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Smart Packer Pro

Pack Distributables Into Encrypted Executables

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Platforms: Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, 7,8
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So you want to distribute your application, but you don't want people to be able to peek into your ZIP or RAR archive and see the contents? Are you worried that someone may perform a bad installation because they only extracted some of the folders and neglected a few key sub-folders and other files? Does the prospect of outright theft of your application's assets keep you up at night? Well, if these are your concerns, Smart Packer Pro is here to make everything better, more secure, and easier! It's perfect for game developers, and perfectly applicable to a whole host of other uses.

With Smart Packer Pro, you can compress and encrypt selected application folders and subfolders into a single executable file! Using Smart Packer's Secure or Virtual Zone, you can cloak all files and folders, making them inaccessible by any means other than running the executable file! During installation, all of your files are extracted to a randomly generated folder, or a virtual file system -- accessible only by Smart Packer Pro, ensuring that the end user sees nothing but your finished product! If you've got a need for custom-made installer program, Smart Packer Pro is one tool that you should absolutely own.

Think about it, not only does Smart Packer Pro provide you with a means of bundling your application into a single encrypted file, you also get the benefit of high compression, meaning your distribution will take up a lot less space than if you used anything else to pack it. Plus, you'll be able to customize the text, font, and color for the menu and uninstall programs, and the uninstall programs offer a secure method of deletion, ensuring that your work is completely removed!

Review Written by Derek Lee

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Daniel H Hi
I would like to ask the following:
1) Is it possible to use during the launch more than one DLL. I have a collection of nice anti-debug plugins and do not want to recompile again. I saw only one DLL is possible to launch while staring and one while finishing.
2) When I would become a registered customer, do I get a source code for online activation plugin DLL? Just to be able to make some own tricks possibly.
3) Do you unpack the protected data to memory or to disk/folder? If in memory, do you use some nanomites-like technology to prevent an easy dump? If on disk, how you protect the content from being extracted within tools like Sandboxie and easily listing the content?
4) Is CRC check perfomed regularly or I can turn off? Just in case I would like to overpack with another packer/protector.
Mar 11 2010 at 6:53pm Copy Link
Michael Smart Packer Solutions Hi there,

Thank you for you questions.

1) There can only be one plugin dll at the time. However you can create your own plugin which allows to start multiple dll's.

2) Yes the source code for online activation plugin DLL is included.

3) Depending of which package method you use:
1. Standard: packs data to random generated folder
2. Secure Zone: runs files in hidden folder
3. Virtual Zone: runs files in virtual filesystem

4) Overpacking the Smart Packered executable with another packer/protector is not recommended and probaly will not work.

Best regards,

Smart Packer Solutions
Smart Packer Solutions - Mar 11 2010 at 7:07pm Copy Link
Tom B. Very interested in your app! Just a few questions:
1) Can the final, packed exe be code-signed?
2) Is the resulting app portable, so it can run from a Flash drive on various PCs?
3) Can prefs or other data be stored back into the packed exe after use?
4) Can the packed exe be zipped for downloading purposes?
Mar 14 2010 at 5:52am Copy Link
Michael Smart Packer Solutions Hi Tom,

1) Could you give more info what you exactly mean with code-signing?

2) Yes it can be run from a Flash drive. To make sure it works please use the trial version for testing.

3) The prefs or other data are stored in in the user profile data folder (only when Autosave is enabled)

4) Sure the packed exe can be zipped.

Best regards,

Smart Packer Solutions
Smart Packer Solutions - Mar 14 2010 at 6:37am Copy Link
Tom B. Thanks. In #1 above, I mean an application that contains the author's digital signature to authenticate the work and so users know it has not been tampered with by a third party. Vista and Win 7 display more warnings for apps that are not code-signed.


Mar 14 2010 at 7:54am Copy Link
Michael Smart Packer Solutions Code-signing could only be done for Smart Packer itself.

