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PowerDesk Pro 9 Virus Scan Report
PowerDesk Pro 9 Virus Scan Report
PowerDesk Pro 9 Virus Scan Report
PowerDesk Pro 9 Virus Scan Report
PowerDesk Pro 9 Virus Scan Report

What are people saying about PowerDesk Pro 9

Robert Chan Is there a trial version for this one?
Jul 6 2010 at 4:09am Copy Link
Avanquest Software Robert,

Sorry but there is not a trial for PowerDesk 8.
Avanquest Software - Jul 6 2010 at 4:35am Copy Link
anthonyraynor The review at PCWorld lists a link for a trial;
Jul 6 2010 at 4:05pm Copy Link
Jim Maioriello It's strange they do not readily distribute the demo version because I was able to obtain one directly from Avanquest last month. 

I used that same link (I think it was that link) and entered my contact info, but the link did nothing.  A couple days later, I got a follow up email from them. I mentioned the link did not work and they sent me another link which I was able to download and evaluate.

Anyway, I did some testing with this demo, and in the end decided, to stick with a software application I already licensed called Total Commander.
Jul 6 2010 at 11:47pm Copy Link
Avanquest Software The trial has been added.  Sorry for the delay - just got it.
Avanquest Software - Jul 7 2010 at 8:20am Copy Link
Techtoysavvy I upgraded my version 7 to version 8 recently. I have not installed version 8. I plan to reinstall the OS on my machine within a few months. If I install v8 now will I be able to install it again on the same machine with fresh OS install?

Or will the software complain that it was already been activated?

I plan to install the OS on a new drive so there will be a hardware change. I may even upgrade the memory.
Jul 7 2010 at 8:14pm Copy Link
Avanquest Software Prasad, You will get a complaint :) from the software if you try to reinstall it again.  Just email me at and I'll make sure you are taken care of.
Avanquest Software - Jul 8 2010 at 3:25am Copy Link
Stephane M What the licensing terms? Is the license per user or per computer? Can I just buy 1 license for my desktop & laptop? Then once we are registered users are we getting free updates and upgrades? If upgrades are not free, how much does it cost to upgrade? Any discounts? Thank you in advance.
Jul 8 2010 at 6:39am Copy Link
Avanquest Software Stephane, License information:  -installation on one computer. -free minor upgrades until next major release -50% discount (or greater) for major version upgrade (i.e., version 9) This is a brand new version -8.0- which just came out in early June.
Avanquest Software - Jul 8 2010 at 8:13am Copy Link
Stephane M Thank you Paula!
So that means I would need to buy 2 licenses in my case :-(

Also, is there a portable version of PowerDesk?
Jul 8 2010 at 9:02am Copy Link
Techtoysavvy Thanks Paula. I may continue using v7 on Win7 x64 for now but it's good to know that I can install it twice with your help. It sounds like the number of activations is more important than the hardware but that you take care of issues. I checked because of what I had heard elsewhere.

I suspect that v7 kinda works on Win 7. This may be because I upgraded to Win 7 from Vista. It will be good to avoid the quirks in v7 on Win 7 with v8 of PD.
Jul 8 2010 at 9:28am Copy Link
Stephane M Paula, I am trying to download the trial version of PowerDesk 8 pro but after filling out the form, the link to download it, does not work. After clicking on the download link I am forwarded to  and nothing happens, just a blank page.
Jul 9 2010 at 9:38am Copy Link
Avanquest Software Stephane,

Please use the download link provided on this page.
Avanquest Software - Jul 9 2010 at 9:42am Copy Link
Stephane M Of course it was too easy! ;-) Thanks Paula
Jul 9 2010 at 10:11am Copy Link
Paul Haag Unfortunately, the file I downloaded listed the trial version as expired. So I couldn't get in. I tried several different things thinking that maybe it's just a simple trick to get in, like no serial number or maybe "serial number" for the serial number. But no, everything I tried was foiled. Oh well, I guess it is back to PowerDesk 6 for me.
Jul 10 2010 at 8:42am Copy Link
Louis H I was a user of V6 and V7 until I developed problems with V7 when I went to Vista. (Had no problems when I was using XP and really liked Power Desk)

I ended up switching to Directory Opus and had no similar problems (crashes) and Directory Opus was available for 64 Bit Windows and adapted to Win 7 64 bit quite easily when I moved up to it last year. But I really did prefer PowerDesk.

