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Nexus Ultimate

All Your Docks in a Row

v22.7 for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8.x, 10, 11
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Even the best desktop tools have shortcomings: "If only it would do this" or "wouldn't do that!" Nexus Dock has the right solutions to those problems. -- CNET Editor's Review

In the olden days of yore, Microsoft thought that the best way to present your applications for selection was by incorporating them into the Start menu. But, thousands of Start ===> Applications mouse maneuvers later, the world has come to realize that what we really like are DOCKS. That's why Nexus Ultimate is the essential add-on for Microsoft Windows!

With Nexus Ultimate, you'll be able to enjoy application docks that are functional, intuitive, and good-looking! Nexus Ultimate not only creates docks from existing shelf tabs, it also lets you have sub-docks, duplicate docks, and more -- giving you the ability to launch and switch between applications in a flash. Need to see the contents of such popular folders as Desktop, My Computer, Recent Documents, and the like? Just create a dock, and Nexus Ultimate will display the contents of these, and any, folders on your hard drive. So, with Nexus Ultimate, you'll be able to have docks that display any mix of application shortcuts and files!

Best of all, Nexus Ultimate helps you to get to that point of computing nirvana -- a clean desktop! When you launch Nexus Ultimate, all of your desktop icons are hidden, but still easily accessible using the Desktop tab on your dock! Even better, you can have docks that are attached to screen edges, auto-hiding until you need to see them.

Customization and flexibility have never been easier than with Nexus Ultimate! Change images in your dock by dragging and dropping your favorite photos. Drag and drop files onto dock items to launch and open them. Enjoy zooming, bouncing, rocking, and other animations. You can even play special sound effects when docks collapse or open!

Please note: Nexus Ultimate registered users can upgrade to Winstep Xtreme directly from the program itself for only $14.95

The prices will vary slightly for EU and UK customers, but the 50% discount will persist.

This promotion includes the following:
Nexus Ultimate v22.7 ($24.95)
Nexus Ultimate Home Network ($48.95)
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Mark Snyder Been using this ultimate version for years and love it. Keeps my apps right where I want them. I wish the backup part of the app would also copy the PNG icons I use to make it easier if I should move my PNG folder but you can't get any better than Nexus!
Jul 25 at 2:01am Copy Link
Kat D Checked out the extreme version on your website. It looks great!
I have 2 desktop computers and 1 laptop. Can I setup EXTREME version on 1 computer and then export/import (or somehow copy) settings to the other 2 computers?
Also, do I need to buy a license for each computer?
Jul 25 at 5:27am Copy Link
Jorge Coelho @Kat D
Yes you can export your settings to other computers (Preferences -> Advanced tab -> Backup) but if you are running Winstep Xtreme you will need to do this for both NextSTART and WorkShelf (the two main components of Winstep Xtreme) as they are separate applications.

If you are running the software on multiple computers you would probably be better off purchasing the 'Home Network' license, which is good for 5 PCs (including your work computer, if any) for the price of less than 2 single user licenses. It is also only a one time effort, as upgrade renewals will cost the same as those of single user licenses.
Mark Snyder Be quite interesting if an Android version is in the works. I use my Android tablet a lot and it would be so cool to have just a dock to use with it.
Jul 25 at 6:49am Copy Link
Jorge Coelho No Android version is in the works, sorry.
Paul User I was extremely interested in this software when the daily BitsDuJour email landed in my inbox this morning. I had never heard of it before, nor Winstep Software. As is my habit in such instances I started researching and eventually landed up on the Winstep forum.

I didn't need to read many threads before I decided that I wouldn't be investing. Nothing whatsoever to do with the software itself, and nothing to do with the developer either, who appears enthusiastic and courteous. It was rather the rantings and ravings of an apparently egomaniacal moderator, whose diatribes left me in absolutely no doubt that if I needed support I wouldn't get it without a fight on my hands. I'm a very laid back soul and hate confrontation of any sort, so sadly Winstep you have lost a sale and a new user.

To anyone in the same position as me, seriously, take a good look at the forum and in particular some guy called Nexter, then make your own informed choice about whether you still wish to proceed. Communities are a huge part of software support, and in this case I have sadly come away with a very negative impression.

Good luck and best wishes to the developer as Nexus looks superb, but the aforementioned third party is going about things all the wrong way. And to BitsDuJour, keep up the good work! I have found some real gems over the years through your site... thank you!
Jul 25 at 2:02pm Copy Link
Jorge Coelho Sorry you feel that way. Nexter is indeed a bit harsh at times, but he has been an invaluable help in managing the forums. Anyway, most of the time you would be dealing with me when asking for support (and indeed only me if asking for support via email).
Sepy That is not correct for upgrade.

For Nexus Ultimate registered users upgrade you still pay $24.95.

