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PaintShop Photo Pro X5 lets you organize, edit, and share professional-quality photos and is the perfect solution for both novices and advanced users.

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PaintShop Photo Pro X5 Virus Scan Report
PaintShop Photo Pro X5 Virus Scan Report
PaintShop Photo Pro X5 Virus Scan Report
PaintShop Photo Pro X5 Virus Scan Report
PaintShop Photo Pro X5 Virus Scan Report

What are people saying about PaintShop Photo Pro X5

Tazzie This is a HEADS UP NOTICE to carefully read and check the Corel EULA wording for Corel products that include PaintShop Photo Pro X3.

I've been a long-time satisfied user of Corel products, esp PSP, and was really disappointed to find out about the EULA. You can bet I will never click on "Install this" and such without reading an EULA in its entirety.

Not only is the wording in the EULA alarming, but the programs also install a variety of PSI service files for Protexis Licensing. You can uninstall the service or block it in some way, but the software will not work if the PSI Service is/is not running and can't talk to the "mother ship". I'm not sure why repeated validation of your license is necessary ... its already proven you own the software. If you want to know the exact file names so you can check your computer for them, let me know.

The EULA as taken from the Corel website at



.......... You hereby acknowledge and consent to Corel:

(a) monitoring your Use of the Product,
(b) authenticating and periodically verifying your licensing rights in the Product,
(c) collecting, transmitting, using, and sharing with Corel's third party marketing partners, data relating to you and your Use of the Product for advertising, marketing, operational and other purposes,
(d) accessing, utilizing and altering the existing functionality, including any default settings, of the computer system on which you Use the Product, and
(e) receiving in-Product messages from Corel and its third party marketing partners,

all in accordance with Corel's Privacy Policy located at "

I didn't think the privacy policy really does much for their case, and they retain the right to change it at any time.

This EULA really disturbed me with part D .... I won't give anyone the right to mess with my computer and it angers me that they would put something so underhanded in the EULA, knowing that a good percent of people click to install without reading the EULA.
Apr 2 2011 at 9:06am Copy Link
Louis H I would alert folks that Corel recently came out with version X4 for their Video program, and based on my past with them I imagine they are getting ready to release the X4 version of PaintShop Photo Pro. Their upgrade "discount" stinks, in my opinion, so be aware that if you buy X3 with this offer, you may soon find yourself being asked to pay an additional $79 for the "upgrade" to X4. (So it is possible you could end up paying $120 for a $99 program. Something to consider.)

Then again, it is possible, based on others experiences, that you might get hold of a more sympathetic customer service rep, if X4 comes out within a month or so, who will give you the upgrade for free - such was the case with a few folks I know who bought X2 within 30 days of the release of X3.

I also know others who did not get a free upgrade, but did get a discount from the normal upgrade price. Most, however, ended up paying the full upgrade price.

There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason when it comes to Corel's pricing structure for such things. One month I found the same program (X3) (as New - not upgrade) offered for the range of $29.99 up to $79.99 - just depended on which forum or blog you happened to come across during the promotion.

If this is something you can live with, and if this offer includes the bonus software, and if you really do want this specific program, then go for it. I like the program ( do NOT like Corel the company, however) and it has served me well. I have recently moved up to Photoshop CS5 and thus do not use it anymore, but it was my photo editor of choice until recently.

I will add here that when I got the bonus software when i purchased X3 a while back, the bonus plugins came with the ability to use them in other editors compatible with the Photoshop plugin standard. So I am able to use the Corel KPT Collection and the Red Giant Magic Bullet Photolooks plugins with Photoshop.

Like I said, I like the program, don't like (or trust) the company.

And as Tazzie points out, there is that thing about the EULA. (One of the main reasons I do not like the company itself.)
Apr 2 2011 at 3:01pm Copy Link
Peter Gabriel Tazzie,
Thanks for the EULA info. I for one will definitely NOT be purchasing this software..
Apr 3 2011 at 1:17am Copy Link
S B The EULA is a DEAL BREAKER for me, too.

(I was considering two licenses)

This renders my computer inappropriate for business--and, frankly, it offends me!

It's sad to see a company become so desperate.
Apr 3 2011 at 7:09am Copy Link
_*_ This is why DRM is never a good thing for the end user. To give up personal information on usage and have your information sold/shared with others, while not illegal, it is ethically reprehensible.
Apr 3 2011 at 10:28pm Copy Link
MrZebulon There is a posibillity to disable the Protexis Licensing service and still working with PSP X3. Goggle it, it works fine for me.
Apr 4 2011 at 1:00am Copy Link
S B Yes, but
1) that may not be that consistently reliable, and

2) to me that seems like first supporting Corel and their hostile belief that it's OK to mess with users systems for their gain, and then cheating Corel to try to even things out.