When I learned V8 was out, AND 64 bit friendly, I tried to check for an Upgrade price but never got an answer back and could never find anything other than a listing for upgrading from V6 to V7 on the website.

My questions are these...

How does it compare to Directory Opus 9? (Any chart showing how it compares to other such programs?)

And when will the website be updated to reflect the upgrade option for licensed users of V7?

Thank you.....
Jul 10 2010 at 12:13pm Copy Link
Stephane M Yes I am still looking too for a good comparison chart between Directory Opus 9 and PowerDesk 8...
Jul 10 2010 at 12:34pm Copy Link
anthonyraynor Getting ready to give the trial a few minutes, but I love Directory Opus, while PowerDesk has had a less than stellar reputation.
Jul 10 2010 at 1:31pm Copy Link
J Bolten I have used PowerDesk since version 4.  Loved it.  Then came version 5.  Loved it, Then came version 6, loved it.  Then came version 7 still loving it.  And then, Norton Internet Security 2010 came along, and PowerDesk 7 started having problems.  Got the patch somewhere and problems solved.  And still loving it.

Finally, got PowerDesk 8.  Hated it.  The features I used doesn't work anymore althought it's there for use.  It just pretend to work.  It looked very much like version 7 with little new useless feature added.  I wished I could revert back version 7 but I am afraid PowerDesk 'protection' features may cause more problems than I already have.  I have installed, uninstalled, re-installed PowerDesk 8 in my attempt to resolve the problems.  As a result, I think I added more problems because the process broke the online registration required for PowerDesk 8 to work despite entering the license key.  Powerdesk 8 kept prompting me to register online despite having done so for the umpteenth time.  Good thing, I have a backup and restored my c: drive.  Installed Power Desk 8 again, the bugs are still there.

I suggest you google Powerdesk 8 first and read other comments which I failed to do before I bought PowerDesk 8.  I kind of wish Powerdesk is back to it's original VCOM owners.  I think they did a better job with PowerDesk.

For what it's worth, Powerdesk is... was... a very good software without the problems.  I couldn't workout it.  Now, I have to learn to work without it which is very difficult because I have been using it for almost every day for the last ten years.
Jul 11 2010 at 5:53am Copy Link
Louis H @J Bolten...

Thank you for sharing your experience. It helped me to decide to not purchase an upgrade (I last updated to V7 and had problems I could never resolve) at this time. I'll stick with Opus.
Jul 11 2010 at 8:05am Copy Link
Roger Thomasson Folks, remember, this is not a support forum.  Please direct any post-purchase support questions to the appropriate tech support venue on the vendor's company website.  In this case: Thanks! -r
BitsDuJour Admin - Jul 12 2010 at 1:36am Copy Link
Louis H @Roger - You are, of course, correct. However, this is also a place for folks to voice their comments and questions concerning the offering in question, is it not? And the kind of things that are raised here are VERY helpful in deciding whether or not to give the software a try. How the product performs for different people and what their experience is with the company's customer support, are, when provided without inappropriate ridicule of the same (which I admit I have been guilty of in the past) are, in my opinion, valid comments and questions for this section of each offering.

You all at BitsDuJour, however, certainly have the right to set up what is acceptable and what is not for these "Comment or Question" sections and however you decide to set these sections up will NOT stop me from coming back each day to decide if the offerings for that day are worth considering for purchase.

I have come to place a lot of value on what you all are doing here and appreciate the sometimes high-wire act you all must perform in seeking to find that balance between support for the vendors who offer their wares here (without which of course there would be NO BitsDuJour) and potential customers wanting to know if the wares offered, perform as claimed and thus worth their time, energy, and money (even at the discounts offered.)
Jul 12 2010 at 7:05am Copy Link
Roger Thomasson @ Louis I don't disagree with anything you say here.  We readily encourage active debate, discussion, and question-asking.   Heck, you can go ahead and discuss the quality of customer service all you want (politely, of course). What I'm referring to, however, is post-purchase tech-support or license issues.  Vendors are here to answer general questions about their product, not machine or user-specific queries.  It's a matter of keeping the board as relevant as possible to as many people as possible. I hope you understand! -r
BitsDuJour Admin - Jul 12 2010 at 7:12am Copy Link
Roger Thomasson And please note, this discussion itself belongs in our forum, not on the PowerDesk Pro comment board :-)
BitsDuJour Admin - Jul 12 2010 at 7:13am Copy Link
Techtoysavvy I find these comments useful. I want to know the gotchas with v7 and v8. I now have one more compatibility to test. Norton Internet Security 2010 has problems on only ONE of my machines. This is the machine that has Powerdesk v7 installed. I wonder if this is related now that I heard about an incompatibility. Hmmm.

