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Easy PDF ExplorerDiscount

Easy PDF Explorer

Extract Text and Images from Multiple PDF Files in Batch

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Platforms: Windows
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Whether you’re working with a single PDF document or a folder with thousands of them, you need a powerful, yet intuitive, way to manage and manipulate these files. Well, look no further than today’s discount software promotion, Easy PDF Explorer!

Easy PDF Explorer lets you work with multiple PDFs in batch, extracting pages and images, merging pages, converting to image formats, and searching across documents. With Easy PDF Explorer, you’ll benefit from a familiar Windows Explorer-type of interface where you can select multiple PDF files to work on. Then export text and images with a single click! Or create thumbnails in JPEG, BMP, and PNG formats.

If you’re conducting research, you’ll love the ability to use Easy PDF Explorer to search across all of your PDFs for specific words and phrases. If you work with PDF documents, there’s no good reason not to pick up Easy PDF Explorer today!

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kydara I've been looking for a long time for a piece of software that can determine if a PDF is an image-only or has been OCR'ed. I've come across a few bandaid solutions but nothing really reliable.

For clarification, I do not need software to do the OCR; I already have software to do that. I just need to identify PDFs which NEED to be OCRed. Obviously, need to do this in batch form. If it were only a few PDFs, I could just open them and try to select text. If I can, then it's been OCRed. If I can't, then it's an image and I can send it to my OCR engine. But doing this for thousands of PDFs manually is impractical.

Can this software help with this task? Please be specific in your answer. Thanks.
Sep 10 2021 at 5:28am Copy Link
Robert Crombie I tried to install the trial. Did not install into XP Pro 32 bit DID NOT INSTALL INTO 8.1 32 BIT <====== This is the one I wish an answer on
Sep 10 2021 at 7:00pm Copy Link
Yeoh Ray Mond @kydara

Hi, could you please download this version and give it a try (

So what you do is first select the 'count images and text option' on the PDF file list toolbar (on the right panel).
Then select your PDF files in the file browser. The PDF file list will then be populated with details of the selected files.
Theoretically, PDF files with only images and no text should show a text count of 0 and image count of > 0.
Click on the text count column to sort the files by that value.
Now remove the files with a text count > 0 by either selecting the range of files using the shift-mouse click combo and click on the 'Remove selected files from list' button (next to the 'Copy to folder' button),
deselect the files with text count > 0.
Now click on the 'Copy to folder' button, select the folder you want to copy the un-OCRed files to, and the selected files will be copied over for you to scan.
Yohz Ventures Sdn Bhd - Sep 10 2021 at 7:30pm Copy Link
kydara @Yeoh Ray Mond

If this works you will have solved a problem that has plagued me for years! Thank you!! I will report back how well it works.
Sep 10 2021 at 7:38pm Copy Link
eb235 Is it possible to install a trial for version 2.7 on a computer with a valid but older license ?
I installed v2.7 on a different folder but I get an almost blank windows (File+Help only, no explorer-style pane) when I launch the new version.
Now I have uninstalled the new version but it seems this wiped out the older version. I reinstalled v2.7 but only to get the same symptoms.

I assume from the pop-up I get at launch that Easy PDF Explorer is able to notice there is an older license (deep in the registry ?) on the computer but interprets the installation of a new version, too recent for the installed license, as trying to circumvents the older license rather than simply trying to "trial" the new features.

I hope my question will receive an answer. But right now I do have a suggestion :
rather than only verifying the license at launch, that is once an installation has ruined a running program, why not test it at the start of an installation ?
That way the user is warned that (s)he will be stuck if (s)he proceeds. Or (s)he may enroll for a trial period of the new version...

Namely, what I was after was testing the extraction of pages from a PDF (not present in my old 2.2 version). Because some PDFs have split images and extracting such images as images would require stitching them afterward, a cumbersome process.
Sep 12 2021 at 4:37am Copy Link
kydara @eb235
Dude, I can sort of understand your frustration, but:
1. You should have expected that the new install would have overwritten the old one.
2. You should have backed up first.
3. Not for nothing bro, but it's $5. Just pony up & upgrade.
Sep 12 2021 at 4:48am Copy Link
Yeoh Ray Mond @eb235 Hi, could you please contact us directly at, so that we can check what is the latest version you can use with your license? Thanks.
Yohz Ventures Sdn Bhd - Sep 12 2021 at 6:47pm Copy Link
DH007 1. If my current licence expires in 2022, can I have the new licence installed over and it would add the time to my current licence?
2. Do you plan to offer on sale Easy Excel Analysis? I would buy straight away if available just to add to my portfolio.
Sep 12 2021 at 11:41pm Copy Link
Yeoh Ray Mond @DH007 - you should activate the new license after the validity of the existing license has lapsed.

- at the moment, we do not have any plans to hold a BitsDuJour promotion for Easy Excel Analysis
Yohz Ventures Sdn Bhd - Sep 13 2021 at 5:51am Copy Link

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