I'd personally just rather stay far away, and instead support the good guys. There are certainly some very nice alternatives.
Apr 4 2011 at 1:34am Copy Link
MrZebulon @S B
Shure, but it's up to the price. I haven't had any problems disabling the Protexis Licensing service up to now.

There are certainly some very nice alternatives

Can you name some products with the same or similiar set of features?
I've tried Adobe's Photoshop Elements v9. It's not bad but an installation-file of 1,2GB size - no thanks too bloated imho.
Apr 4 2011 at 2:14am Copy Link
Carl Lum Yikes--I'd never buy anything with that kind of a EULA either. Thanks for bringing it up, Tazzie. This is so underhanded that it should belong in a hall of shame somewhere. And yes, I believe a PSP X4 *is* right around the corner. I fell for their trick by buying VideoStudio Pro X3 at a big discount, only to be badgered soon afterwards to "upgrade" to VS Pro X4!
Apr 4 2011 at 6:00am Copy Link
Software Guy Thanks tazzie. never would have looked otherwise.
Apr 4 2011 at 7:45am Copy Link
Glen Hilton Would like to hear a comment from a Corel rep. Will not trial this app until important user concerns are addressed. Thanks for the EULA info Tazzie.
Apr 4 2011 at 11:56am Copy Link
Louis H Good luck on that, Glen.
Apr 4 2011 at 12:35pm Copy Link
_*_ Me thinks Louis is right, but I hope there will be a real dialog.
Apr 4 2011 at 12:39pm Copy Link
Software Guy Roland, depends what specific features you are looking for. For not too much money, consider Arcadia's Photoperfect, Lightscape's Lightzone, Serif's Photoplus, Zoner's Photo Studio Pro (on bitsdujour earlier), and even Arcsofts PhotoStudio 6 (Normally I don't like arcsoft, but canon picked this to package with most of their scanners for a reason, v5.5 - buy on ebay cheap then upgrade to 6). there are many others, but these are a good starting point.
Apr 4 2011 at 2:17pm Copy Link
Louis H There is also GIMP - free and open sourced.
Apr 4 2011 at 4:55pm Copy Link
John H I would not install Correl products if they were given to me for free. Oh wait, I was given free Correl software with 2 of my tablet computers. It seemed that Correl kept some garbage running in the background, then I read the licensing agreement and decided to uninstall and stay with GIMP and Art Rage.

Bravo to BDJ for bringing us a variety of other software vendors that have reasonable licensing policies.
Apr 4 2011 at 6:50pm Copy Link
Max Murkel Thanks. Tazzie!

Corel's EULA is ridiculous and an impudence.
Apr 4 2011 at 8:22pm Copy Link
MrZebulon @william
thanks a lot for your suggestions. much appreciated. Some of it I didn't know.
I'll take al look. what I dislike about PSP X3 apart from the EULA ist that it's very sluggish, even on a multi core mashine. And still buggy.
I took a closer view on PhotoLine and it's amazing as well. Originally it was written for Atari, I think.(I am not paid by the manufactorer) ;-)
And, who of the average users can afford the top product PhotoShop by Adobe? Besides there ist no need for the hobbyists or semi-pros, imho.
If your are looking for special tools e.g. automatic color correction (batch.processing), have a look at VicMan's free tools. In the last 4 weeks I had to scan an digitalize 1800 diapositives for a friend and the tools did a very good job.
Apr 4 2011 at 9:58pm Copy Link
Michael Guilfoyle I tried the trial but it gives a 404 error after trying to register (login or signup). FAIL
Apr 5 2011 at 12:06am Copy Link
Nico Westerdale Guys I think there is an over-reaction here to what is really a very small part of a EULA. Companies stand on their record, we all know PSP has been around for years and I know the guys at Corel personally and I know of no cases where Corel has done anything against a users wishes to alter anyone's computer to their detriment (why would they!). I challenge anyone to find any case otherwise - I found none whatsoever. I think section (d) is mainly for adjusting the graphics settings - something that you actually would want PSP to do in some cases!