Also, now if I have lots of problems with v8 then I will know that I am not alone. I will post experience back here and share. I have not yet upgraded from v7 yet. I'll make sure I install my recently purchased Revo Uninstaller before I try v8.
Jul 12 2010 at 3:57pm Copy Link
Stephane M Thank you for sharing your experience, I think I will pass on PowerDesk and stick with my trial version of DOpus for now waiting for a discount :-) 
Jul 12 2010 at 5:43pm Copy Link
J Bolten @ Prasad

Do not uninstall with Rev Uninstaller.  The PowerDesk has something that does its own thing and Revo Uninstaller would not work properly (at least to my experience) but then again, PowerDesk doesn't uninstall cleanly either.  It leave some garbage around.  It's your choice to make.
Jul 13 2010 at 1:43am Copy Link
Learn_w_ Graffix Directory Opus for $70+? Have you guys gone looney? You can almost buy a new operating system for that price!
I have used PD6 for years, and like it. However, it seems to be a little slow to start (i.e., click on My Computer and you have to wait a few seconds, whereas Windows Explorer opens almost instantly). However, I do have Symantec AV, and I'm wondering if there may be an issue there. I really like the idea of a built-in FTP client.
1) Does PD8 start any faster than PD6 on Windows XP?
2) Should I replace Symantec AV with the free Microsoft AV product?
3) Is there any limit to how many licenses we can purchase at this price?
Jul 13 2010 at 2:09am Copy Link
Stephane M DOpus for 70+ (without discount) is for a single license covering desktop+laptop so 2 devices if you want the same thing with PowerDesk you would have to buy 2 licenses so 2x$39.95 (full price) = $79.90 and in my opinion DOpus has so much more features and is so much more configurable.
Jul 13 2010 at 4:08am Copy Link
d u Paula, in case you wonder why there's not more trial traffic here, it may be because the link you are forwarding to for powerdesk trial is still disconcertingly inoperative in firefox browser .. it includes the string * In firefox with the widely used adblock plus filter, it is apparently suppressed and goes nowhere (a blank page), instead of to http://www.avanquestads.c..._Pro_8.exe (By poking around on your site, I did get autoemailed another link http://download3.avanques...rial/ ; which didn't work either.) Just before bailing out in disgust, I  tried the green bitsdujour trial button link  in Chrome, ...which worked because it didn't have this filter. Such is not a problem with groupmail trial (and probably others) because it does not contain this substring in their target urls.
Jul 13 2010 at 5:11am Copy Link
Roger Thomasson @ d u Thanks for the heads up! -r
BitsDuJour Admin - Jul 13 2010 at 5:26am Copy Link
Avanquest Software @d u - Agreed - thanks!!!  Below is an alternative trial download link for anyone having problems downloading from the site: http://www.avanquestaffil..._Pro_8.exe
Avanquest Software - Jul 13 2010 at 5:39am Copy Link
David H (Seattle) I bought PDP v6 3 years ago after getting the Standard version along with a Utilities package and liking it, and recently paid to upgrade to v8 when it was released (less than today's price, fortunately). The File-Search is faster and more robust than Windows, and PDP can unencode odd email enclosures & downloads that some clients still send improperly (e.g. BinHex, UUEncoded, etc). These and the few other functions I've tried on WinXP-SP3 work as well or better than in v6, for example the search-on-contents will show the matched text in the results pane; super-handy. Though there might be some bugs and/or conflicts, it's fairly new, so if you've already installed it, give them another chance to update. FYI, mine is v8.05.10, so there has been at least one update released, if you haven't yet tried it.
Jul 13 2010 at 6:23am Copy Link
Peter C1 Hi, I bought a licensed copy of PowerDesk v7 in February this year via the website (which I think is linked to

Q1. Is the upgrade from Version 7 to version 8 free if bought within the last 180days,or do I have too pay for it?

