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An Email System Perfect for Businesses and Schools

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Platforms: Windows all with .NET 4.5
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No one really thinks about email systems, right? But what happens when you’re in charge of selecting a system for your business or school environment, starting from zero? There are a lot of things to consider, or you can just put your trust into today’s discount software promotion, iMail!

iMail is a superior email client offering web access, a self-hosted server, and a maintenance-free design. With iMail, all of your Internet and intranet communications needs will be met, without all of the hassle associated with setting up a Windows server or a database. iMail is fast and efficient, able to load 1000 messages in less than a second!

Best of all, iMail offers you the ability to set up an unlimited number of mail accounts, each with unlimited storage and unlimited attachment sizes (along with previews and thumbnails of images, audio, and video). You can even configure iMail with your custom logo to align the email client with your company’s branding!

Administrators will appreciate that iMail doesn’t require any client-side installation, and only needs a web browser for your users to access it. Just tell your users to fire up IE, Chrome, or Firefox and head to the iMail server address!

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Hoa User Quá tuy?t
Mar 27 2017 at 12:59am Copy Link
Istvan Vajda I got the message, when i try download the license file:
There is no valid license!!!
Mar 28 2017 at 2:03am Copy Link
nodroG License file error? can we have some feed back on this please.
Mar 28 2017 at 2:21am Copy Link
Norman Wong @ Istvan Vajda and nodroG - You may visit ORDER | PRODUCT USAGE in your account and see "Counting Quota" to learn your new iMail Services quota.
Sanwhole - Mar 28 2017 at 2:22am Copy Link
Norman Wong @Hi, learn iMail basic operation, please click here:
Thank you!
Sanwhole - Mar 28 2017 at 2:30am Copy Link
Jim Hilton Created account but have not received log in confirmation email
Mar 28 2017 at 6:49am Copy Link
Norman Wong Jim User - Hi Jim! If you have received register confirmation email, you may use the password that you entered when register to login.
Sanwhole - Mar 28 2017 at 7:14am Copy Link
Vlado User I got the message, when i try download the license file:
There is no valid license!!!

(the same as Istvan Vajda).

And WHAT ABOUT "Counting Quota" ???? - I have "1" there - and WHAT WITH IT ??!!!
Mar 28 2017 at 9:20am Copy Link
Norman Wong @ Vlado User - Please click to learn the detail.
Sanwhole - Mar 28 2017 at 10:20am Copy Link
Daniel . Does anyone know how to get this installed?
Mar 28 2017 at 11:40am Copy Link
Peter Blaise .
So. let me get this straight :

... iMail is ALWAYS free and ( I don't see anything that exactly matches THIS giveaway, though ) ...

... the giveaway today is $50 worth of support, then?
Mar 28 2017 at 11:41am Copy Link
Norman Wong Please click to learn how to deploy iMail and manage iMail via Web-Admin.
Sanwhole - Mar 28 2017 at 12:01pm Copy Link
Jim Hilton I have not received confirmation email therefore it is impossible to use the password that I entered when I registered.

Mar 28 2017 at 12:11pm Copy Link
Norman Wong iMail Paid Technical Services is for business, school or other organizations, and help them solve the problems that they cannot handle themselves when using iMail. We believe $50 is too low. We will adjust the price after this promotion.
Sanwhole - Mar 28 2017 at 12:15pm Copy Link
Norman Wong @ Jim User - Please check the issue and try login again.
Sanwhole - Mar 28 2017 at 12:28pm Copy Link
George User Where do I find promotion?
Mar 28 2017 at 12:35pm Copy Link
Vlado User To Norman Wong (@ Vlado User) : Thank You for the explanation ... It's clear now :-) .
Mar 28 2017 at 12:44pm Copy Link
nikos nikos tell us some business, schools or organizations that use imail
Mar 28 2017 at 1:39pm Copy Link
Norman Wong Hello. Please note that the most recent iMail support has been scheduled after mid April. Therefore, if in urgent need, please do not buy.
Sanwhole - Mar 17 2022 at 1:08am Copy Link
Dunking How is this server configured to handle external email? That is, does it handle SMTP, POP3, and/or IMAP? Or is it primarily for standalone local use?
Mar 17 2022 at 1:16am Copy Link
Norman Wong @Dunking, Hello.

