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Virus Scan for Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player

Enjoy Blu-ray Content on Your PC

Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player lets you play Blu-ray discs, folders, and ISO files on your Windows computer, while also playing back DVD discs, video files, and more.

Our virus scan reports this download is 100% Clean Free Download

Download Virus Scan - Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player

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Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player Virus Scan Report
Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player Virus Scan Report
Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player Virus Scan Report
Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player Virus Scan Report
Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player Virus Scan Report

What are people saying about Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player

NOBORU SUWA I have a Mac Blu-ray Player. I want to use Boot camp in the same player. Thanks in advance.
Mar 13 2013 at 11:49am Copy Link
Marianne Gordon this shows 29.95 - not very free to me.
Oct 23 2014 at 5:03am Copy Link
Richard @Marianne Gordon

There are three lines with the first two showing 29.95 but the bottom one shows free. I went through the process and it did take me to a free page and the process worked and sent me the email.
Oct 23 2014 at 6:18am Copy Link
Marianne Gordon thanks I should not have tried that before coffee~!~
Oct 23 2014 at 8:37am Copy Link
Frank Kelly Why is it not free for MAC users? Only 33% off...
I would like it for my PC also but I lent it to a friend and won't have it back until next week. The program has to be installed on the same day as promo...
Too bad, would have enjoyed it.
Oct 23 2014 at 9:11am Copy Link
Ken Savage ok ... dumb question ... you need a blu-ray drive in your computer to be able to use this software ... yes?
Oct 23 2014 at 4:43pm Copy Link
Kristen Alexander I thought the point was to be able to see Blu-ray movies WITHOUT a blu-ray drive. But I downloaded it onto my laptop with Windows 8.1, and a friend onto theirs with Windows 7, and neither one will recognize a Blu-ray movie. Darn. Was looking forward to being able to watch Blu-ray movies on my laptop. There were no instructions once the program was downloaded. It looks straight-forward, but I must be missing something. The free version doesn't include any support. Does anyone have any ideas?
Oct 23 2014 at 6:09pm Copy Link
Ken Savage Yeah ... got me too ... :-(
Oct 23 2014 at 6:49pm Copy Link
Robert User My Panda Security keeps deleting the unzipped install file because it claims it's a virus! When I scan the zipped folder, Panda says it's OK. Any idea what's up?
Oct 24 2014 at 12:07am Copy Link
Scott Van Leeuwen I cannot get the AirX function to work. This is supposed to stream the Blu-Ray from my Windows 8 PC to my Ipad 3. All I get after 30 seconds is a "Website Not Available". Any suggestions software vendor??
Oct 24 2014 at 12:09am Copy Link
Macgo @Marianne Gordon


Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player is free in limited time without upgrade and support.
But if you register our software before Oct. 25 and buy it before next month, you could purchase it at a 50% discount. Also, you shall update it totally free.
Oct 24 2014 at 12:10am Copy Link
David Vaughan I got the free version and installed from download link in email. Opened Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player and was immediately informed that an update was available. I went ahead and installed the upgrade to v2.10.10.1757 which included uninstalling the older version.

I can't tell for sure. Does the upgraded version still qualify for the free license or do I need to go back to the original download? I know that the 100% off special does not qualify for free upgrades but what about this instant upgrade?

Thanks, ~Dave
Oct 24 2014 at 2:26am Copy Link
Wild Wizard @Ken Savage & @ Kristen Alexander .....Without A Blu-Ray Player In Your Computer You Cannot Play A Blu-Ray Disc, A CD And DVD Players All Use A "Red" Laser, And A Blu-Ray Uses A Blue Laser .....Different Wavelength, Frequency Etc Etc ...At This Time I Don't Know Of Any Software That Can Allow For The Frequency And Wavelength To Be Altered In Such A Way As To Play A Blu-Ray Disc On A DVD Drive ......
Just Some Random Info....
~~Wild Wizard~~
Oct 24 2014 at 2:37am Copy Link
Stanislav Cermak Hi.

I think this offer is not for $0 as I can see, isnĀ“t it? Or only trial version for max month?

Thanks for answer in advance.