Q2. If I have too pay to get the upgrade to version 8, is the "45% off" discount from todays BDJ deal taken off the normal upgrade price?

FOR EXAMPLE: if the normal upgrade price is say USD$19.98 (approximately 50% off the normal price) is a further discount of 45% taken off because of this one day BDJ deal making the upgrade approximately USD$10.99 ?

Q3. If so is there a different buying link/url for a 45% off reduced price upgrade or how do I go about buying this upgrade?

Hope you can answer before this deal expires, Thankx
Jul 13 2010 at 8:00am Copy Link
Avanquest Software Peter,

A1.  You will have to pay for the upgrade as only minor upgrades are included free. 

B1.  You cannot combine the 45% off and the Upgrade unforunately.  The 45% off can only be discounted from the full price product.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!
Avanquest Software - Jul 13 2010 at 9:06am Copy Link
Keith Norton I tried out the trial version because I wanted better search functionality for Outlook 2007 on my Windows 7 64 bit machine. The program finds my emails, but does not allow me to search them as the search field remains ghosted with a wildcard entry. I decided to uninstall the trial version and it won't let me. I cannot find an uninstall tool, and everytime I select Add/Remove from within PowerDesk 8 it opens a new copy of itself and asks me to register. If I select Control Panel from the Start Menu, Powerdesk restarts itself, my normal Control Panel has become inaccessable. This is a total nightmare.
Jul 13 2010 at 3:32pm Copy Link
mark finnesgard After a Hard Drive failure I attempted to reinstall PowerDesk Pro 8, but I get an activation failure that my serial number has already been used and I need to buy another license.
Also the number on your web site in nolonger valid. The alternate number it refered me to was disconnected.
Sep 10 2010 at 2:35am Copy Link
Avanquest Software Mark,

I just sent you email with a new license key for PowerDesk.

Avanquest Software - Sep 10 2010 at 4:20am Copy Link
Duke Vargo Interesting comments concerning PDP 8. I have been running it for some time, and it is great until you have to rebuild your system. Then you get a message that the code is in use and ou can not run the software with the code you purchased. It is a one time only license. You have to buy a new license when you rebuild your system.

Frankly, it is a rip off.
Dec 31 2010 at 12:36pm Copy Link
Avanquest Software Duke,

Please email me at and I will proivide you with a new license key. For future reference, you can always contact Avanquest technical support if you need a new license key.

Avanquest Software
Avanquest Software - Jan 3 2011 at 3:41am Copy Link
Frank Stephens Keith Norton, I doubt that you'll see this, but Windows Search is enormously powerful, especially in Windows 7, with all sorts of support for email. There isn't a any comprehensive documentation, it's scattered and incomplete. You can see a small fraction of what it's capable of in Windows Search Advanced Query Syntax on the Microsoft WIndows Search 4.0 website. However, Windows 7 has an even more advanced search, and if you enable Natural Language queries and Partial Matches, it's much easier and more powerful. It's far too sophisticated and powerful for me to document anything here. Similarly, Windows Explorer itself, especially on Vista and higher, is much more powerful and flexible than most people are aware of. Of course, it doesn't have many of the features of these Explorer replacements, but it does have more basic functionality than most people are aware of.
Jan 11 2011 at 9:28pm Copy Link
PDP Since version 4 Neither can I get PDP 8 to work as expected, and I am in registration hell.
Jan 12 2011 at 1:35am Copy Link
disenchanted I bought a copy of PDP8 late last year.

I have used power desk for years. I think I started when it was V4 or V5.

I too had registration problems with V8, after running an XP Pro "repair". My registration would not work.

To their credit, the PDP8 tech folks provided me with a new key within a day or so.
I forget exactly how long it took, but it wasn't long.

I just wish that if software copy protection is going to get hammered by an OS repair or an OS upgrade, that all vendors would provide a way for customers to DE-activate their software prior to my doing any OS repair.