This iMail server is dedicated to enterprise internal email and does not provide external mail processing. iMail fully supports web access. It doesn't need SMTP, POP3 and IMAP. iMail can be set up at Local Area Network or Wide Area Network.
Sanwhole - Mar 17 2022 at 4:08am Copy Link
Dunking OK, thanks. That would mean ordinary mail clients, phone or PC, won't work with this either and one is dependent solely on the webmail client?
Mar 17 2022 at 5:40am Copy Link
Norman Wong There is no need to install any software on the client, a web browser is enough such as IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome etc. Desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone, Windows and Mac are all supported.
Sanwhole - Mar 17 2022 at 7:08am Copy Link
Dunking I can see that the webmail client is all that is needed if only this mail system is being used, but if someone has external email addresses (gmail, ISP, their own domain, etc) it would be sensible to use a single client to integrate all of them, wouldn't it? Otherwise you'd have to use a different client depending on who you want to send mail to (and to check if you've received mail many, many times a day).

Perhaps this is not email as we know it today, but more like Slack or Whatsapp (minus the realtime chatting) in that only in-application messaging is accessible. That can be a benefit as well as a problem, but maybe describing it as email does it an injustice.
Mar 17 2022 at 9:41am Copy Link
Norman Wong 1. I'm emphasizing once that the iMail client only needs a browser and does not need any other software, including webmail you mentioned repeatedly.

2. iMail is an enterprise internal mail system. A similar software is Microsoft Exchange. The internal mail system of the enterprise must be isolated from the public mail system (such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc.). Enterprises cannot accept employees using the internal mail system to send and receive public e-mail. The reason is simple.

3. If you have worked in a large enterprise, it may be easier to understand how the internal e-mail system works.

4. iMail has more advantages than Microsoft, including:
1) Microsoft Exchange client needs to install outlook, while iMail client does not need to install any software, just a general browser.
2) Microsoft Exchange can only be installed inside the enterprise, and enterprise employees can only send and receive e-mail through the enterprise's LAN. iMail can also be installed on Internet servers. In this way, enterprise employees can send and receive internal e-mail from anywhere in the world through the Internet.
3) Microsoft Exchange does not support mobile, MAC or Linux, but iMail does.
Sanwhole - Mar 17 2022 at 5:21pm Copy Link
Dunking Ah, sorry for the confusion: email accessed via a browser is normally called webmail (it is mail 'on the web', aka through the browser). That's why I repeatedly used the term, but if you are unhappy with that common usage I will refrain.

Re the rest, thanks for clarifying.
Mar 18 2022 at 12:49am Copy Link
Rasmus Is setting up 2nd factor authenticator like you Yubikey or similar supported?
Mar 18 2022 at 1:27am Copy Link
Norman Wong @Rasmus, Hello.

Can you ask in more detail? Thank you!
Sanwhole - Mar 18 2022 at 4:12am Copy Link
Norman Wong @Dunking

The question is clear, so if you like to use the word again, I can understand it. Thank you very much for your question.
Sanwhole - Mar 18 2022 at 4:18am Copy Link
Stardust Hello,

I am little bit puzzled what exactly is offered, so could you please answer my questions and also correct me, if I got something wrong?

I understand so far that for 28,8 USD I get a lifetime license for software iMail, which then I can install to any Windows computer with Windows with .NET 4.5, and then iMail will act as a mail server. The unclear for me is following:

1. Are the e-mail accounts provided by iMail accessible only from web browser, or can they be also used in e-mail software like Thunderbird? In other words, does iMail support accessing via POP3/IMAP and SMTP?

2. Is it possible to send and receive e-mails with outside world? Will I be able for example to send an e-mail to someone with address, and receive reply from him? Or is it closed system, so I can write only to other accounts on that particular iMail installation?

3. In case iMail accounts can communicate with outside, what domain will be in the e-mail addresses? Is it possible to set own domain? And on other side, is it possible to run it without setting the domain (for example if you don't own any)?

4. How are the e-mails stored on the iMail server? Does it use one big file for all e-mails, or each e-mail is stored separately (like maildir)? In case of technical problem, when the iMail stops working (stops being accesible), is it possible to save the e-mail data from the server and convert them to some readable format?

