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The Reader's Edge PackageDiscount

The Reader's Edge Package

Dramatically Improve Your Reading Ability

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Platforms: Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista (x32, x64), 7 (x32, x64) - online edition works on all computer with Flash installed
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Folks, today's promotion is for a BDJ-exclusive Reader's Edge bundle that includes the Windows Pro Edition (retail price of $149.95), the Online Pro Edition (retail price of $149.95), and the Speed Reading for Dummies book (retail price of $16.99). The Windows edition is good for installation on two Windows computers. The Online edition is browser based and works on all systems (including Mac).

A lot of us probably take reading for granted. We learned how to read when we were kids, and then we just continued to read and get older. But did it ever occur to you that perhaps you could improve your reading ability? That you might've developed habits that actually reduce the effectiveness of the reading process? It's true! Today's discounted promotion, The Reader's Edge Package, will help you to enhance your reading skills using proven, award-winning techniques!

The Reader's Edge Package helps you to improve your reading speed and get more out of your time spent reading, an invaluable factor given how busy and hectic life can get. A demonstrated record of achievement and success (marked by thousands of happy customers in over 100 countries) shows that using The Reader's Edge Package results in a measurable improvement in reading speed, comprehension, and recall across all age groups and reading abilities. Simple lessons and exercises, combined with intuitive program navigation, makes this software application perfectly suited for students, teachers, parents, and professionals - basically, everyone.

You'll be astounded at the bad habits that have, until now, kept you from reading at your full potential! By training you to eliminate these habits, The Reader's Edge Package will empower you to read 2 to 5 times faster than you do today! This includes addressing eye fixation, subvocalization, and re-reading -- all hindrances to reading nirvana! Best of all, it only takes 15 minutes a day!

Please note folks, there is no direct database or account link between the Windows and Online versions of The Reader's Edge. They are entirely discrete applications.

Review Written by Derek Lee
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LU Interesting Software.

I have a question though about the price. Is it correct?

I see on your website, the package is selling for 169.95 and that is for the CD version, but here you have the price at over $300.

If you are offering 70% off, doesn't that mean 70% off of the 169.95 making it approximately 50.99?
Dec 10 2011 at 6:05pm Copy Link
_*_ Lifetime Upgrades, I was going to bypass this due to the price, so after reading your post I went to the site.

I see the Professional version of the Readers Edge Package as $149.95. The 70% off would be $44.99 if that were the case and make purchasing much more realistic.
Dec 10 2011 at 9:10pm Copy Link
LU M B, let's see what the vendor has to say. It seems like a decent software.

Does anyone know if it has been updated anytime soon?

According to their website, there last update was

Latest Release: Version
Published: May 26th, 2011
OS Version: Windows® Compatible
File Size: 35.5 MB
Dec 11 2011 at 8:27am Copy Link
Eddie I guess that the Network Edition ($299.90) + the book ($16.99) are included.

There's no Mac version available and supposedly there was going to be one in 2011.

The current "sale" price is similar to AceReader Pro Deluxe's regular price, so this offer is not attractive to me. A 70% discount on the Pro Edition would suit me better. Maybe next time :)
Dec 11 2011 at 2:27pm Copy Link
Lance Leishman The package offered with this promotion is exclusive to BitsDuJour, so the details will not be displayed on our website until the promotion begins.

The package includes:
- Windows Pro Edition (retail price of $149.95)
- Online Pro Edition (retail price of $149.95)
- Speed Reading for Dummies (retail price of $16.99)

The Windows edition is good for installation on two Windows computers. The Online edition is browser based and works on all systems (including Mac).
The Literacy Company - Dec 12 2011 at 8:16am Copy Link
LU Thank you for the reply Lance. That clarify much up.

I am also glad to see support and I am in when the deal opens up.
Dec 12 2011 at 9:37am Copy Link
_*_ Lance Leishman, Thank you for the clarification.
Dec 13 2011 at 3:25am Copy Link
Goran Janevski Two questions:

1. The web site says "FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE"; can you confirm these are free software updates for life?
2. Does it work with Win 7 64-bit?
3. Can you read a PDF or a MS Word document with the web version? Does the PDF document have to be OCR-ed before it can be read with Reader's Edge?

Dec 13 2011 at 5:49am Copy Link
Nico Westerdale Goran to answer one of your questions, Yes we do have Free Updates For Life. We have that listed in the Policy tab over on the right.
BitsDuJour Admin - Dec 13 2011 at 5:50am Copy Link
bvssunnydale So, if you really only want/need one edition (Windows Pro or Online Pro) you're outta luck? That's a bridge too far.
Dec 13 2011 at 5:51am Copy Link
Nico Westerdale bvssunnydale, Even if you only want one version then it's still way cheaper than the retail price of $149.95 at only $95.07. You pocket a whopping $54.88, AND get either the Online or Pro version for free AND get the Speed Reading for Dummies eBook for free.