(Example: Running an UN-install of the product license which would contact the vendor's website server and tell it that the license key is being removed/released from my pc. That way it would be available for me to reuse after I do the repair on my pc)

It's not just PDP8. I have used other products with a similar type of licensing setup. You have to contact the vendor, then they have to reissue a new key code.

It would be nice of this DRM stuff could get standardized.

Ideally, it would be great if all vendors would have a license server setup that allows the end user to DE-license their installation
prior to doing computer maintenance. Then allow the end user to RE-license it onto their pc after they finish any computer maintenance.

As far as a file manager utility PDP8 seems to work okay.
I upgraded to version 8, from version 6; as V6 stopped working.

Version 6 used to work with XP Pro but last year it started doing an appcrash and/or hungapp.
(possibily due to service pack 3 or an MS security patch for XP)

Personally I like the DOPUS USB jump drive "portable version".

PDP8 should consider offering a "portable version" like DOPUS' jump drive version.

Just my .02 cents.
Jan 12 2011 at 2:45am Copy Link
Rich OBrien I've relied on PowerDesk constantly since 1996 when it was first programmed by a company called Mijenix. I'd feel lost without PowerDesk. PowerDesk starts automatically when Windows starts and I use it all day long. I have always used the Dual Pane Horizontal configuration. Years ago I requested that they make it possible to view and manage fonts from within PowerDesk similar to The Font Thing by Sue Fisher. That suggestion was ignored. Also I begged them to improve PowerDesk so that folder's original dates are retained when folders are copied instead of all folder dates being changed to today's date. Because that suggestion was ignored, I for years I relied on AccelMan. More recently, thanks to Bits du Jour, I now have Directory Opus 9 which copies folders without changing all the folders dates to today's date. But I mainly use PowerDesk Pro.
Jan 12 2011 at 3:28am Copy Link
Tazzie I bought PDP years ago ... last version was 7, and it seemed that with each version that it just became less friendly with my OS and other programs. Plus, it just didn't evolve & improve as much as I thought it could, esp compared to similar programs. It used to be my go-to file organizer, but eventually I just got too frustrated by it and similar programs offered so much more.

I now prefer to use DOpus and Xyplorer, and don't miss PDP at all. It's too bad, cos it used to be a really nice program with a lot of potential.
Jan 12 2011 at 12:16pm Copy Link
Cathy Gould From Mjenix on floppies, I've danced with PDP forever. It does seem lately that as it grows more complex, its original functions are breaking down. My dual screen is barely visible, the top of the tree not at all, have to refresh constantly.
I try to stay away, but there are two functions I can't leave. Its Search is SOOO much more useful and customizable than Windon't, or any of many others I've tried. I can find every instance, f'rinstance, of 'book' in all my graphics, sort the search by date or size or drive etc., and save it to Excel. I can round up all the folders on all my drives that I've named some version of 'Rx, Soc Svcs'~ and then with Folder Sync I can make sure they each have all the same files.

I'm addicted, so help me. And if my toes get trod on in the dance, at least I can count on getting the flavour of punch I prefer.
Feb 23 2011 at 4:19pm Copy Link
disenchanted I bought this through an upgrade offer from avanquest, as I had owned several retail copies of V6.

The only reason I had to upgrade was that the old V6 would crash on the newer windoze OS's.

Overall PD8 is not bad. It beats windoze's built-in file mgmt system.

I own several file manager type applications and despite the higher price tag, I have to say that Dopus is still my favorite, especially with their add-on, "portable" version.

I would really like to see PD8 do what Dopus has done and offer a "portable" edition.

Also, Avanquest really should follow suite of Dopus and offer the
desktop + laptop installation for the cost of one license.

Just my .02 cents.
Jun 22 2011 at 12:26am Copy Link
Gonzo How does this compare to Directory Opus and XYplorer?
Jun 22 2011 at 3:23am Copy Link
carl thorpe I've spent time with DO, XY, and PD. Unfortunately, PD is at the bottom of the list when looking at those three choices. DO is far and away the best, XY is not far behind DO and a lot cheaper, and PD falls well behind both.

I can't see paying for PD at all when there are better options for just a little bit more (XY) and MUCH better options (DO) if you are willing to pay.

