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Easy Single Source Help Authoring

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Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 7
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    Please note below the updates added to the latest version of Helpinator which is 3.14:
  • WordPress theme generator for software documentation.
  • "Knowledge base" output format.
  • "Mobile-friendly" output format.
  • GitHub Markdown output format.
  • "Phrase expander" tool.
  • GIF Screen recorder tool.

As the person responsible for maintaining an up-to-date documentation library in your company, you know how hard it is to keep up with different format requests. Some departments need their stuff in PDF format, others need printed manuals, and still others want to read their documentation in electronic form. To produce original documentation in each of these formats is impractical, so what do you do? You get a copy of today's discounted software promotion, Helpinator, and become the superhero of documentation in your office!

Helpinator now supports WordPress CMS! Now you can publish online documentation to WordPress-powered websites with no need to install another CMS for help/documentation. Even better, it means you wont have to mix WordPress with static HTML, allowing you to use wordpress plugins and themes for all your online documentation.

Helpinator is a single-source WYSIWYG help authoring application that will help you to create the perfect documentation library in multiple formats. With Helpinator, you'll be able to produce CHM help files, PDF files, EPUB, MOBI, QtHelp, JavaHelp, and Web Help for Internet/Intranet hosting -- not to mention traditional printed materials -- all from the same source material!

Think about it! CHM for online help, PDF for electronic user manuals, Web Help for distribution on your company's website, and old fashioned printed documentation for that one guy in your office who still uses blue pencils and doesn't trust newfangled technology.

Helpinator is perfectly-suited to help you create multilingual help projects. Because topic structure and context ID's remain the same, you only need to write language-specific topic content! In addition, you can easily communicate with third-party translation services using XML Import/Export.

Helpinator now supports OracleHelp for Java, OracleHelp for Web, and the HelpGUI lightweight help system.

Helpinator's 'Image Library' allows you to not only store and manage screenshots, but also add callouts and other decorations to your images. The primary function of the Image Library is to allow you to update screenshots quickly when your UI changes, with no need to browse through all of the topics in your project!

Want to make sure that your customers have the clearest possible instruction? Helpinator facilitates this with step-by-step guides, allowing you to document specific procedures that users have to follow. Each step can contain a title, text and image.

Helpinator also makes it easy to include code snippets (formatted and highlighted blocks of text) in your help files. You can embed them directly into your topics and export to all supported formats.

And when it comes to crafting that source material, Helpinator doesn't leave you out in the cold. Its intuitive and familiar WYSIWYG interface gives you everything that you need to create outstanding documents, from different styles to handy utilities like spellcheck. Once you're done, just a click of a button gives you your completed documentation in the format of your choice. Plus, Helpinator is designed to automatically generate components like tables of content, navigation links, See Also references, and more!

This promotion includes the following:
Helpinator Lifetime Updates ($300)
Helpinator UNLIMITED License ($3500)
Renew updates for 1 more year ($100)
Renew updates for 2 more years ($150)
Upgrade from yearly updates to lifetime updates ($200)