Not really honest!

Jul 26 at 5:54am Copy Link
Nelson Carvalho I bought Winstep Xtreme a few years ago. It is excellent quality software with many useful features. Support service works very well. The product comes regularly being updated. I always buy updates when required as I use many of the features offered.
Jul 26 at 6:27am Copy Link
Jorge Coelho @Sepy Not sure what you mean? This is obviously a promotion for new users, and besides subscription renewals of Nexus Ultimate only cost $14.95, not $24.95. The latter is the price for first time purchases.
Gary User How does this compare to Stardock's fences? Is it essentially the same ide but with different features? Can the docks be "rolled up" like in Fences?
Jul 26 at 8:08am Copy Link
Kat D @Gary User I just bought this (Extreme version) yesterday and was using Fences extensively before. This is SO much better! So many ways to group.I ended up, though, with just 2 shelves (one across top and one across bottom and available all the time) and am thrilled! Be aware, this has a much steeper learning curve, but well worth it IMO.
Jul 26 at 9:29am Copy Link
Gary User Well I bought the 5-pack - now I have two questions :

1. is thee a help file? How do I create docks and stuff so that I can duplicate the desktop arrangement like I had with fences?

2. I have a computer on which I have a dual boot for Win 10 and Win 11 because I'm trying win 11 on that computer but don't want to fully commit to win 11 yet. If I install nexus ultimate on both portions, will it count as two uses of the 5 licenses?
Jul 26 at 2:16pm Copy Link
Jorge Coelho @Gary User

1. Open Preferences (lots of ways to do this, systray icon or simply press CTRL + F11) go to the Docks & Shelves tab and have a blast! Alternatively use the right click menus.

2. Nah.
Gary User i bought the family network 5 pak - do i pay $14.95 for each of the 5 lines so that the total price to upgrade all 5 will be $75?
Jul 26 at 7:27pm Copy Link
Sepy @ Jorge Coelho
When I click for upgrade for my Winstep Xtreme Subscription Renewal I get $24.95 on your site.
Jul 26 at 10:12pm Copy Link
Jorge Coelho @Gary User - no, the beauty of the Home Network license is that it is a one time effort. After that renewals for the Home Network cost the same as those for the Single User license.

@Sepy, this is a promotion for Nexus Ultimate, not Winstep Xtreme. Also, Winstep Xtreme is more expensive than Nexus Ultimate.
Raymond Callan Why does it not show as being compatible with Win 11?? I use the free version with no problems on 11n
Jul 27 at 5:37am Copy Link
Sepy @ Jorge Coelho
Thank you very much for clarification.
I have been using it for many years.
Really happy with it.
Jul 27 at 6:03am Copy Link
Jorge Coelho @Raymond Callan Winstep applications ARE compatible with Windows 11 (says so on the Winstep website itself).

Unfortunately due to an oversight (we have been making promotions with BDJ for many years) I forgot to update the BDJ page to reflect this fact. Thanks for pointing it out, should be fixed shortly.
Gary User I am impressed. I have been using Stardock's Fences to organize my desktops for several years, but one feature important to me that it lacks that Nexus Ultimate has is the ability to have subdocks. Without subdocks the number of "fences" is starting to clutter my desktop with primary fences because of the number of programs I need access to. I'm a minimalist so I appreciate that I can turn off most of the "bells and whistles" in Nexus Ultimate but still use the subdock feature, in essence recreating my Fences desktop but with fewer main docks with a better organization using subdocks. Perhaps as time goes on I'll start using some of the additional features available in Nexus Ultimate but for now it is well worth the price just for the subdocks feature
Jul 27 at 6:44am Copy Link
Jorge Coelho @Gary User Don't forget about the Grid Stacks if you haven't tried them already, they are a lot more powerful than sub-docks since they can be used to display a variety of different things besides simple shortcuts, including but not limited to the contents of folders in your drive(s).
Gary User @Jorge Coelho - how do i create a grid stack?
Jul 27 at 7:40am Copy Link
Mark Snyder Oh will need to look at that more closely.
Jul 27 at 8:18am Copy Link
Jorge Coelho @Gary User

For instance, in a dock:

Right click -> Insert New Dock Item -> Grid Stack -> (Select the type of Grid Stack you want)
Gary User After a few days of using the program I've experienced some erratic stability issues.
Aug 3 at 11:16am Copy Link
Jorge Coelho @Gary User Feel free to post about those on the Winstep forums.
Gary User @Jorge Coelho ..I looked at your forums - one of your moderators gets his kicks calling customers who ask for help "ignorant" - now I know why you have a no refund policy for this buggy defective product. It's coming off my computers - you nicked me for $50, but I'll be sure to spread my review of your program and your no-help forum far and wide - hopefully I can help prevent others from being taken.
Aug 3 at 5:04pm Copy Link
Jorge Coelho @Gary User Sorry you feel that way about the moderator in question, but I don't see how that translates to a 'no help' forum (I am there helping users too, in case you didn't notice, plus you also have the Winstep support email address if you really don't want to deal with that moderator) or a 'buggy defective product',

Still curious what would lead you to call it a 'buggy defective product' and what made you claim I have no refund policy?

