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The Ultimate Way to Identify Data Trends

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Platforms: Windows 2000, NT, XP, 2003, Vista
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Having a lot of data on your hands isn't very helpful unless you're able to analyze it, identify trends and patterns, and uncover hidden relationships between data points that you can use to guide your future efforts. Take polling numbers, for example - you don't think those armies of volunteers collect demographic information for their health, do you?

trendingBot is a powerful numerical simulation tool capable of easily analysing complex datasets, featuring an in-house mathematical theory which relies as little as possible on simplifications and user-defined parameters.

trendingBot uses complex algorithms that include combinatorics and regression elements, which makes it ideal for:

  • Understanding financial/economical evolutions, technical/biomedical experimentations and social/HR databases.
  • Predicting in base of historical data.
  • Assisting experienced professionals in almost any data-related task.
  • Accurately modelling complex phenomena just by attending at global variables.

The key to making stats work for you is identifying trends in your data and mathematically representing them in such a way as to enable you to accurately predict the future. That's what trendingBot does - clearly, simply, and with virtually no user intervention! It's a viable alternative to conventional data analysis/statistical software packages that require heavy-duty effort to even get close to the results you want.

With trendingBot, all you need to do is paste your data into the program from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, then run trendingBot! trendingBot goes to work, transforming your data into an equation that you can then use as a reliable predictor of future trends. The trendingBot results pair the trend equation with a handy spreadsheet, convenient for plugging in values and getting immediate calculated results. Using that spreadsheet, trendingBot lets you run numerical simulations to determine likely outcomes based on the known behavior of your data - giving you an edge in sales, marketing, elections, anything that depends on the successful targeting of key demographics. It's also great for analyzing financial and economic data!

Review Written by Derek Lee
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fran harter Hi,

Which version is this? The business standard or professional?

I'm assuming it is the "standard" as it is listed at 990 Euro
[which is roughly 1300USD, depending on the daily exchange rate]

The pro version does not provide a price, so I assume it is NOT going to be the one up for sale on bitsdujour.
Apr 27 2009 at 3:57pm Copy Link
Agniesca Rizzolani It seems a German computer paper had this program as its daily giveaway not even 2 weeks ago, so it scarcely could be worth 260 dollars, let alone 1300 dollars. Here's the link, no matter of your speaking German or not, it's a question of proving what I'm saying here :

And then, they are some standard data analysis programs, either stand-alone or working IN MS Excel ( trade mark ), and that can do more than just special work, but special work they can also do.

So, the value here seems to be impaired by their other marketing action, and by their attitude behind it: Do you seriously think software for 1000 dollars and more is given away, when those software give aways in the web are either total crap or softwares which are normally sold for 10 or 20 dollars... or both: cheap softwares that ain't not even worth their 10 or 20 dollars?

Their isn't a roulette strategy sold out there that works - casinos would cease their operation, but you, having got such a stragegy, would employ it yourself before they do -, and there is no 1000 dollar software given away that is worth 1000 dollars.

Let's be adults. Let's think logically.
Apr 28 2009 at 1:48am Copy Link
Agniesca Rizzolani Well, in that German paper, they told you about "TrendingBot" but were referring to "TrendingBot Lite" in this link here, but without saying so ; thus it could be that TrendingBot Standard is of better functionality that the lite version, but read the comments here of that light version, there are sort of devastating:

Apr 28 2009 at 1:55am Copy Link
Alvaro Carballo It is the standard version.
The price for the pro-version is not fixed: it depends on the features you want to include there. If anyone is interested on this possibility, could propose some modifications, we will think about them and give a price (which can be reduced with the bitsdujour discount (80%))
Apr 28 2009 at 2:39am Copy Link
alvaro carballo The lite version was specially created for giveawayoftheday and will be the version available for free testing (you can request a standard trial version but we have to sent it by post (USB security device required)).

The standar version (trial or full) accounts for up to 10 independent variables (the lite just for 5).

Regarding the comments the giveawayoftheday, many (non-experienced-at-all) people gave its opinion. If you want to have a good enough picture, you should read everything until the end. Nevertheless, the webpage (and the help) was not clear enough and this experienced gave us enough insight to improve it: right now you have lots of documents to read.
Apr 28 2009 at 2:44am Copy Link
Agniesca Rizzolani Of course I didn't want to say he's selling his crippleware here, but how many records can the standard version process ? And it's 10 variables only, isn't it ? That's not many, but it's not the point : the point is the unrealiability of the results for people who would like to make their decisions from those results, coming out of a black box. That's not unlike doing some crazy "work" upon the outcomes of a casino table up to now, and then pretending to know on which chances to bet. Let him invest his money, with the help of his algorithm, on the stock market: In less than 6 months, he'll be on page one of all those international newspapers, and then it's the credential he lacks up to now, and then buy from him, even at 1300 dollars.
Apr 28 2009 at 3:35am Copy Link
alvaro carballo If you were one of the persons commenting in giveawayoftheday, you would be able to see the changes we made in one week.

There is no more any black-box: you can go there and an read what you want.