Because each Smart Packered executable is different (unique) it would not be feasible to code-sign every seperate file.
Smart Packer Solutions - Mar 14 2010 at 8:06am Copy Link
Patrick N interesting program michael
is there a way altering location of extraction?
i tried a few programs and games, what are the criterias for them to work, not all did
and what about writes and settings for packed games,programs where are they stored?
Mar 14 2010 at 10:30pm Copy Link
Michael Smart Packer Solutions Each Smart Packered application stores files (if Autosave is enabled) in a unique directory located in local user profile. This directory can't be changed.

If you have problems with Smart Packering some programs just contact us by e-mail and we will check it out.
Smart Packer Solutions - Mar 14 2010 at 10:51pm Copy Link
Daniel H Hi
Is there any comparison of your software and MoleBox, except yours is definitely better priced?
Mar 15 2010 at 3:35am Copy Link
Michael Smart Packer Solutions Hi Daniel,

No there is no really comparison except the price :) . Just check out our site where you can find features and faqs described.

If you still have any questions just let me know via e-mail.
Smart Packer Solutions - Mar 15 2010 at 3:51am Copy Link
Patrick J. Hi Michael,

the php files mentioned in the help should be located in the Smart Packer folder. In the installation folder? After installing the trial version there are no .php in the installation folder, nor in "examples" and "plugins".
Mar 18 2010 at 9:16pm Copy Link
Michael Smart Packer Solutions The php-files are only in the paid version included. This is mentioned during the trial setup.

Please feel free if you have other questions.
Smart Packer Solutions - Mar 18 2010 at 9:47pm Copy Link
Daniel H I have just bought it. I consider it a great toy.
Nevertheless, I would beg for some more convenient web-based activation GUI (all-in-one preferrably) similar to what Licence Protector uses (http://www.registerserver...est/lpweb/).
Secondly, what other units I need for direct compiling Delphi example in provided directory. I am only able to press compile button in Delphi 7 and change captions of the Windows, no more. Could you provide the link for those necessayr add-ons (probably Indy library)?
Mar 18 2010 at 11:26pm Copy Link
Michael Smart Packer Solutions Thanks for the purchase! :)

Extending the online plugin is on our roadmap.

The used Indy library is
However you also can use another languages for developing plugins. So visual basic/purebasic etc. could also be an option.
Smart Packer Solutions - Mar 18 2010 at 11:36pm Copy Link
Ron Lovell If I have a program on CD, can I use this program to open it and play on my clients computer without being able to see the contents.
Mar 19 2010 at 12:18am Copy Link
Michael Smart Packer Solutions Yes that should work. To make sure please try the trial version.
Smart Packer Solutions - Mar 19 2010 at 12:25am Copy Link
Patrick N well.. i might buy this during the day, but i think it lacks of few basic operands, could you consider implementing option of changing extraction paths, possibility of changing icon would be nice to, in trial some options are greyed out such as secure deletion, what does it do?
Mar 19 2010 at 1:57am Copy Link
Michael Smart Packer Solutions It would be possible to add changing extraction paths and icon modifier on our roadmap.

Secure deletion means that during a delete operation like uninstall procedure a file is overwritten several times so it would be very difficult to see the contents when using a undelete tool.
Smart Packer Solutions - Mar 19 2010 at 2:06am Copy Link
Patrick N thanks michael for your prompt response and attending,
for that you got money in your bank, i recieved a download link & code from avangate, do you have some sort of access on your website where we can download potential updates, would be nice

i noticed you attended some forum the other day, seemed recent
but i cant for the love of god find the adress again
Mar 19 2010 at 3:17am Copy Link
Michael Smart Packer Solutions Thanks for the purchase :)

Registered customers will receive a download link with the new version when available.

Don't know which forum but if you have questions and/or remarks you can contact me via e-mail.
Smart Packer Solutions - Mar 19 2010 at 3:35am Copy Link
Steve Bates Someone mentioned changing the icon of the produced EXE, I believe.

Currently, you have to use the Smart Packer icon, then, correct?
Mar 19 2010 at 5:01am Copy Link
Michael Smart Packer Solutions Normally yes but you could change the icon manually.
Smart Packer Solutions - Mar 19 2010 at 5:05am Copy Link

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