb 6 2017 at 11:07pm Copy Link
Frank Kelly OK my email offer today is for the Animated Wallpaper Maker @ 100% Off but when I click on it it only opens with a 15% Off offer @ 25.30 instead of 29.77.
I have the screen shots saved if needed. You should have my email on file...PLMK
Aug 5 2017 at 12:41am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Frank Kelly, The giveaway promotion ended approximately 1 hour before you posted your comment above. Once the giveaway promotion was over, the EveryDay deal at 15% off took its place.
BitsDuJour Admin - Aug 5 2017 at 2:28am Copy Link
Judi Podgurski Greg Newell, I had a similar experience with Norton, and I can tell you that I know this program, and I trust BDJ and this program completely, as I have had both the freebie versions as well as parts that I purchased and it was NOT the fault of either. The issues are totally on Microsoft, and Norton this time. They have made changed in Windows that will not permit a "screensaver" to even run at all, and they have also made changes that would not allow me to even complete the download of DP Animated Wallpaper Maker. I contacted Norton, told them my problem, and had them remotely take over my laptop while they did all that needed to be done, to complete the download, as well as installed it, and got it running for me. It is too bad you missed the opportunity to get it as a freebie this time. When it runs again, or if you choose to purchase it....either way, it is great fun. Then, be prepared to contact Norton and do the online chat with them, tell them that you KNOW that the software is safe and secure, and that you want them to complete the download, and install it for you, while you watch. You will be asked to give them permission, and then you just sit back and watch, while they do what needs to be done. It is a HUGE help, and just makes it easier. DP software, is a great deal of fun, and there are endless combinations that one can create, and the animated wallpapers can even carry music !!! I do not think....I don't know for sure, but I think people would also have to have the program installed on their computers, in order for you to be able to share the files with them, but otherwise, you should have no issues. I also have a 8 year old laptop, with all of the Microsoft updates that my hard drive will handle, so it just takes someone with Norton to get it installed and useable. I hope that helps. I have it nstalled, and in operation, and I just enjoy it so much ! Good luck, JP has NEVER passed along a software that was not perfectly safe and secure. I have been using them for so years now. I trust them completely.
Jan 10 at 3:03pm Copy Link

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