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PageShare Web Hosting 2X3 - 2 websites 3 years web hostingDiscount

PageShare Web Hosting 2X3 - 2 websites 3 years web hosting

Professional Website Hosting Online Services for Vole PageShare

v3.69.8041 Mac & PC 
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
Check it out folks, you can also get

Vole PageShare Ultimate LTUD v3.69.8041
PageShare Web Hosting 2X3 - 2 websites 3 years web hosting ScreenshotWebsite Scraping Software ScreenshotPageShare Web Hosting 2X3 - 2 websites 3 years web hosting, Website Scraping Software ScreenshotPageShare Web Hosting 2X3 - 2 websites 3 years web hosting, Internet Software ScreenshotWebsite Scraping Software, PageShare Web Hosting 2X3 - 2 websites 3 years web hosting Screenshot

Sanwhole PageShare Web Hosting system provides high stability, high speed and high security websites hosting service for Vole PageShare websites. The system uses highly stable Windows Server 2016 Datacenter operating system and Internet Information Services 10. The system uses pure high-speed SSD hard disk, multi-core CPU, massive memory and sufficient bandwidth to prepare the fast lane for the website hosting. The system server distributes the 3-level security backup system with different continents, different regions and different power sources. Servers are located in Munich, Nuremberg Germany and Buffalo United States.

Sanwhole PageShare Web Hosting system supports Vole PageShare standard websites and directory website hosting. The system provides free and domain names for all hosting websites. You can also connect your site to a domain you already own. Sanwhole predefined domain names and custom domain name are valid at same time, which ensures that even if you don't have a domain name or your domain name temporary fails, your site is still online.

After you purchase PageShare Web Hosting 2X3 - 2 websites 3 years web hosting, it may be used for 36 months.

This promotion includes the following:
PageShare Web Hosting 2X3 - 2 websites 3 years web hosting v3.69.8041 ($60)
Vole PageShare Ultimate LTUD v3.69.8041 ($96)

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Gunderic Hagen I am not sure to understand 100% what is this about. Sometimes I have videos, executive summaries, examples and similar stuff that I want to show to a third party. I am not talking about full fledged websites; just the possibility of posting something online and be able to show it to anyone with an internet connection. Something like JING. Is this what your service is about?
Apr 27 2018 at 3:56am Copy Link
Norman Wong @Gunderic Hagen - Hi Gunderic,

This is website hosting services dedicated for Vole PageShare. The basic usage is that you write your content with commonly used word processing software such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, SoftMaker, Google Docs and so on, and then use Vole PageShare to create website and publish it directly to our website hosting space. Your website will immediately receive 2 separate URLs. Single page website and complex website are all right.
Sanwhole - Apr 27 2018 at 5:19am Copy Link
Gunderic Hagen Is that a YES to my question?
Apr 27 2018 at 5:36am Copy Link
Norman Wong @Gunderic Hagen - Can you provide some links that have already been shared? As you said "... posting something online and be able to show it to anyone with an internet connection". So that I can try using our service to see if it can meet your needs. Thank you!
Sanwhole - Apr 27 2018 at 5:54am Copy Link
Apr 27 2018 at 6:02am Copy Link
Norman Wong @Gunderic Hagen - Is this your shared? Sorry, I cannot duplicate others website. But you can take a look at the example I created in YouTube open lecture yesterday. Here are the websites links:
Sanwhole - Apr 27 2018 at 7:24am Copy Link
Randy Martin what happens after 3 years? Is there a yearly fee? I can't find anything anywhere about "price"
Apr 29 2018 at 7:00am Copy Link
clive User As I read this it is webspace for people using Vole software (which has been offered here before) they have a product which converts Word documents to webpages. I am not sure if this webhosting would allow you to create your own pages in say - notepad - and then uploading them using FTP. In my view this needs clarifying because web hosting is not very expensive and you can then use whatever you like to create your pages. For your purposes something like wix is completely free and you dont need any additional software to create a simple website - for something more sophisticated using a personal domain name then you could look at godaddy or 1and1
Apr 29 2018 at 7:13am Copy Link
Norman Wong @Randy Martin - Hi Randy,

If there is no special agreement, after 3 years, your websites will be keep alive for another one month and will be removed after three months if no renew. You will get 20% off the current price if you continue renew. Here is the price
Sanwhole - Apr 29 2018 at 7:20am Copy Link
Norman Wong @clive User - Hi Clive,

PageShare web hosting (this offer) is dedicated for hosting the website that created by Vole PageShare include standard website and directory website.