That's a bridge too, um, .. near?
BitsDuJour Admin - Dec 13 2011 at 5:55am Copy Link
Lance Leishman @Goran -

1) We offer free updates for life with both the Online and Windows editions.
2) Yes, it works with Win 7-64 bit.
3) You can only copy text into the training exercises with the Online Edition, you can't import document into the program. With the Windows edition you can import both PDF and MS Word docs.
The Literacy Company - Dec 13 2011 at 6:06am Copy Link
LU Hello Lance.

OK, as I have said before, since you are showing support, the software seems to have a good update record, it's a great bargain, and finally, it has a lifetime upgrade policy, I purchased it.

I have just jumped into it, but it seems well thought out and has a pretty simple interface. With a huge amount of lessons and exercises, this is a great addition for anyone who is personally wishing to increase their reading time as well as anyone who has children.

Good luck with the sale, I believe it is well worth the $.
Dec 13 2011 at 6:55am Copy Link
kaj I purchased the computer installed version recently from BDJ. Is it possible to purchase the other to components for the same discount? Thanks
Dec 13 2011 at 7:09am Copy Link
Brian W What is the licensing & upgrade policy for this purchase?
We are buying a particular Windows version or a lifetime upgrade?
If not lifetime, then when is the next major upgrade?
For online, is this for lifetime or a particular period or can only do the program once?

Is there a significant difference between the desktop & online versions? (It would be nice to have a the compare pages to compare all versions at once.)

Comment: Assuming that the desktop and online versions are the same, I would prefer a 70% discount on one of them rather than both because assuming that it tracks my progress, I would want all progress on one system.

I certainly would like to read faster and like that you have a guarantee but have never researched what is available - tonight I will try to determine how your program compares.
Dec 13 2011 at 7:28am Copy Link
Roger Thomasson FYI folks, we offered the PC-only license for The Reader's Edge back in late October. Today's promotion is for the bundle and that's not going to change. Please refrain from making requests of that nature so we can keep the comment thread free for technical questions.
BitsDuJour Admin - Dec 13 2011 at 7:40am Copy Link
Roger Thomasson @ Brian

This should do for feature comparison between the editions:
BitsDuJour Admin - Dec 13 2011 at 7:42am Copy Link
Mina Friedman Hi,
I'm a little confused from the previous posts. As I read the promotion, it seems like we're getting the following for $95.07:
(1) Windows Pro Edition, which we can install on (2) Windows computers supporting Vista or Windows 7?
(2) An Online Pro edition so we can use our Mac to access our account., and
(3) The Speed Reading for Dummies e-book.

Am I correct? Please confirm.

So does this only work on Windows 7 - 64 bit? I have installed Windows 7 on my Mac, and I not sure if it is 32 or 64 bit, but if you get all of this, I'm on board.

I'm assuming after purchase, we'll receive the e-book and instructions on the Online account access?

Please clarify.

Dec 13 2011 at 7:52am Copy Link
Lance Leishman Hi Mina,

1) Yes the Windows Edition can be installed on two computers, Vista/Windows 7 either 32 or 64 bit would work fine.
2) Yes the Online edition can be used on a Mac.
3) The book is for a hard copy of the book that will be mailed out to you after the purchase.
The Literacy Company - Dec 13 2011 at 7:56am Copy Link
Roger Thomasson @ Mina

Please note that there is no account link between the Windows and Online versions.

BitsDuJour Admin - Dec 13 2011 at 8:13am Copy Link
Roger Thomasson @ Mina

Apologies, we mistakingly put 'eBook' in the promo copy text. Fixed now :-)
BitsDuJour Admin - Dec 13 2011 at 8:16am Copy Link
Billy Jalem Here is some good information about the concept of speed reading itself for anyone interested:
Dec 13 2011 at 8:46am Copy Link
Nico Westerdale Due to the overwhelming response The Literacy Company has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy!
BitsDuJour Admin - Dec 14 2011 at 12:00am Copy Link
Jack G Oh man I wish I could get this, i was just looking at this program not more than 2 months ago.

Alas with Christmas shopping I will have to pass, but it's an extremely good deal!
Dec 14 2011 at 9:05am Copy Link
Mina Friedman Thanks!
All of my questions were answered. I'm so grateful that you extended the offer.

I'll purchase today.
Dec 14 2011 at 9:38am Copy Link

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