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Atomic Email Hunter

Automatically Extract Contact Info from Websites

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Platforms: Windows 98, XP, 2000, Vista
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Atomic Email Hunter makes the process of locating contact emails effortless. Just run it, and the app will harvest email addresses and contact names from your predefined list of websites. Alternately, let Atomic Email Hunter run wild across the internet, and the app will retrieve the same info from top-ranked sites that match keywords that you specify. It's your choice - either way, you'll end up with a treasure trove of email addresses without even breaking a sweat!

With Atomic Email Hunter, you'll be able to specify the search engines that the app uses to pull email addresses. Pull contact info from top ranked websites, no matter who does the ranking! Searches are also highly flexible, with a number of filters and other settings that you can use to either limit or expand your research radius as you see fit. Results can be saved and exported as Word or Excel files for use in your online marketing efforts.

Atomic Email Hunter is smooth and deadly, runs fast, and supports multi-threaded page loading. It runs quietly in the background, merely sipping system resources as it does your work for you!

Review Written by Roger Thomasson
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Andy Green Great -- I'll look forward to a massive increase in spam from now on.

This is a thoroughly disreputable product with only one possible purpose -- to send a mass of unsolicited email.

Bits du Jour should have nothing to do with this this kind of antisocial product that is actually encouraging people to break the law, as well as producing a great surge of annoyance and exasperation.

It's a small gesture, but I am cancelling my Bits du Jour emails as a protest.

Please think about your social responsibilities. You may love an Inbox filled with spam, but you are alone if you do.
Apr 5 2009 at 7:44pm Copy Link
AtomPark Software Atomic Email Hunter can not send even one message. It only collects data and nothing else.
AtomPark Software - Apr 6 2009 at 12:36am Copy Link
Devil's Advocate @Andy Green

Spam sucks, but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Haven't you ever gone crazy trying to locate a customer service email on a website? IMHO the fact that many companies now intentionally obscure their customer service contact details is just as antisocial as Spam. Drives me @#*$#& crazy!

Also, cold-calling isn't just for soliciting new, unsuspecting customers. It's also necessary for business development and is as much a part of the game as cubicles and water coolers. Please people, think about your own job and how many hours a week you waste trying to locate contact emails!!!

Bits du Jour, keep on rocking! Can't wait for Direct Access on Weds!
Apr 6 2009 at 1:43am Copy Link
Jacki Skelton I totally agree with Andy Green. This product is for spammers to gather email addresses at everyday web sites so they can be sold or used to send garbage.

Devil;s Advocate, please, customer service email? You aren't going to pull every email address on a web site in the off chance you will find the customer service address in the list. And you sure aren't going to spend almost $50 to do that. As far as business development, why would you need all the email addresses on a web site to cold-call customers.

Nope, sorry, not buying it. This program is for spammers, pure and simple. I am extremely disappointed that Bits du Jour would offer such garbage.
Apr 6 2009 at 3:10am Copy Link
Rick Truell Anna Gorina: Perhaps Email Hunter itself can't send messages. But the "data and nothing else" that it collects is used by other programs to do the actual Spamming. If it wasn't for programs like Email Hunter, those other programs would be useless.

Devil's Advocate: Sorry to hear that you've been driven crazy by companies protecting their e-mail addresses. But have you stopped to consider *why* they do this? It's specifically *because* of programs like Email Hunter. If Spammer tools like Email Hunter didn't exist, companies wouldn't have to go to such extremes to protect themselves from Spam. That's why we "throw the baby out with the bathwater".

Email Hunter is a Spammer tool, plain and simple. And if you check their website, you'll see that this software company has *several* Spammer tools...most of which have been offered on BdJ.
Apr 6 2009 at 3:42pm Copy Link
AtomPark Software Dear Rick, you know, spammers do not use such small programms like Hunter is, it just useless for them... they use quite different ways, tools and software for spamming and everybody knows that....
AtomPark Software - Apr 6 2009 at 9:02pm Copy Link
Robert Reese This software the company that makes it is for the sole purpose of providing software to and for spammers. Do you get spam? Blame AtomPark Software. These people are a big reason you suffer each and every day.

This company and its customers should be put out of business and buried under the nearest prison's septic tank.

Want to help put an end to spam? Start with suing this company, getting its customer list, and suing down the line.