Oct 24 2014 at 3:25am Copy Link
Wild Wizard @ Stanislav Cermak,

Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player - Paid upgrades and must be installed during promotion day ($0)

Click The Get It FREE Button At The Top In Green, Then Choose $0 On The Webpage In The Link...Go All The Way To The Bottom And You Will See

Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player - Paid upgrades and must be installed during promotion day - PC
100% Off coupon accepted!
Total price: $0
~~Wild Wizard~~
No I Do NOT Work For Them .....TY
Oct 24 2014 at 4:12am Copy Link
Fred Moeijes I installed the zip file version 2.9 and started the blue-ray. The menu shows but when i start the main movie the screen turns black and only the sound of the movie can be heard, but no images are shown on Windows 8.1. What do I change in the settings?
Oct 24 2014 at 5:43am Copy Link
glenn User For those without blu-ray players installed in their PC's, the value, even at zero dollars may not be readily apparent. If you'd like to add a blu-ray player to your pc, they can easily be obtained through, newegg, tiger, ect. The least expensive, are usually the ones labeled OEM. OEM drives rarely come with software, so if you install a blu-ray drive in your PC without software, it's only basic capability will be to read cds, dvds, and blu-ray. However, don't equate the ability to read the discs with the ability to play movies on the disc. That's where this software comes into play. Evaluate the cost of blu-ray players OEM + this player software at $0. Then look at blu-ray players fully bundled.

Of course, you need to have a small amount of pc skills to be comfortable with pulling out your old cd/dvd player and installing a new one. Most of the time though, it's pretty much plug and play. Especially with SATA connections.

Hope this helps!

Oct 24 2014 at 9:58am Copy Link
Jean-Francois Puglia "You must install/register the software while the promotion is active, and cannot do so afterwards."

This always make me go away from the "promotion".

Thank you but I'll pass.
Oct 3 2015 at 5:56am Copy Link
Friendly Foxes Thanks! Reviews on Amazon. Sounds like great customer support. May need to be connected to internet to start BluRay (may have changed software).
Oct 3 2015 at 6:19am Copy Link
K. Christoph

Many people in Germany, I'm too, don't like Amazon !

This item is currently unavailable
@Jean-Francois Puglia: That's my words too !
Oct 3 2015 at 6:41am Copy Link
Michael S The giveaway appears to be limited to 10,000. I registered and it said that I was number XXX out of 10000. If interested in this then you may not want to let any grass grow and snag it up!

My main concern is that there are no free updates which means that as soon as they update their Blu ray decryption database we are all going to be left in the dust or forced to pay for the program or find an alternative. To me this is just an extended free trial of sorts:-/

I'm curious about the AirX feature so I'm trying it out.
Oct 3 2015 at 9:38am Copy Link
gomez addams Copy of email sent to support.

Hardware Acceleration.

Enable Hardware Acceleration.

This feature not available to your hardware.

Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 installed in the computer.

Are you telling me the software version is relying on the CPU as a graphics engine? How primitive.
Oct 3 2015 at 6:49pm Copy Link
mahdi ameri Hello thanks for Software best Would Thinks ?? ?? ??
Jul 23 2016 at 6:27am Copy Link
Steven Taub W10 compatible?
Jul 24 2016 at 5:21am Copy Link
Jean-Francois Puglia "You must install/register the software within 7 days, and cannot do so afterwards." is always a deal breaker for me.

Thanks but no thanks.
Jul 24 2016 at 6:43am Copy Link
Frank E. @Jean-Francois Puglia - My sentiments exactly!
Jul 24 2016 at 6:58am Copy Link
Hubert User Thanks!
Jul 24 2016 at 11:33am Copy Link
Adam Bryan @Steven Taub - according to their website yes.

@Jean-Francois Puglia - I also find these deals not worth it!

The encryption on blu-rays is a pain. Players depend upon a decryption database where encryption keys are stored that enable the disc to be read. This means a newer disc may not work with the software until that key is entered into the database, which may not get updated that often - How I miss the DVD encryption!

Disc menus are also not well handled with most players having to use an on-screen controller.

At the moment I use VLC player and Leawo Blu-ray Player (both free) - which I am inclined to stick with.
Jul 24 2016 at 4:44pm Copy Link

Our virus scan reports this download is 100% Clean Free Download

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