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Scrivener 2: Best Of The Mac App Store 2011Discount

Scrivener 2: Best Of The Mac App Store 2011

The Best Writing Tool for Working Authors

for Mac 
Platforms: Mac OS X
Scrivener 2: Best Of The Mac App Store 2011 Screenshot

If you call yourself a writer, what are you using to craft your stories and articles? If your answer is Microsoft Word, you should know that your productivity can be greatly improved with today’s discount software promotion, Scrivener 2: Best Of The Mac App Store 2011!

Scrivener 2: Best Of The Mac App Store 2011 is a complete writing studio that offers word processing and project management features tailored to the needs of the world’s best authors. With Scrivener 2: Best Of The Mac App Store 2011, you’ll be able to easily evolve your story concepts from rough ideas into fully realized words on the screen.

Imagine being able to store and view all of your ideas, notes, and research, all in one application! That’s exactly what you get with Scrivener 2: Best Of The Mac App Store 2011, which is why this application is launched every single day by New York Times bestselling novelists, screenwriters, academics, editors, and journalists.

Features include the ability to temporarily combine individual documents into one text for comprehensive editing, version control, virtual index cards, outlining, plus a cool scriptwriting mode for all of you aspiring Hollywood artists out there! It’s all at your fingertips when you pick up a copy of Scrivener 2: Best Of The Mac App Store 2011!

Review Written by Derek Lee
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Yoshiaki Amano Isn't the Windows version discounted?
Jun 14 2014 at 3:54am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Yoshiaki Amano - I am sorry but we do not have a deal for the Windows version.
BitsDuJour Admin - Jun 14 2014 at 5:10am Copy Link
John Gardner great tool - I can't say how much I wish you had thios on offer a few months ago...
Jun 14 2014 at 6:11am Copy Link
paul zozem I'd 2nd that request. I'd like to buy the Windows version!
Jun 14 2014 at 9:22am Copy Link
Sally Marciniak That makes 3 of us wanting the Windows version. I'm buying the Mac version for my desktop, but my laptop is Windows. I want both! Think NaNoWriMo or Camp!
Jun 14 2014 at 10:20am Copy Link
David Hill Full Boat for the Windows Version isn't worth it to me.
I will go elsewhere....
Jun 14 2014 at 6:18pm Copy Link
Sally Marciniak David, I don't know if you are familiar with NaNoWriMo or Camp NaNoWriMo? Essentially, they are contests where people try to write a novel of 56,000 words in a month. NaNoWriMo is the month of November, Camp NaNoWriMo runs both in April and July. The URL for Camp is November's NaNoWriMo can be found at The people at Scrivener allow for a longer than average free trial, so people writing in July, November and April, can use Scrivener for the whole month and a week after. Scrivener gives participants 20% off during those times, if they wish to buy the software. Those who complete their novel in the given month get a coupon for 50% off of either version of Scrivener, or both, if they wish, at the completion of the contests. Information about these deals for Scrivener can be found in the forum at this link There will be a similar link in the main forum for the November NaNo. The special offers will be listed in October. There has, in the past, been offers for other writing software, though I don't recall which one(s) or if they were for Mac or Windows. I hope this helps. Also, BitsDuJour has deals going right now for Liquid Story Binder and The Journal. Both of these are Windows software and allow for writing books. Both are around $25. Let me know if you need a link to either. I'd say that Liquid Story Binder has a lot more features for an author planning on writing a book.
Jun 14 2014 at 8:29pm Copy Link
David Hill Thanks Sally for the information. I am seeking other software besides Scrivener.
Their decision to discount their software for Mac 50% and not for PC is wrong.
They have lost me as a potential customer.
Scrivener isn't sending me to Camp!
Jun 14 2014 at 10:29pm Copy Link
Andrew Tsai I am a very thankful owner of Scrivener for Windows to recommend this to everyone. If Scrivener for Windows is good, that for Mac is even better and more mature than that for Windows. Do not think that Scrivener is just for writers, it is actually for anyone that take notes and would like to keep them in an orderly manner for easy reference and search. Since Scrivener is usually not listed among the note-taking software, many of those searching for such will most likely miss out Scrivener in their google search. I found out about Scrivener when I visited a forum comparing Whizfolder and Scrivener. What I like most is the option to control and arrange all the menus and its fonts to make things easily visible for my poor eyesight.
Jun 14 2014 at 11:59pm Copy Link
David Hill Thanks So Much for the info Sally! I am not a happy camper with Scrivener to begin with as my trial expired in one day - not thirty. I don't have the time to waste to strive with their technical support with their trial version. Secondly, to play games with people to get them hooked into the program by writing contests in my opinion is unethical while offering the program at 50% off in another format is purely a marketing ploy. I prefer receiving 50% off at the onset, rather than writing 56,000 words and receiving their measly gesture of 20% while I "work for them" to obtain the higher discount.
I'm sorry to be so opinionated as I don't have the time or money to waste as a disabled retired person. I will seek out other software from companies that do not use manipulative game playing techniques to market their products. As a consumer advocate, I suggest that PC Users should boycott Scrivener entirely in favor of companies that endorse fair practices with as their marketing policy is biased against PC users. They have lost me as a potential customer forever.
Their "write for a discount" scheme is dishonest. They just want to hook you in knowing most writers will fail to reach the 56,000 goal and settle for the miserly 20% offer.
I believe I can do better. Nonetheless, Thank You Sally for your gracious response to my comment! :)
Jun 15 2014 at 2:02am Copy Link
Andrew Tsai There is actually a discount if you want to get both versions, or if you already own one and wants to get the other version:
I understand the frustrations most people have here for their not being able to get the discount for PC. But folks, please do not bypass this excellent software just because of your frustrations. Not necessarily to buy it now, but let your mind still be open to assess the software objectively---they frequently offer discount now and then. Being a user since last year, I can say that I cannot find another to match Scrivener in terms of ease of use, features, and neatness of appearance. And support in my experience, has been pleasant. Cheer up folks.
Jun 15 2014 at 5:34am Copy Link
John H Need the PC version
Jun 15 2014 at 6:40am Copy Link

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