Vole PageShare can create very beautiful websites for personal usage, but most important it can create professional websites that others can't do. For examples, directory websites, HTML 5 advanced controls, easy integrate the controls that word processing software provide. Such as Microsoft Word Shapes, SmartArt, Chart, Tables, WordArt etc.

There are two comparison tables in Vole PageShare web page (in the middle of the page) one is called "Compare with Modern Web Building and Hosting" that compare with Wix, Weebly and ASP, PHP. And the other is called "Compare with Modern File Sharing" that compare with PDF and Word. Here is the Vole PageShare address:

PageShare web hosting also provides a lifetime free limited website for each register users.

And PageShare web hosting is affordable. It's price is the lowest one among Wix, Weebly and others.

The current Vole PageShare supports creating website based on TXT file. For example created by notepad. And it will support creating website based on RTF at next release within next week.
Sanwhole - Apr 29 2018 at 8:22am Copy Link
Randy Martin This is a GREAT concept, but it's not ready yet. This is described as simple but there is a 2 HOUR youtube explanation of how it works and the screen shots show a very complex backend. Plus the after cost is far more than standard web hosting almost anywhere.I'll pass.
Apr 29 2018 at 11:18am Copy Link
Norman Wong @ Randy Martin - Hi Randy,

"It is a GREAT concept" - I agree.

"but it's not ready yet" - Why do you think that? What is not ready do you think?

"2 HOUR explanation" - You think 2 HOUR is too more? or less?

"a very Complex backend" - Only a simple backend is good for you?

"after cost is far more than standard web hosting almost anywhere" - What is our after cost do you think? And how much is the after cost of standard web hosting for those 'almost anywhere'?

Thank you in advance.
Sanwhole - Apr 29 2018 at 4:43pm Copy Link
KERRY User Very Immature both software and web service. I signed up for free and can't find any information on hosting then a while later my account shows up as suspended. I would just save yourself some time and frustration and stay away from this freebie and the whole Vole company. Until they figure out how to make their own website work they have no business offering free hosting. They get three thumbs down from me
Apr 29 2018 at 7:21pm Copy Link
Norman Wong @KERRY User - Hello KERRY, I just double checked your account. It was suspended because of your complains to our Amazon Email Service. Our system has to do that because If it didn't suspend you, Amazon Email Service will definitely suspend us. We will cannot send register conformation emails to other users.

I don't know why you complain our "Confirm your account - Notification from SANWHOLE" at Sunday, 29 April 2018 5:16 PM. Because without this email you cannot register.

And any our others emails include a "Unsubscribe" button at the bottom, if you unsubscribe, you will not reciveive our emails any more.

So you need to clarify here even you want to cancel your account.
Sanwhole - Apr 30 2018 at 2:21am Copy Link
KERRY User I have never sent a complaint to Amazon Email Service in my life. I don't use amazon services. It sounds like you make something up to CYA because you think that you will get caught canceling your free services. Trying to keep on the good side of BitsDujour because someone my actually pay for your software to use the free hosting. I may have but your company is way to unprofessional for me.
Apr 30 2018 at 3:00am Copy Link
Norman Wong @KERRY User - Please see this screenshot

You can see the behind form is the email that Amazon sent to us when they received complain from the complain email service, in this case is and then notify us who complained and which email is involved. Click "View", will open the pop up form that let us know which email is involved.

So if you claim that you didn't send complain to Amazon, it may be your email service did it. But it is also half bad. You may ask your email server to solve this. If this issue can be solved, we can enable your account again.
Sanwhole - Apr 30 2018 at 4:19am Copy Link
Norman Wong Hi everyone! Great news! Vole PageShare, Vole Media CHM and Vole Briefcase support create websites, CHM and briefcase based on TXT and RTF now. You can use Windows Notepad and WordPad to create HTML 5 stunning multimedia website, CHM and briefcase.

Watch the short tutorial video: (this video is for Vole Media CHM, the operations are same as Vole PageShare and Vole Briefcase)
How to create Media CHM with Notepad (.txt):
How to create Media CHM with WordPad (.rtf):
Sanwhole - May 4 2018 at 6:26pm Copy Link

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