Jun 25 2011 at 12:27am Copy Link
Stan ...and XYplorer offers lifetime licenses :)
Jun 25 2011 at 2:09am Copy Link
M Ray I have this .. it's ok, but it definitely has its flaws.

32 bit app only. Has real problems if you have 64 bits that you try to run from it via context menu.

It does seem to crash and is very sensitive if you have devices like USB/Network devices which are connected/disconnected on a regular basis.

Update cycle seems to be around 6 months .. with no idea what the updates are.

Was a good product under XP, barely makes the cut in Win 7.
Jun 25 2011 at 8:47am Copy Link
Bud Gallagher Hard to beat XYplorer in functions, price and lifetime updates
Jun 25 2011 at 9:30am Copy Link
Jan-Christoph Ihrens I'm using PowerDesk's Dialog Helper since I don't know when (I started using PowerDesk when Mijenix owned it...) and find it very helpful (otherwise I honestly don't care for PowerDesk anymore since Directory Opus is so much more powerful).

Now I'd like to switch to Windows 7 64-bit at last, and my PD5 will probably refuse to work on that system. So I was delighted to find the current version of PowerDesk for a good price. But during a brief search I found several people complaining that PD8's Dialog Helper didn't work as expected on Win7/64 machines (e. g.

Has this issue been solved in the meantime? Does anyone here have any experiences regarding this?
Jun 25 2011 at 10:51am Copy Link
random user I've been using PDesk since v1 back in the 90's and have loved it, so I purchased PD8 when it was last here for about $20, but have since come to realize that I expect my Explorer replacement to be more in tune with current technology which means my current OS of Win7 Ultimate SP1 x64.

Here are my issues w/PD8 w/explanation following:

- lack of unicode support (CRITICAL)
- 32-bit only (CRITICAL)
- prevents 'Safely' Ejecting USB Drive until it is closed
- Flakey behavior requiring PD8 restart

Unicode support:

My wife is a Japanese Passport holder, so I have a number of files with double-byte character names as well as folders named using hiragana and or kanji (double-byte characters). PD8 does not natively support displaying this files or browsing these folders. This is just plain unacceptable. muzukashi ne.

32-bit only:

Any application that can be accessed via right-click context menus will require you to install both a 32-bit and 64-bit versions. (i.e. 7-zip) This is just plain unacceptable in this day and age.

'Safely' Ejecting USB Drives

When I plug a USB Drive in to save docs to it using the 'Save As' feature in an office or graphics application such as itself, I receive a message that an application is still using the drive when I click the icon in the system tray to Safely Eject the drive. Even though I never access the USB Drive via PD8, I am unable to Safely Eject the drive until I close PD8. This is really annoying.

Flakey behavior requiring PD8 restart

After initially starting PD8, when I copy files from one pane to another, the target plane automatically updates, but after a period of time, it stops refreshing and I have to restart PD8 in order for the expected behavior to return. Upon restart, PD8 does not remember the last directories to which I had navigated and I have to navigate back there to continue my work. This is also really annoying.

All in all, I would recommend that anyone using a 64-bit OS to avoid PD8 until a 64-bit version is released and even then, wait until positive reviews are posted around the Net.
Jun 25 2011 at 12:20pm Copy Link
Nick Katz Considering that so many windows 7 computers come with the 64-bit version, most it seems, and how long it's been out, it's hard to understand why software like this is only offered in 32-bit.
Jun 25 2011 at 12:49pm Copy Link
RM I wish the developer would come on to answer some of these questions and issues. The lack of developer response here shows a disconcerting lack of customer care. Also their encryption feature method is extremely outdated. It uses 56-bit DES which was cracked over 10 years ago and is universally considered as an insufficient encryption means by today's standards. Today's encryption software uses AES-128 and AES-256 or higher. I realize though its main purpose is not meant to be a security or privacy type of software but still I would hope a feature that is offered within a program is at least relevant and up to date.
Jun 25 2011 at 3:44pm Copy Link
Jack Crawford This product has gone through many different owners since its initial development. In its day it was a market leader. It is a useful Explorer replacement but others (Dopus and XYplorer) are now well in front with a raft of new features and more user flexibility. You get what you pay for.
Jun 25 2011 at 6:33pm Copy Link

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