The Conversation
The Fine Print
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- - Just be careful with the shopping!
I purchased the software version 3.11.6 in year 2014. No downloadble software upgrade!
No eamil answer from developer!
Last downloadable version from developer website 3.11.6.
See old comments!
Dec 9 2016 at 1:52am Copy Link
Dmitri Popov Can you please check it one more time? It should be serving 3.14 already. I had numerious issues with code signing certificate so 3.11.6 indeed was on the website for too long. I was sending updates by request, and I must overlooked yours, sorry for that :(((
Major Mind Software - Dec 9 2016 at 3:26am Copy Link
- - Thanks. Now downloadable the version 3.14.
After installing don't work the (autostarted) "Check for updates".
Error message: "Error occured while checking for updates: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found"
Dec 9 2016 at 4:31am Copy Link
Dmitri Popov Server error, fixed.
Major Mind Software - Dec 9 2016 at 4:44am Copy Link
Nelson Carvalho Helpinator has very good features. It is quite complete.
However, the update took a long time to occur.
The link to download version 3.12 was incorrect for months.
Support did not give me any feedback on this issue.
I believe the developer should pay more attention to support.
On the site says that it is compatible with Windows XP / 7 / 8.
Here, in bitsdujour, there is no version 8.
What about version 10 of Windows? Are there restrictions?
Dec 9 2016 at 5:14am Copy Link
Dmitri Popov Nelson, yes, it was stuck in development hell, v.3 branch reached it's limits. But now hell is empty ;)
There are some reports that Windows 10 does not allow to run the installer because it does not recognize it's code signature (the certificate is OK actually). This problem should eliminate itself when the cert gets enough reputation, then I'll add Windows 10 compatibility to the list. At this time it's in "unconfirmed" status.
Major Mind Software - Dec 9 2016 at 5:21am Copy Link
- - "Server error, fixed."
Sorry Dimitri, but not fixed. Just getting another error message: Error occored checking for updates: "$2/" is not a valid integer value.
Dec 9 2016 at 6:40am Copy Link
Norm Sash I see that you have a built in screen capture and annotation utility. If I have my own (e.g. SnagIt) can I paste images from the clipboard into Helpinator library?
Dec 9 2016 at 6:47am Copy Link
Dmitri Popov Norm, no, you'll need to save screenshots first, then import files to Helpinator.
Major Mind Software - Dec 9 2016 at 7:00am Copy Link
Dmitri Popov "$2/" problem seems to be solved now, please download and install Helpinator again.
Major Mind Software - Dec 9 2016 at 7:42am Copy Link
Nelson Carvalho I dowloaded the last version (3.14) and installed on Windows 10 Home.
I executed Helpinator with no problem.
Dec 9 2016 at 10:33am Copy Link
- - Thanks Dimitri. The "$2/" problem is now solved. I installed version 3.14 on windows 10 Professional 64bit with no problem.
Dec 9 2016 at 12:20pm Copy Link
Dmitri Popov Thank you guys! So it went without any messages from Smart Screen, like "Windows protected your PC"?
Major Mind Software - Dec 9 2016 at 10:58pm Copy Link
- - It was not (Smart Screen) message.
Dec 10 2016 at 12:09am Copy Link
Nico Westerdale Great News! Major Mind Software has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy!
BitsDuJour Admin - Dec 10 2016 at 12:11am Copy Link
Steve333 Hello Dmitri, Thanks for the update. I was also waiting for this one. When I installed this version my licence was also updated. Glad you got your problems sorted out! I have been using Helpinator for a few years now - it does the job very well. I was hoping it would not die! Steve
Dec 10 2016 at 11:19am Copy Link
Dmitri Popov Thank you, Steve!
Major Mind Software - Dec 10 2016 at 12:44pm Copy Link
Dexter Bell What is the best way to import parts of current HTML pages and retain most of the formatting and heading structure and to import a current Help & Manual project (or CHM file).
I've tried pasting text from different sources but I always get just plain text no formatting.

Dec 10 2016 at 3:33pm Copy Link
Dmitri Popov Dexter, there are no way to import native H&M project, CHM needs to be decompiled and imported using "Convert to H3" utility included with Helpinator. Copy&Paste doesnt help indeed.
Major Mind Software - Dec 11 2016 at 11:50am Copy Link
Dexter Bell "CHM needs to be decompiled and imported using "Convert to H3" utility included with Helpinator."

Thanks I'll try that and let you know off-forum.

"Copy&Paste doesnt help indeed."
Certainly a worthy feature to consider. For example I have hundreds of pages on my website I use different pages and it would be really great to be able to copy a few paragraphs (or more) to the clipboard and then paste them into whatever topic I'm working on in Helpinator. I'm sure Copy & Paste would help others, as one person asked about pasting images from programs such as Snagit without having to save them first.

Thanks for the timely response I will be trying it.
Dec 11 2016 at 1:07pm Copy Link
Dmitri Popov Dexter, actually I'm working on another built-in tool that will act as a clipboard history app, it will allow to paste text into topics, create new topics from clipboard contents, combine and rearrange keyboard history items before inserting them into topics. But with the current version "Convert to H3" tool is the only way.
Major Mind Software - Dec 11 2016 at 1:34pm Copy Link
W Anderson Unfortunately, Helpinator's publish to PDF has two serious bugs. None of the Internet links, like, work properly. They link to the PDF file, not the web address. The links in RTF files do work, but RTF files do not support page numbers - a limitation of RTF, not Helpinator. Also, footers are missing from PDF files, though headers work properly. When can these bugs be fixed? I have submitted Support Tickets 640821 and 826506. Thank you, Dimitri. I hope to hear soon.
Jan 10 2017 at 9:55am Copy Link

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