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A Super Spreadsheet for All of Your Needs

v18.2.3 for PC 
Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
GS-Calc ScreenshotSpreadsheet Editors Software ScreenshotGS-Calc, Spreadsheet Editors Software ScreenshotGS-Calc, Business & Finance Software ScreenshotSpreadsheet Editors Software, GS-Calc ScreenshotBusiness & Finance Software, GS-Calc ScreenshotBusiness & Finance Software, Spreadsheet Editors Software ScreenshotGS-Calc, Business & Finance Software, Spreadsheet Editors Software ScreenshotGS-Calc Screenshot 8

Remember that huge calculator you used to have in school, the one that was so massive that it needed its own case? Everything you ever wanted to do was mapped to a button on that calculator…but today’s discount software promotion condenses that functionality into a spreadsheet called GS-Calc!

GS-Calc is a spreadsheet that lets you track expenses, income, and sales while performing statistical calculations and data analysis with over 390 included formulas plus any number of formulas you can define yourself in DLL libraries. With GS-Calc, you’ll be able to edit huge text files and databases without even leaving the application, thanks to support for 12 million rows and nearly 4,100 columns. That is a lot of data!

Beyond the sheer magnitude of the GS-Calc spreadsheet is the impressive processing power of the program, combined with its agility and flexibility. Even the largest files load and save quickly. But use the program for pivot tables and advanced statistical functions, and GS-Calc uses up to 64 processor cores to boost calculations. You can even use up to 100 synchronized panes to multi-task like never before! And with support for export to PDF and import/export from TXT, dBase, Clipper, Fox Pro, and Excel XML formats, GS-Calc is the only spreadsheet you’ll ever need.

Please note folks: GS-Calc can use natively either the standard ODF *.ods spreadsheet format or it's native fast and compact binary format (for example: a spreadsheet with 20 million random numbers will be saved and loaded more or less instantly as a 150MB file).
Also, GS-Calc can be installed on any portable storage device. The installation requires about 7MB. No other libraries or run-times are required.

See what's new in the latest version 18.2.x: Loading, saving and filtering performance examples:

This promotion includes the following:
GS-Calc - 1 Year Upgrades v18.2.3 ($19.95)
GS-Calc - Lifetime Upgrades v18.2.3 ($36)
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fpi fpi The current 64 bits version is 18.3.1 (January 15, 2023), not 18.2.3
Jan 17 at 3:35am Copy Link
Raymond User How strong is the query ability to parse a CSV cell value? This database is NOT the most well designed and some values have MANY pieces of information. For example, the address is all together - Number street city state zip and I need to pull out just certain Zip code values...... Can this be done with this software?

Jan 17 at 12:44pm Copy Link
Citadel5 If you mean extracting and converting the data, there are several methods to do this:

1. The most versatile are ("industry standard") regular expressions. They can be used directly with the "Find and Replace" toolbar.
In both GS-Base and GS-Calc you can also create named series of such "Find and Replace" actions in the "Find and Replace Scripts" dialog box to do predefined transformations in one pass and with a one click.

Sample (F&R) "Scripts" window:

The online "Find and Replace" help page:

You can find about every pattern you might need using Google searches. Using your zip example:

2. Formulas. For example, the Find() formula in GS-Calc that will enable you to use regular expressions and returns matching patterns or their positions.

3. The "Copy with Options" and "Paste with Options" commands which let you switch between cell separators and split the data.

4. The "Edit > Split / Merge Cells" commands which will do the above in-place ad let you use strings of any lengths as separators.

If you mean filtering only, again regular expressions can be used and the above information apply as well both to various F&R methods and to the FILTER() functions:

Filtering is quite fast. A few millions of rows should be filtered almost instantly.
Citadel5 - Jan 17 at 3:07pm Copy Link
Raymond User Thank you!!! Great support and spot on!!! :)
Jan 17 at 4:26pm Copy Link
bai bai I tried v18.3, there are two things I want to know.

1. input method support.
If I use english input, there is no problem. But when I use other input method such as Chinese input method, gs-calc will receive the first character only unless I use "Enter" key to input text in edit mode.

2. filter
I read all the documents about filter feature. But I can't use it correctly, my filter fomula always give me a "#value" error output.

The dataset is {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8}, the filter rule is "greater than 5", the output will {6,7,8}. I don't use hyperlink feature, Could you show me a correct filter fomula?
Jan 17 at 5:06pm Copy Link
Citadel5 @bai bai
1. Completing editing with the Enter key is the default method. Do you mean clicking the check icon near the edited cell?

2. It looks that for a single column the composer incorrectly created a cell reference instead of a (even 1x1) range reference and it had to be corrected manually. It's been corrected in the build You can already download it. (Thanks for reporting this.)
Citadel5 - Jan 17 at 6:34pm Copy Link
Nico Westerdale Great News! Citadel5 has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy!
BitsDuJour Admin - Jan 18 at 12:11am Copy Link
bai bai @Citadel5

Thank you for the reply. I mean inputing characters directly when I didn't enter the editing mode. In english input method, I can input characters correctly. But when I use Chinese input method or other input method, it will popup a inputbox and gs-calc only accept the first charater.

You can try to use Chinese input method to confirm.
Jan 18 at 6:07am Copy Link
Citadel5 Please see the online Help page re: the Unicode characters:
All three methods seem to work correctly with Chinese characters. The 3rd one also initiates the edit mode without pressing Enter/F2.
Citadel5 - Jan 18 at 7:00am Copy Link
Alexandre Emeriau Hi, We can create DLL libraries with GS-Calc.
Can we then call functions in the dll from C# for example ?
Jan 18 at 8:45am Copy Link
Citadel5 @Alexandre Emeriau
This description is already available via the support forum, but I'll add it here as well just in case:

Sure, you can write in DLL's not only any number of new functions (without any performance issues) but also you can replace existing built-in functions simply using the same names.
They are written in C++/C. They accept the same parameter types as the built-in functions, and they participate in the multi-core calculation chains same as the built-in functions so all in all it's exactly the same best performance as for the built-in functions.

They can return the same data types as the standard functions, including arrays (which has been available in GS-Calc for years and which MS introduced in their latest Excel 365, calling it "spilling").

Additionally, your functions can return:
* Images (either as handles to the bitmap data or file paths to display) that
are aligned to the upper-left corner of a given formula cell and can be shrunk to
fit the cell dimensions or expanded within the rest of the worksheet;
* Messages (for example, a conditional If.MessageBox()) which are - of course - all displayed after completing the recalculation/update.

Sample code is available on the forum. For example, the custom Image(...) function is only several lines long.
Citadel5 - Jan 18 at 11:31am Copy Link

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