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Do it, Flow Chart it, Improve it

v5.3.615 for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Platforms: Windows 7, 8, and 10; Excel 2010-2019, requires .Net Framework 4.0 or later
FlowBreeze ScreenshotExcel Add-ins Software ScreenshotFlowBreeze, Excel Add-ins Software ScreenshotFlowBreeze, Business & Finance Software ScreenshotExcel Add-ins Software, FlowBreeze ScreenshotBusiness & Finance Software, FlowBreeze ScreenshotBusiness & Finance Software, Excel Add-ins Software ScreenshotFlowBreeze, Business & Finance Software, Excel Add-ins Software Screenshot

Wouldn't it be great if there were a way you could create flow charts that was as effortless as typing? A flow chart tool that intelligently picks the proper flowchart symbol based on the words you type? A flow chart tool that automatically adds flow lines between chart symbols? A flow chart tool that seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Excel? With FlowBreeze, anyone can edit and maintain flowcharts, quickly and easily!

FlowBreeze is a Microsoft Excel add-in that lets you create flowcharts by simply typing text. The process is so simple! Just select the location where you want a flowchart symbol to be, type the process step description, and press Enter. The text is replaced by a flow chart symbol containing the text, formatting is applied, symbols are aligned, and a connector is automatically added from the last flowchart symbol.

This promotion includes the following:
FlowBreeze - Single User License v5.3.615 ($59.95)
FlowBreeze - Site License v5.3.615 ($995)
The Conversation
The Fine Print
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bvssunnydale Hi, the license terms are more than a bit stingy - one installation on one computer? Everyone has one (or more) at work, one (or more) at home, etc. I have a version 3 AND a version 4 Flowbreeze license already but multiple cpus (and I would never be using Flowbreeze on more than one cpu at a time) and I still haven't spent 2 hours using Flowbreeze since I've purchased it (that comes to about $20 an hour!). I admit I'm a bit of an impulse buyer of software - but I don't violate license terms). I realize some people might use it a lot but your pricing is absurdly high for such a niche product. (and I suspect BitsDuJour has a lot of buyers like me.) Please reconsider the license.
Jun 23 at 4:55am Copy Link
Nicholas Hebb @bvssunnydale:

The way it's phrased on the promotional text is:

> "Each license allows installation on a single computer and a laptop."

That means 1 PC + 1 laptop = 2 systems. But the actual license agreement is a bit more permissive. It states the following:

> "We hereby grant you a nonexclusive license to use one (1) copy of the Software on any single computer. If the Software is permanently installed on the hard disk or other storage device of a computer (other than a network server) and one person uses that computer more than 80% of the time, then that person may also use the Software on a portable and a home computer."

That obtuse bit of legalese boils down to: you can install it on a work PC, home PC, and a laptop under a single license.

Hop that clarifies things,

Nicholas Heb
BreezeTree Software
BreezeTree Software - Jun 23 at 1:16pm Copy Link
bvssunnydale Way better, thanks very much for the clarification. ALSO since I have ver 4 I'm wondering if there's comparison of ver 4 with the newer ver 5 (I believe)? Thanks for any help you can provide. I'm sure I'll be purchasing (it's an addiction).
Jun 24 at 9:31am Copy Link
Nicholas Hebb @bvssunnydale: The change log can be found here:

We use a third party software library to interface between our code and Excel. That vendor rolled out a new major version to support Excel 2019 and fix some low-level issues caused by Windows update 1903. So we in turn had to roll out a new major version when upgrading our license through them.

The product is mature and mostly feature stable, so the only additions so far have been the addition of an Org Chart Wizard, some minor features for adding connectors to / from multiple shapes and to / from pictures, and some minor bug fixes.
BreezeTree Software - Jun 24 at 2:32pm Copy Link
HJ User 1. Can a completed flow chart be sent to and display in excel on someone's computer that does not own flowbreeze?

2. Can a completed flowchart be exported to a graphic, so that excel is not necessary to display it.

3. Will a completed flowchart display on a excel for mac?

4. Will the flowchart modify when underlying data is modified on excel?
Jun 25 at 4:26am Copy Link
Nicholas Hebb @HJ User:

1. Yes. It's a regular Excel file. FlowBreeze leverages the built-in Microsoft Office Shapes, so it's all native with no external dependencies.

2. Yes, there is an Export as Picture tool.

3. FlowBreeze itself will only run on Windows versions, but the resulting file should open fine in Excel for Mac, since it supports Office Shapes as well. The only reason I say "should" is because I do not own a Mac and haven't tested this in years, but I assume they didn't make any breaking changes that would cause problems with Shapes.
BreezeTree Software - Jun 25 at 12:33pm Copy Link
HJ User You persuaded me to download and install the software. There does not appear to be a pdf manual with the software or on your website. There is only a website help screen/tutorial and numerous articles.

If there is a pdf manual, where can I get it. If not, why don't you take all of those individual articles and create a proper manual from them?

I cannot understand why some software providers will not take the time to create a useful pdf manual.

Are there any video demonstrations?
Jun 25 at 3:11pm Copy Link
Nicholas Hebb @HJ User: I discontinued making PDF's and creating videos for each new version. I tracked the downloads and views for each, and surprisingly less than 0.5% of customers utilized either. They just aren't worth the time and cost, to be honest.
BreezeTree Software - Jun 26 at 12:21pm Copy Link
Ed I have a v4 license - what is the cost to upgrade from v4 to v5 (i purchased it in 2017)?
Jun 26 at 5:51pm Copy Link
Nicholas Hebb @Ed: The normal upgrade discount is 50% off, so you're better off with this BitsDuJour deal.
BreezeTree Software - Jun 26 at 6:38pm Copy Link
Ed @Nicholas Thanks!
Jun 26 at 6:55pm Copy Link

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