Sounds to me like you have a problem with the moderator in question and are taking it out on me, Winstep and the application. That's not fair either, is it?
Gary User I'm 70 years old. I have run my own business since I was 30. I learned a long time ago that my worse employee was always going to be the face of the company to the public. I'm not responsible for your moderators - you are.

I've had issues with the "upgrade" from nexus ultimate - or whatever your program-name-police want to call it. I sought help and got called "ignorant" for doing so. That's the face of your company to me.

As for the no refund policy it states that right in the Fine Print tab above, I'm not making that up either.
Aug 3 at 5:58pm Copy Link
Jorge Coelho He is a volunteer moderator, not an employee. You had an issue with the moderator but you are taking it out on me, Winstep, and the application, and I was trying to help you on the forums.

The issue you had was in one of your PCs only, no issue on the other - could be anything, including a 3rd party application or something specific to that particular system interfering with Winstep Xtreme (I suspect it might be related to that since you claimed the time/clock also stopped). Those type of issues can happen and are unfortunately very difficult to diagnose for obvious reasons.

> As for the no refund policy it states that right in the Fine Print tab above, I'm not making that up either.

What fine print tab above? Here in the BDJ site? Not trying to be a smart alec, I really have no idea what you are referring to.
Jorge Coelho > As for the no refund policy it states that right in the Fine Print tab above, I'm not making that up either

Ah, never mind, gotcha. This is strictly a BDJ policy here, there is no such claim on the Winstep web site itself.

Obviously, with Winstep Xtreme having a *fully functional* 30 day trial I do squirm when a customer asks for a refund "just because they didn't feel like trying it first". This because bank transactions (both when selling and when refunding) have operational costs.
Gary User I have no problem with a no-refund policy per se - but I don't think you can blame it on BDJ because most of the stuff they sell does have a 30-day refund. It's one of the reasons I buy so many programs here. I don't get stuck with duds.
Aug 3 at 6:35pm Copy Link
Jorge Coelho Not sure exactly for how long ago Winstep has been making promotions of Nexus Ultimate and Winstep Xtreme on BDJ, but I can see transactions going back as far as 2011 (so at least 12 years). This means this particular Nexus Ultimate page is likely at least as old as that.

Honestly I have no idea how that 'no refunds' policy got on the Fine Print page here or how long it has been that way (or even why). Not trying to blame BDJ, I simply have no recollection of adding such a policy here, especially since there is no such policy on the Winstep web site itself.

I didn't even notice there was a Fine Print section here until you mentioned it, as the format of the BDJ site has changed over the years and I confess I didn't pay much attention to those sort of details, sorry.
Mark Snyder I'm 62 owned a business for 23 years now an IT Consultant and trust me no pc behaves the same even with the exact same image on same models. Each user of a pc uses their pc in different ways, so Gary in this case appears to be something you have installed running in the background, probably anti-virus software.
Aug 4 at 1:52am Copy Link
Tazzie Jorge,

Hi! I bought my version of Winstep Extreme in January 2022, but haven't been able to install it yet. Is the current version different from that one?

Also, I have been using Object Deskstop, since there are several programs that I really like using, like Deskscapes, Groupy, Start11 etc. I don't use ObjectDock, though. Would installing Nexus or Winstep Extreme cause any conflicts with Object Desktop?
Aug 7 at 2:20pm Copy Link
Jorge Coelho @Tazzie v22,7 was released in July 2022. There is also a new version (v23.7) currently in public beta testing, should be officially released next week.

Winstep applications do not conflict with 3rd party applications.
Gary User I'll test the new version to see if the issue I was having gets resolved. Have you addressed the forum issue yet?
Aug 7 at 2:51pm Copy Link
Jorge Coelho @Gary User No, but I can unban you if that is what you want. Or you can simply email Winstep support and talk to me directly (although I will be going on holidays for a week tomorrow, so replies might be a bit slow coming).

You will need to install v22.7 first before you can install the beta of v23.7 (more details on the relevant topic of the forum). Once installed, add a 'Reset Reserved Screen Space' internal command (IC) to your main dock (Right click the dock -> Insert New Dock Item -> Internal Command -> Desktop -> Reset Reserved Screen Space) or the quick launch section of the NextSTART taskbar.

If Windows/Explorer misbehaves on your second PC again and the drawer suddenly starts getting covered by maximized windows, clicking that IC should quickly sort that problem out.

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