All it is is bit of legalese that practically means nothing whatsoever, and it should not discourage anyone from purchasing.
BitsDuJour Admin - Apr 5 2011 at 12:56am Copy Link
Software Guy Nico- I couldn't disagree more. If the consequences of the EULA are minimal or non-existant, then why put it in there? Why would a company do that? Next, there is the issue of eroding customer rights. As the lawyers exercise ever more latitude, they erode the custmers rights. When an issue does occur, the customer will lose in court and the case will set a precedent for the legal system to misinterpret for years. It is better to avoid companies that allow lawyers to dictate policy. Any interaction with such is usually a lose lose situation.
Apr 5 2011 at 1:39am Copy Link
_*_ Nico, I too disagree with your assessment that talking honestly about DRM is an "over-reaction" on your customers part. Words have meaning and the EULA has meaning and impact on customers.
Apr 5 2011 at 1:51am Copy Link
PJ Rothman My name is PJ Rothman and I am responsible for managing Corel's partnership with BitsduJour. I see that a few people in this forum have commented about language that appears in a previous version of our EULA (end user license agreement) and I want to provide you with info that I hope will address any questions you might have.
First, I want to assure you that Corel takes our customers' privacy very seriously. As such, we've recently introduced an updated EULA that's designed to help Corel protect against piracy while also providing you with the best possible experience with our software. Our new EULA is being included in new versions of our products and you can read it here:
We also want you to know that our EULA, as always, is subject to Corel's Privacy Policy which prohibits sharing a customer's personal data with any third party, including our partners, without the customer's consent. The Privacy Policy also outlines how Corel protects the information you share with us. You can review this document at
Corel stands by the new version of our EULA and Privacy Policy for all our Corel PaintShop Photo Pro products, even if the product was released before the new EULA was created. If you own or purchase Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3, Corel will apply these new documents to your license with us.
I hope that this info is a help. Thank you!
Corel - Apr 5 2011 at 2:19am Copy Link
S B Sorry, Nico, *I* think you're remarks are naive. Has gullibility lost its meaning?

Yes, it *is* just legalize--that's why Corel pays so much for it, is required to display it as part of its product offering, and requires users to *legally* buy into it and be *legally bound* by it.

It's incredibly naive to assume that today's corporations aren't bound to optimize their business and won't eventually take advantage of the opportunities they have carved out for themselves.

I *do* understand that our perspectives, goals, and interpretations are *necessarily* a bit different from yours.

That EULA didn't just happen by chance--it was written in that particular way for a reason. It's really a deal breaker for me. ;-)
Apr 5 2011 at 2:21am Copy Link
Joe M This was such a great deal and I was going to purchase PSP X3, but after reading the EULA I decided to pass on it forever. Thank you Tazzie!

Unfortunately, I do happen to like PSP as a product. I guess I'll have to start looking at alternatives now or just keep using my old version.
Apr 5 2011 at 2:28am Copy Link
PJ Rothman In response to Michael Guilfoyle:
I believe if you try the trial again it will work this time.
I have been told that our site was temporarily down last night and that could have affected the registration process into the morning.

Thank you
Corel - Apr 5 2011 at 2:34am Copy Link
PJ Rothman In response to Tazzie:
Since you have taken the time to go through Corel's old EULA, I would appreciate it if you could look through the updated EULA that I have provided.

Please feel free to give any updated comments you may have on the document. It is my belief that you may change your tune. Corel has listened to its loyal customers and are continually trying to meet and exceed their standards.

Thank you for your time.
Corel - Apr 5 2011 at 2:41am Copy Link
S B PJ Rothman, Thank you for the update to "OUR AGREEMENT."

It lacks some of the egregious language, but substitutes other "coded" terms (e.g., "anonymous" which includes "the device IP address"!!!)

The newly revised EULA and Privacy Statement (to which both you and the EULA refer) comprise over 8,400 words of fairly dense legalize (probably somewhere between 10 - 20 pages).

(These days we know quite a lot about how to make documents readable and understandable. The EULA and Privacy Statement do not seem to have been structured to communicate their terms, but communicate instead a generally negative feeling about the agreement and probably the corporation behind it)

Is it appropriate for us to spend substantially less time reading our obligations ("OUR AGREEMENT") than the people spent creating or proofing them?
Apr 5 2011 at 2:56am Copy Link
_*_ PJ Rothman, could you please explain what this means and what type of DRM is attached to this product? What does this mean in detail?

YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES WHILE USING THE SOFTWARE. "The Software may include product activation and other technology designed to prevent unauthorized use and copying".