Let them know how you feel here: or here:

I note, with irony, that they ask for no spam to their email address. I wonder how MSN/Hotmail feels about this company... I guess I'll find out.
Apr 7 2009 at 4:26am Copy Link
Karen Akin Is it possible to make the search zipcode specific?
Apr 7 2009 at 5:18am Copy Link
fran harter A couple questions:

1. What does this one do that your IE Contacts Spy doesn't?

If I used IE more often, I'd buy your IE Contacts Spy.
[But I mostly use eithe firefox or opera].

1a. Will you offer a similiar plug-in sometime in the future, for firefox and opera?

2. Mostly on Giveawayoftheday, you see an offer come up for 24 hours only [no preview of upcoming software applications like Bitsdujour offers].
And while the GAOTD software offer may look promising, perhaps you've never heard of it nor the company that makes it.

Before installing anything from a "no name" software vendor advertised on GAOTD, I want to make sure they are not some fly by night company [that may install malware on my pc].

For all those programs I see on GAOTD, many of the related websites do NOT tell you anything about themselves.
Many have a lame "support@...." email address as the ONLY method of contacting them.

I could see a lot of consumer uses for a program that
extracts the contact info on such sites and lets you know who exactly you are dealing with.

Not just email addresses, but also the owner, how long they've had the site registered, etc.

The last thing I'd want to find out is that a software vendor is a group of programmers [hackers] working out of some basement.
Apr 7 2009 at 3:24pm Copy Link
Rick Truell Anna, Anna, really should stop trying so desperately hard to spin things favorably. Your protestations might actually have some weight if it wasn't for the fact that the description of the program contradicts you. The only possible reason to harvest contact addresses from a list of websites is to Spam those addresses. And I'm not the only one that thinks so...others have drawn the same, correct, conclusion from the program description.

As for your "everybody knows that" comment, you're partially right...*most* people, but not everybody, know that Spammers use tools and software, such as some of the ones sold by AtomPark Software, to harvest e-mail addresses from websites and Usenet newsgroups to build lists of e-mail addresses that can be Spammed and sold to other Spammers. Most Spammers are not themselves programmers, and so rely on people like AtomPark Software to develop the Spamming tools and software for them to use. Something else that "everybody knows"...or at least that they can determine from your that you're living in a state of denial of these facts. Which I suppose is OK for you...whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep easily at night. But publicly denying the obvious is a waste of everyone's time.
Apr 8 2009 at 5:36pm Copy Link
Anna Gorina Unfortunately, it is impossible
Apr 9 2009 at 1:21am Copy Link
Adam Adon I found this online email extractor for occasionally, daily extract email for my marketing campaigns ...
Apr 22 2009 at 2:38pm Copy Link
meenal jain intrested for atomic email hunter software.send us lowest deal price
May 1 2009 at 4:03pm Copy Link
gumbo gunner ATOMPARK is just a complete crime, deceit and daylight robbery!!!!
I bought their sfotware and for 3 weeks, I havent been able to utilise it as most of the components are n ot functioning. While I made effort to get my refund, they continued to frustrate me by replying my mails with one or two lines that don't make any meaning. I really will advise you do not think of buying their software for anything as it is mere criminal and they do not have any office anywhere!!!!they re just underground
May 7 2009 at 12:39am Copy Link
hunk . I have always known about Atompark, they suck like hell. Will never cross their path. I hate them with a passion because of their treatment
May 7 2009 at 12:41am Copy Link
Chris Josephs Really?? I mean do you stand at your mailbox at the end of the drive and scream at the postal employee for bringing you junkmail? Nope you just put it in the good old fashioned junk file. WOW calm down and put a smile on that face.
Feb 25 2010 at 8:41am Copy Link
Mark Torny I'll add my 2 cents about Atompark. ALL THEY products and sites are in spamhaus list
So think twice before buying their soft unless you dont want to get your site and company into this list too.
Apr 12 2010 at 2:05am Copy Link
AtomPark Software I suggest thinking twice before making any conclusions about SPAMHAUS. Just read when you have some time about them -

SpamHaus is totally inadequate, TOTALLY IILEGAL organization. Moreover, it is not organization at all. It's really a crime sociaty. If anyone wich, I personally may provide lots of proof on it.

It's surprised that so valued companies like Yahoo, AOL and some others continue to use their so called "block lists"...
AtomPark Software - Apr 12 2010 at 2:48am Copy Link
Asif Zardari Great TOOL.

I'll ruin this world with my evelish acts :-) Haaahaaahaaa....
Oct 6 2010 at 6:58pm Copy Link
Nelson Carvalho (Excuse my English)
A product is criminal depending on the use that you will be given. Is not the product itself, but the user.
Jul 23 2011 at 8:21am Copy Link

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