5. The deal says: "Set up unlimited accounts with unlimited attachment sizes", but also "iMail is licensed per user, so if more people are going to use iMail you will need to purchase additional copies." - does this means, that for 28,8 USD I am getting mail server with one e-mail account, and if I need more, I have to buy each new account? Or does "user" means the buyer of the iMail, who can for 28,8 USD set up unlimited accounts in that one iMail he bought?

6. Is iMail completely self-sufficient software, or is it dependant on some online services you provide (so if you disable these services in future, iMail will cease to work)?

Thank you for clarification.
Sep 6 2022 at 9:44am Copy Link
Pete User Following the above Q & A... Also, some questions below:
Q1: How does iMail handle filtering out SPAM and emails that contain malware or viruses?

Q2: Please describe how the email client (webmail) handles searches by (a) keyword, (b) multiple keywords, (c) "AND" and "OR" Boolean searches, and (d) can we use quotes to search for exact phrases?

Q3: I assume the server or PC hosting iMail MUST have a static IP address plus proper DNS records configured? Do you have links to tutorials for how to do this?

Q4: My primary interest is to use iMail (potentially) for outbound email campaigns. Does iMail have an features to improve email inbox deliverability? If 'yes', please specificy?
Sep 6 2022 at 1:16pm Copy Link
Robert User If some company does not receive an e-mail sent using iMail, possibly due to being blacklisted, there are companies (such as MX Toolbox) that can monitor e-mails and provide a report.

Anytime, a company uses their own server host, they run the risk of not being trusted due to not having a reputation such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook mail, especially if they send out a lot of e-mails, such as a marketing/promotional e-mail. If enough recipients mark the e-mails as SPAM, the entire server can become blacklisted. Sometimes a single user can cause an entire organization's e-mails to come to a screeching stop. This is why many companies resort to using services such as MailChimp, etc., to send out lots of e-mails at the same time.

Therefore, what provisions does iMail have to prevent or to rectify being blacklisted from happening?
Sep 6 2022 at 3:09pm Copy Link
Norman Wong @Stardust – Hello.
The software similar to iMail is Microsoft Exchange. They are enterprise internal e-mail systems and do not support external e-mail. However, iMail is fully web access, and users only need a browser, unlike Microsoft Exchange, which has to install Outlook on the client.
1. iMail does not support any external ports and does not provide any external services to third parties.
2. No
3. N/A
4. iMail uses well-known SQLite database. Except that the password is encrypted, all other data can be read. And users can export mail to standard. EML format.
5. “The license per user“ is for the buyer not for email accounts. iMail ultimate edition supports unlimited email accounts, the current setting is 1000. We do not charge client access licenses.
6. iMail is a product completely developed by Sanwhole. iMail does not require the Internet except for activation.
Sanwhole - Sep 6 2022 at 8:14pm Copy Link
Norman Wong @Pete User – Hello.

Please first follow the above reply, then.
Q1: N/A.
Q2: iMail search function has not been completed yet.
Q3: N/A.
Q4: N/A.
Sanwhole - Sep 6 2022 at 8:27pm Copy Link
Norman Wong @Robert User – Hello.

What you said is in line with the reality. Therefore, we suggest that small enterprises should not consider building a public mail system. Because your ISP can block your port 25 at any time without any reason, especially after there is a certain amount of traffic. You can leave the internal mail system to Microsoft Exchange or iMail. External mail is managed by Gmail, Microsoft 365, etc. That is, it is safe and cost-effective.
Sanwhole - Sep 6 2022 at 8:36pm Copy Link
Jeanet User Yeah, as someone who has worked in IT for a while, I've seen firsthand how ISPs can be pretty unpredictable when it comes to port 25. It's just not worth the risk.
But I'm curious - have you ever had any experience setting up a public mail system for a small business? I've heard of some companies who try to save money by doing it themselves, but I always wonder if it's worth the hassle.
Mar 30 2023 at 1:36pm Copy Link
Robert User This one looks good to me, thanks. Besides this I have to remark that I use this source to do writing, this even very much influenced my merits and besides this I managed to do coursework writing, this was a very hard stage in college that passed much easier with the help of this source, by the way I wanted to say that in parallel with your application that I use to do projects in university, this source combines very well and I am very happy for this!
Jul 20 2023 at 12:45pm Copy Link

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