Thank you
Apr 5 2011 at 2:57am Copy Link

Please note that the comments that Tazzie raised about the EULA DO NOT APPLY to the EULA for this application. As PJ has stated twice now the correct EULA is posted here:

I urge everyone who decided not to purchase (Tazzie, Joe M, S B, M B, william lagna, Max Merkel, J H, Glen Hilton, Louis H, Peter Gabriel) to take a second look at the correct EULA as it does not have the same terms in it at all and as far as I can see does not have any of the same problems.
BitsDuJour Admin - Apr 5 2011 at 3:05am Copy Link
S B The agreement is 10-20 pages of legalese, so please allow everyone some time.

I've read many parts and skimmed most of the rest, addressed several points and the nature of the agreement (as requested) above, and remain unconvinced.

I'm sorry, *I* am sitting out on this one.

I'm looking forward to and will be back for the great BDJ deals that will appear soon! ;-)
Apr 5 2011 at 3:14am Copy Link
Richard Andersen @Roland

A good alternative IMO is Serif PhotoPlus X4. A bit more expensive, but if you register one of their free versions they'll to send you some very good deals by email on all their programs, usually with a discount from 40-60%.
Apr 5 2011 at 3:40am Copy Link
Techtoysavvy PJ, Thank you for taking the time to address the issues on the EULA. I understand that you will apply the EULA to older products such as X3. However, will the program still be as intrusive as the prior EULA. I am worried the old code is collecting too much data and requiring a connection to Corel at all times. Also I do not want the program to exercise liberties with my computer andough settings that are part of the old EULA.

I think that you need to confirm that updated code goes with the updated EULA.

I am worried enough to stay away from this software AND now I am worried enough to uninstall older software that I purchased from Corel.
Apr 5 2011 at 4:06am Copy Link
John H Correl photo and art software is the best and the pricing is also very reasonable. I would actually like to purchase this program and one of their painter programs.

I loved Paint Shop Pro in the early days. Then Correl purchased it and I could no longer activate my old version. I switched to GIMP for fear that I would loose my investment at the whim of software companies.

In the past few years I have tried several Correl products especially with my switch to tablet computers. I wanted to purchase them. But something from Correl seemed to be always running in the background even when I was not using the software. The forums on the net did not speak well of this little process so I decided to never touch Correl software again.

Software piracy is a problem but it is not my problem. There are many companies that are able to do anti piracy right. I did read your new EULA. Correl, you are still doing it wrong.

The only Corporate software I have are DesignCAD and MathCad. MathCAD is as invasive as Correl but I now have other options to replace it. YAY! Another dozen programs I purchased from BDJ. The rest are open source, not because they are free but because the EULA is simple with no strings and non invasive. A downloaded program will work in all my computers forever. It keeps system wipes and reloads quick and simple.

In the end, I am giving you my money for a license, not software.
Apr 5 2011 at 5:38am Copy Link
PJ Rothman Hi Prasad:

Thank you for giving me a chance to clarify. Corel's previous EULA was written in such a way that it referred to actions and behaviors that Corel's software did not actually do. Our old EULA is not an accurate reflection of how Corel's software works or how we do business.

We understand why some customers were concerned about the language in our old EULA. We've updated it and our Privacy Policy to better represent how Corel's software behaves (and has always behaved) and how we protect the information you share with us. We take your trust and your privacy very seriously and apologize for any confusion our old EULA may have caused.

Corel strives to provide the best possible customer experience and as such, our privacy policy is designed to allow us to notify customers about new patches and updates. Should you want not to be notified, you can turn this feature off during installation or later via the Corel Guide in the Help Menu.

Some Corel software titles include Protexis which only tracks whether your computer is running a valid license for anti-piracy purposes. Corel PaintShop Photo Pro does not need to be connected to the internet to run. Corel does not monitor what you do with your computer or the content you create while using our software. Our software products have always operated this way.

I sincerely hope that this answers your questions.

Corel - Apr 5 2011 at 6:48am Copy Link
Northern sp. z o.o. I want buy software, but I can't found field to Tax number - I need Invoice, and I needn't pay Vat...
How can i receive invoice ?
Apr 5 2011 at 7:28am Copy Link
Nico Westerdale In a nutshell what PJ is saying is that the EULA stands for CYA, and not actually how they do business.

C'mon guys, this is Corel here, a software company that produces graphics software from way back - they're one of the good guys!!!
BitsDuJour Admin - Apr 5 2011 at 8:21am Copy Link
Roger Thomasson Specific questions regarding the *correct* EULA? Fire away!

Generic Corel-bashing? Take it elsewhere.

BitsDuJour Admin - Apr 5 2011 at 8:39am Copy Link
Louis H Nico, if you are going to include me by name in a comment, then please actually let it refer to what i wrote. The EULA thing was actually a small part of my issues and concerns with this specific offering from Corel.

