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Write More Effective Stories Using Organization

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Platforms: Mac 10.12 (Sierra) or higher, Windows 10, 8.1, 8 Standard and Pro Editions
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Writing effectively means more than just bashing your fingers against your keyboard hoping something good comes out of it. You need to organize your thoughts, and the best way to do this is with today’s discount software promotion, StoryO!

StoryO lets you track story ideas on electronic index cards, arrange them into sequences and timelines, and develop plot and characters. With StoryO, you’ll be able to create a general overview of how your story will flow, allowing you to more easily flesh out the details later. And instead of shoehorning you into a specific writing method, StoryO gives you the freedom to design your own environments and paradigms that work best with your writing style.

Just take advantage of a set of templates for various types of written works to start building your story, then advance to creating your outline. Create color-coded story timelines, index cards and characters, and leverage dozens of included character images. Best of all, StoryO integrates beautifully with other software packages used by writers, including Final Draft, Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Movie Magic Screenwriter, and Microsoft Word.

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Robert User @Jungle Software;
Thanks for response.

If I had made it appear that my comments were regarding the BitsDuJour offer more than anything else, you might still have answered the same.

>Jungle Software has ben in the software business for over 16 years and the principals in the company have been in the software business for over 30 years.

Years of experience are usually counted as cumulative; five years for one, eight for another, nine for another, and a eight more spread out over the new guys, and voila, 30 years experience goes into the company brochure. It's more like horse betting. What matters is their track record, and the likelihood of future successes. Yes, it is a gamble. There are no sure bets! At least n horse racing, you can evaluate the test practices. In business, you can't. Neither you nor I know what exactly the future brings.

So, years in the software business can often mean very little when it is used to suggest that the business model is in fine shape.

I know of a business leader that had one mediocre success, then for the next four companies botched up things so badly, all four had to close, affecting all of the company's employees and the demise of their products. The next potential victims avoided him, then he disappeared. But that person now has a new job on the other side of the country where no one really knows his past, and I can guarantee you that his resume has no gaps. Instead, you would think just the opposite of what happened based on his resume AND the opinion of the current company's partners. They too will list the number of years of experience of their leaders, as did each of the previous companies. I consult across the country, so I have seen things that people in one area do not know about that is going on in another. I and a very few others are probably the only ones that knows of this individual's current whereabouts. From what I hear, things are not going so well now either, but at least the company brochure says they have years of experience.

The number of years experience is meaningless when it comes to guaranteed good business decisions. For example, my 40+ years experience does not mean that I always made the right decisions; it merely means that I have seen a lot; nothing more.

At this point, it wouldn't matter if your business leaders had always been successful or not. What matters is each individual offer you make has to show you have a great product, and that you care about your users and their investment with you.

>If you have a question about our company or business model, please e-mail us.
I have no questions in that regard, and I have seen that request before. Users say that a request to contact the developer directly is simply a ploy to get the conversation away from the public eye. Usually the e-mail is ignored, and even if it wasn't, all interactions between are lost to the community. My point is for others to consider these things; there is no value in communicating with the developer.

Being in this business for a long time, I am aware of all sorts of things that go on.

>In regards to Windows 7, we do not support that operating system anymore.

That was already clear; no questions there, other than what type of logic lead to such a decision? That decision sets a precedent that makes me really wonder what you might do in the future. Even though I didn't ask for an explanation why you no longer support Windows 7, there was a grand opportunity for you to explain your reasoning.

I think that when this program was migrated to the Windows platform, you/your company, did not understand how exactly to pull that off. The Windows user base is not the same as what you have been experienced to in the past. I don't think you had any idea how important it was to support Windows 7. Also, your Windows edition has bugs that does not exist on the Mac. Therefore, you need to rethink this entire process.

As potential customers of this product, you are asking us to take a big risk. If we have a project already lined up, we could purchase this product at full price, and even forgo all the grievances I have about the BitsDuJour offer itself, and even buy new modern hardware to use the program, considering the entire purchase a "throw-away" purchase, and still make out like a bandit. But if we are looking at this purchase with an eye towards the future, other other things do matter. and those things can make the offer not valuable at all.

No matter how great the software is, other things can matter a lot. Take a lesson from hard drugs. No one wants to get addicted to something they cannot afford or justify to keep buying down the road. It happens with drugs because they cannot see far enough into the future, and the same for some software, even though the early warning signs were present for both.

My concerns about the BitsDuJour offer is not all that important overall if there is a project that this software could be a great help to. It doesn't just matter how good the software is, especially for the BitsDuJour buyer. We don't all have a film project in the works, but may have a keen interest in the software anyway. My experience may be valuable to another person. For myself, I know of a project that might benefit from the software, but software is not priced based on the ability of the buyer to purchase. The group I am thinking of is not wealthy. They want to pursue some film projects, but how they do that will depend on what they can afford.

A tough sale makes it harder for me to seriously even suggest the product. I don't want to be the bad guy that recommends your software but they cannot afford to keep up with the operating system requirements just to use it at some point down the road. Their time might have been better spent learning an alternative software package that they are much more confident of, and the fear of having to lay out more cash down the road to keep up with the other restrictions are eliminated.

Competition can be tough. Right now you have little competition. If someone decides to come up with a competitive product, AND remove some of the restrictions, or worse, some programmers get together and create an open source solution, you can believe in your business model and your leadership all you like, but it will not guarantee that you will always win. The past has proved that over and over.

>Any purchase of StoryO on Bits Du Jour will be eligible for upgrade pricing.

Thank you. I suspected as much based on what is on your website, but the omission on BitsDuJour is just one example of not thinking the entire offer through before making it.

Your product's function set looks great; I cannot tell about its implementation. From what I hear, there are some flaws. I'm sure you are already aware of what improvements it needs. I truly hope your product survives, at least until something better comes along.
Sep 17 2018 at 12:05am Copy Link

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