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Copyfish PRO - Get text from images and PDFDiscount

Copyfish PRO - Get text from images and PDF

Capture and Translate Text in Images, Videos, and PDF Documents

v4.2.1 Mac & PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Works inside Chrome, Firefox and Edge on Win, Mac and Linux.
Copyfish PRO - Get text from images and PDF ScreenshotTyping Software ScreenshotCopyfish PRO - Get text from images and PDF, Typing Software ScreenshotCopyfish PRO - Get text from images and PDF, Productivity Software ScreenshotTyping Software, Copyfish PRO - Get text from images and PDF Screenshot

We work and live in a global community when it comes to the web, and in doing research we often come across materials that may be valuable, if only we could translate it! Well, look no further than today’s discount software promotion, Copyfish PRO!

Copyfish PRO PLUS lets you instantly translate text from any image, video, or PDF document across 89 languages, just by copying and pasting. With Copyfish PRO, you’ll be able to skip the tedious task of retyping text from videos and images in order to translate, store, or email it. Instead, just launch Copyfish PRO, copy and paste the image, and let the program do all of the work for you!

Best of all, Copyfish PRO runs in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers, and offers a desktop module for non-browser capture and translation in Windows, Mac, and Linux environments. So grab Copyfish PRO today and immediately skyrocket your productivity!

    Please note folks, Copyfish comes in 3 versions:
  • 1. Free version with good OCR (just text grabbing, no translation)
  • 2. PRO version with better and and faster OCR
  • 4. PRO PLUS version with all of PRO and built-in instant translation

After you purchase Copyfish PRO - Get text from images and PDF, it may be used for 1 months.

This promotion includes the following:
Copyfish PRO - Get text from images and PDF v4.2.1 ($19.95)
Copyfish PRO Plus - All of PRO and instant translation ($29.95)
Review Written by Derek Lee
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Jon Spain I thought this lookd good but this is on a MONTHLY subscription. Yes, that is listed on this page (I missed it on first reading) but not under the fine print.
Jul 3 2020 at 1:04am Copy Link
Brenda Adams Jon, I agree. Their website has a comparison chart and at top of the Pro column the price states US$ 19.95 per month, and the Pro+ column shows US$ 29.95 per month. Each is linked to a little window where you enter your payment credentials. (It also shows a free version column for a very slim version, no sign-ups needed, it says.) So, folks, go look at the website itself to verify that this is a monthly subscription payment plan thing.
Jul 3 2020 at 4:07am Copy Link
Mathias User Yes, Copyfish is a monthly subscription since we have to run OCR servers and translation services in the backend. Of course, you can cancel anytime. And if you cancel within the first 7 days, we offer a full refund.

Copyfish comes in 3 versions:

1. Free version with good OCR (just text grabbing, no translation)

2. PRO version with better and and faster OCR

4. PRO PLUS version with all of PRO *and* built-in instant translation
a9t9 software GmbH - Jul 3 2020 at 4:34am Copy Link
Rohs Oh too bad. This software being cloud based and subscription based make it a no go for me (for ethical reasons), and for my colleges and most businesses I work with due to the risks it poses. Everything run through Copyfish will go to copyfish and a third party OCR provider where there is the potential for abuse and breaches on one side and monetization and tracking intensives on the other not to mention the potential of court ordered data captures wish copyfish is likely not required inform users of. Copyfish’s response to this will be there is a “privacy policy” in place to delete anything from Copyfish/3rd party servers….. which is inadequate and frankly unethical from the start. The best and most ethical path to avoid privacy breaches is not to formulate a detailed privacy policy; it's to reduce and eliminate the risks by design – so you are unable to violate anyone's privacy. Please pass this along. It is your right to develop your product anyway you wish. I respect that. However, having worked on OCR projects I know it is possible to not rely on servers. It is actually less expensive and better for the environment. It is just is easier and more profitable to design things this way in the short term and risk your user's data.
Jul 3 2020 at 12:19pm Copy Link
Mathias User @Rohs You raise valid points. But here is the catch: There is simply *no* on-premise (local) OCR and translation software available that is as good as the one that we are using. You are free to use the 7-day money back guarantee to give it at try. No local OCR software can beat the OCR quality of Copyfish PRO.

> ...not to mention the potential of court ordered data captures

We are based in Europe (Germany). So that can not happen. Plus we delete all data immediately. See
a9t9 software GmbH - Jul 3 2020 at 2:33pm Copy Link
Rohs Mathias, Thank you for your reply. If your lofty claim about having the best product on the market is true and is not simply a means of deflecting valid concerns- then you have no reason NOT to address the design flaws that require you to depend on a privacy policy that does inherently little. It looks like Copyfish fell victim to a phishing attack in 2017 so you know first hand how easy it is for security to be compromised. I get it, cloud services are trendy and also profitable. But using this type of technology in this situation is irresponsible anyway you look at it.
Jul 3 2020 at 5:04pm Copy Link
Mathias User @Rohs Again, I fully understand your concerns but I disagree with your conclusion. We do not claim to be a genius company that single-handedly built the best translation software in the world. As stated on our website, we connect Copyfish to the Google translation service for this. And this service is only available as cloud API. Thus there is no other way to provide the Copyfish software except as cloud based SaaS solution. The Copyfish browser extension itself is open-source, so you can easily check and verify all my statements:

In other words: For anyone that is OK with using a cloud-service like Gmail, using Copyfish should be no problem.
a9t9 software GmbH - Jul 4 2020 at 4:08am Copy Link
Bit Fly Does anyone really pay 29US$ per month (means 248 US$ per year) just for occasionally scanning a bill or news paper article.....?
Jul 4 2020 at 5:52am Copy Link
Mathias User @BitFly: No. Nobody who only _occasionally_ needs to scan a bill or news paper article pays us anything. They all use the _free_ version ;-)

But professionals who need to get text from images (of all kinds) often upgrade from free to PRO. They do this because they appreciate the faster speed and better OCR accuracy. If you only save five(!) minutes a day, the software already pays for itself easily. Personally I use it all the time and could no longer work without it. It very convenient and effective to be able to copy & paste from absolutely anything that shows up on your screen.
a9t9 software GmbH - Jul 4 2020 at 6:33am Copy Link
Chris I use ABBYY Screenshot Reader 11 and it grabs text very easily. I got it from here.
Jul 4 2020 at 10:08pm Copy Link
Robert Crombie If we install the FF extension, AND want to get desktop OCR as well, your web page says -
" Add Desktop OCR support
To add the free desktop OCR support, install the UI.Vision XModule (the link goes to our UI.Vision website). The XModule is a small app that helps Copyfish to take the screenshot. It is available for Windows"

I am confused as to what I download when we go to this page -

PS I am using Windows XP 32bit
Jul 5 2020 at 4:11am Copy Link

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