I already own X3 (as well as many other Corel products), and had good words for the product itself. (Please see my previous comment.) And I believe I was being very specific as to what my issues were with how Corel does business with it's upgrades. And I feel that is appropriate information to share with folks who are considering making this specific purchase with Corel. I also notice that none of those concerns have been addressed.

So my specific questions to Corel and PJ....regarding Paintshop Photo Pro X3.......

When will X4 be coming out and what will the upgrade policy (i.e. cost) be.
Apr 5 2011 at 9:21am Copy Link
PJ Rothman Louis H:
I cannot discuss when specifically X4 will be coming out. I can say that it is not right around the corner like most believe.
Someone above tried to make the correlation between PSP and VSP being launched at the same time last year, this is clearly not the case this year. Each product is unique and has its own specific schedule for version launches.

In terms of the upgrade policy, I cannot answer this question with 100% certainty. I will say that typically we give a break to people who have purchased the prior version within 30 days of the launch of the new version. Of course as always, people who have purchased a prior version, usually up to two versions back, are eligible for our upgrade pricing. (The specifics vary by product release)
Corel - Apr 5 2011 at 10:07am Copy Link
PJ Rothman Arkadiusz Robert:
Unfortunately we cannot invoice you for this sale. You must purchase with a credit card through the online store.

I am sorry for the inconvenience.
Corel - Apr 5 2011 at 10:08am Copy Link
Ennovy Thanks for this great deal!
Apr 5 2011 at 10:17am Copy Link
Max Murkel Have a look at : They sell (US versions) of both
Paint Shop Pro X3 (basic version) and the Ultimate Version for the same price of $59. A bit strange isn't it?

But then look at the prices for update versions:

Pro X3: $49, Ultimate $39 ! That's not only strange, that's weird. IMHO.

I own several Corel products but for me Corel is on the best way to join Symantec and Roxio. Companies whose products I wouldn't touch with a pair of pincers.
Apr 5 2011 at 10:39am Copy Link
Louis H Thank you PJ for responding. Folks can decide for themselves if they are comfortable with such an open-ended and vague upgrade policy. I am not, (as already mentioned elsewhere above) and that is part of the reason why I have chosen to switch over to Corel's competitors products.

As to the program itself, while I am aware of technical problems others have reported, I have not experienced such issues and until recently switching over to Photoshop CS5, it was my main photo editor - as was it's cousin, Video Studio Pro X3, for my video editing needs.
Apr 5 2011 at 11:40am Copy Link
Apr 5 2011 at 12:39pm Copy Link
Software Guy This interaction, while not what Corel had in mind, is probably good for Corel as well as the bitsdujour customers. The comments indicate that users do care what is written in the user agreement. Hopefully, Corel will rethink their EULAs (especially the business license where they reserve the right to audit your machines during and after the first two years or kill the license - yep, that is still in there). In spite of the disagreements, I am certain that Corel sold a good number of copies. There is good to be learned here today.
Apr 5 2011 at 12:56pm Copy Link
_*_ Roger, I asked a question about the EULA but have not received an answer.
Apr 5 2011 at 1:19pm Copy Link
Tazzie I have been in the middle of a family emergency, so I've not been able to scan the new EULA as thoroughly as I would like. However, I am still not satisified. I am absolutely fed up with paying hundreds of dollars in the long run for a good percentage of my software needs, only to be subjected to restrictive and/or intrusive DRM and anti-piracy policies.

I may permit a connection for a one time activation purpose, and I expect it to stop there. I see absolutely no reason why my license should need to be further validated. I regret that software piracy continues to plague the software industry, but making the software experience onerous for those of us willing to pay for our software is not the way to go. As JH very well put it, there are other software companies that have worked out a way to do anti-piracy in a positive light.

I will miss PSP ... it's been a long time favorite of mine. I haven't used X3 so I can't comment on the changes in PSP. I had also wanted to get the Digital Studio bundle so I could take advantage of my multi-touch screen. It says a lot that I am forgoing one of my favorite programs and a planned for one ... for all of the above issues.

JH also made a comment that applies to me: The rest are open source, not because they are free but because the EULA is simple with no strings and non invasive. A downloaded program will work in all my computers forever.
Apr 5 2011 at 2:56pm Copy Link
S B Tazzie, Thank you! Well said!

The good BDJ team, caught in the middle of this, has pointed out that the good vendors listen and that Corel will have a better product offering as a result.
Apr 5 2011 at 3:08pm Copy Link

Our virus scan reports this download is 100% Clean Free Download

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