Regarding all you said: you are defending people critising with no knowledge (blackbox, remember) and this, after confirming your lack of knoledge. If you are not interested in the product (did you try it by any chance?)... you are not even part of the target market... why are you saying so many (bad) things? You are right, some quite experienced people gave his/her opinion, but many of them, as said, with no idea what was this about (casino trick??? you can use it completely for free during the rest of your life in the way you prefer (the lite version)); after some of my comments, ideas become better and the assessments less like the ones you are saying.

The most of the things you say do not make almost any sense to me (spaniards are like this, nobel price, becoming reach...): we try to get notice and quick ways are giveawayoftheday (I learned a lot) and bitsdujour.

Are you concious that there are lots of forecasting methods? There is no magic: they rely on simplifications, trendingBot relies on detailed calculations. Why just 10 variables? because a conventional home computer can not deal easily with much more. You can read the pseudocode (link above).
Is it not enough? for stock-market forecasting it is more than enough (in giveawayoftheday there is lots of references to a forume where I am predicting some real assets online. RESULTS? 9/4-24/4 - qualitative predictions of returns (higher or lower) on next days: 9 out of 10; quantitative predictions (better than the, theoretically unbeatable benchmark): 6 out of 10 [we have got some interesting proposals from experienced market analyists, not thinking like you]
Apr 28 2009 at 3:58am Copy Link
alvaro carballo I read the 66. You are fubar.

There was something pendent, isn't it? In my last comment (112), I challenged you to demonstrate that the method you proposed is better, I don't remember to get any email from you.

PS: sorry about the OO issue. I have been working on it and there is no easy solution (f90sql the library connecting fortran and excel does not accept it). If you want, you can contact us directly and prepared some quick fix (you don't mind inputs/outputs in *.txt format, don't you).
PS2: I went to your webpage (despair), nice style although some kind of repetitive - are you professional myth-busters then, isn't it? Myth-busters should properly analyse the situation before beginning the busting - I think you have enough stuff to make your ideas clear enough (link to theoretics + offer to build a version suitable for your "not-having-excel" situation); afterwards you can come back here and continue saying what you were saying; what do you think?
Apr 28 2009 at 4:10am Copy Link
Roger Thomasson Agniesca, I deleted your prior post because, for the third time today, you felt compelled to include a dubious racial reference. Please email me personally at roger (at) iconico (dot) com. In order to continue posting on our comment boards we need your written guarantee that you will not make judgments or accusations of any kind based on race, creed, nationality... we're adults here, do I really even need to go into this?

Without this guarantee, we will be quickly delete every forthcoming comment that we suspect to be yours. Please treat our vendors with respect and in a mature fashion. If you can't, we'll gladly lose you as a customer.

Again, I need a personal email from you (sent to the above email address), and I'd like you to include said email in each forthcoming comment. In other words, please stop posting anonymously. Don't worry, your email address will not be made publicly available.

And of course, let this be a warning to anyone else out there. We're happy to allow any type of comment here, be it positive or negative, so long as it adheres to the rules of simple respect and human courtesy.
BitsDuJour Admin - Apr 28 2009 at 5:19am Copy Link
alvaro carballo I read the post from Agniesca Rizzolani (I hope you will read the reply I wrote).

In one thing, he is completely right: I made a mistake. After quickly reading his previous posts, I thought it was some reference to the comment number 66 in giveawayoftheday; and there is no such a thing. As said I am working (not critising what I can not understand) and my mind completely focus on a different thing... it was a quite stupid mistake.

My apologies to fubar because a so dumb confussion.
Apr 28 2009 at 5:41am Copy Link
fran harter 1. Thank you for clarifying it will be the "standard" version.
I got to thinking after posting, that it might be a "customized" version]

2. Regarding software giveaways -
I didn't catch the German giveaway but I have bought several of the UK pc related magazines that offer a "full" copy of various softwares
[example: PC Plus, PC Pro, PC Advisor mags]
[they sell at barnes & noble bookstores in the US.]
At about $16USD, it's not quite a "giveaway" but it's not a wallet breaker either.

Such PC magazines (with software on included DVD) have always offered the "previous version" of the software.

If you like the software, there is normally a link within the
magazine and/or the DVD that comes with the magazine,
AND a discount code; so you can upgrade to the latest version at discount.

I also go to GAOTD but somehow i missed the day you were giving away your software.
I read the comments today, over at GAOTD, from April 17th.

Alvaro, sorry you had such a rough time with your GAOTD release.

I almost hate going to GAOTD anymore as it is composed of a "very tough crowd" of freebie seekers.
If the software available (for free) involves clicking a mouse more than two or three times, people get impatient and
give it the thumbs down.?????

It would appear that a "good day" on GAOTD
(for any software programmer giving away their product)
means getting a 50% thumbs up.
[because it seems no matter what you do, or how whiz-bang your product, the other 50% of downloaders WILL vote it a thumbs down].
Apr 28 2009 at 1:04pm Copy Link
alvaro carballo Fran,

Thanks for all these nice words.

You (and anyone interested) will be able to enjoy the lite version (just 5 independent variables but working forever) here in BitsDuJour ["try before buy"; as soon as certain problems get sorted out]

PS: GAOTD is an excellent site but due to the product they deal with (free stuff), certain things (commentaries, attitudes, etc.) are unavoidable; althought really useful as feedback.
Apr 28 2009 at 8:14pm Copy Link

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