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Create Your Own Electronic Medical Records

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Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
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If you are highly organized, you may have a good idea of your medical specifics - things like age, blood type, and allergies, obviously, but also the murkier details like immunization dates, insurance info, and the like. Still, it's doubtful that you have all of that stuff in one spot, and if you have a family, it's important that medical info for every individual be quickly and easily accessible. It's time to leverage the power of computers to support you in this all-important and critical function, and there's no better program for it than today's discount software promotion, GooPatient!

GooPatient lets you create and maintain electronic medical records for yourself and your family on your computer. With GooPatient, you'll always have access to organized records that contain links to conditions, doctors, treatments, and nearly every facet of your medical history. Taking advantage of the popularity and utility of hashtags, it's easy to use GooPatient to quickly document your medical conditions and changes in status. When it's time to go out, you can print out a health profile or wallet-sized Emergency Card for easy reference.

More than just words on a screen, GooPatient also helps out by letting you store webcam shots of physical symptoms, which is useful if they're gone by the time you get in front of a doctor. This feature is also very useful for taking photos of medications and receipts for easy storage and organization. Health profiles can be created for anyone, with each profile stored separately and protected by a password safeguarding it from unauthorized intrusion.

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The Conversation
The Fine Print
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Mark Johnson Quoting,
"Goopatient encrypts only password and user profile data, but it's hard to imagine (for now) that someone will develop a trojan specially to steal someone's Goopatient database, while Healthvault can be really a target for hackers and they may try to steal the database and publish it somewhere. And Healthvault can well follow the Google Health if Microsoft won't sell much Surfaces and Windows licenses"

Yuriy, if the actual health data is not encrypted in Goopatient then it is extremely easy for anybody to read the data in the sqlite database without Goopatient. It wouldn't take a trojan or anything similar; all it would take is somebody with malicious intent (or even just a curious child) that has access to your computer or cell phone for just a few minutes. You really need to encrypt the data. Anybody with a slight amount of technical knowledge at all can access a pc or cellphone with Goopatient installed and read 100% of the patient data or even copy the entire database and use it somewhere else. Please don't tell me you can do the same with Healthvault or any other online secured, encrypted service.

What does HealthVault have to do with Surfaces and Windows licenses? That statement doesn't make much sense. HealthVault is growing in popularity among users, doctors, hospitals. Google tried an experiment with Google Health and decided after 4 years to shut down the project. They gave all users of Google Health an entire 3 years (yes, 3 years) to move their data someplace else before they shut the service down. Google even provided full instructions for all users to export their data and import it into MS Healthvault. I don't know why you keep using Google Health as an example of why it is so much better to store data in an unencrypted sqlite database on your own computer and cellphone than to use an encrypted, secured online service.

Yuriy, the only reason I got involved in this conversation is because somebody here asked you how secure the data was in Goopatient, and you said it was much more secure than MS Healthvault. I asked that you expand on that statement, and your own responses have shown that is not a true statement.

Thanks and have a great day,
Aug 10 2013 at 3:18pm Copy Link
Yuriy Loza Mark, the same trojan (that can steal the database from computer) - can steal your Healthvault password, and then anybody will be able to access your health records online. So you can't say that it's more secure. Anyway accessing one's computer is not so "extremely easy" as you say. Please access mine if you can.

And regarding Google Health and Healthvault. These are both free services - pure expenses for the providers. When Google decided to optimize its expenses - it shut down Google Health. Microsoft is also having big problems now with selling Surfaces and Windows licenses. So I can well imagine, that Healthvault will be closed. Of course you'll get your zipped profile. But can you feel safe now?
Alfa.NetSoft - Aug 11 2013 at 12:47am Copy Link
Mark Johnson Yuriy, it is much more likely that goopatient will stop being updated than for Healthvault to just one day go offline forever. If goopatient quits being continuously updated it will not be long before some Windows update (or new version of Windows) renders goopatient unworkable. That is far more likely than Healthvault just disappearing off the face of the earth one day, yet you keep saying that Healthvault might just disappear one day. Let's play the devil's advocate and say that Microsoft does decide to shut down Healthvault. Do you really think they would not give users plenty of warning about that, just like Google did with Google health? It is not like users of Google Health woke up one morning and BAM, their Google health was no longer there. They had plenty of time to move their data someplace else. However, if goohealth were no longer updated and MS made some OS update that rendered it unusable, people using goohealth would have absolutely no recourse from that day forward and goopatient would no longer work for them. I realize that will probably will not happen in the near future, but it is more likely than Healthvault just disappearing one day, yet that is what you seem to keep harping on.

So somebody using a trojan can steal your HealthVault password? How does that work? A trojan can now read your mind and steal the password out of your brain?

Are you saying that all users of goopatient keep their computers locked up at all times so nobody else can access it? Most users do not lock their home computers at all, and most cellphone users make it extremely easy to get into the cellphone. The entire goopatient database is easily read data sitting right on the computer and cellphone. Anybody with access to the computer or cellphone can read all the health data stored on it. If you leave your cellphone at the gym, anybody that picks it up can read the goopatient health data stored on it. If you leave your home computer unlocked, anybody that is in your home can read all the goopatient health data stored on it.

From your own admission, Yuriy, goopatient does not encrypt any of the medical information that it stores. That is a very serious lack of security, Yuriy. I recommend you quit trying to say untruthfully that goopatient is more secure than HealthVault and instead add a little bit of badly needed security to goopatient.
Aug 12 2013 at 6:46am Copy Link
Yuriy Loza Mark, even if Goopatient stop being updated, you can continue using it as long as you like. And if Healthvault is discontinued - than YES, you'll get your data, but it will be useless without the software.

Healthvault password is usually stored in browser's non-encrypted file. Steal this file, and you'll get the password.

I persist that Goopatient even without full data encryption is more secure than online services like Healthvault in most user cases. But I understand that I will never persuade you, so let's save each others time :)
Alfa.NetSoft - Aug 12 2013 at 8:19am Copy Link
Yuriy Loza Edward Smith,
Please let us know your windows version and .Net framework version at
Alfa.NetSoft - Jan 4 2016 at 12:38am Copy Link
Chris @ Yuriy Loza


"Chris,ok, contact support and we'll give you the direct paypal"

I did this yesterday via your sites contact form. I included a copy of your quote as well so you would know it is me.
Jan 4 2016 at 3:21am Copy Link

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