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Ultra RecallDiscount

Ultra Recall

All of Your Data, On Demand!

v6.2 for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 thru 2022
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Ultra Recall is a personal information and document management app that gives you the power to manage all of your data, regardless of its source or location, in one centralized spot. With Ultra Recall, you never need to remember which application holds your data -- all of it is instantly available on demand, no matter where it's located.

What kinds of data are we talking about? How about all of your Microsoft Office files, all of your Outlook messages, appointments, contacts, and notes, any email program that supports the .eml format, websites bookmarked in all of the major internet browsers, and every file on your hard disk, including ZIP archives? Even images, text, online documents, and clipboard data can be fully organized into an on-demand database with Ultra Recall! Populating Ultra Recall is ultra-easy - just drag and drop, copy and paste, or enter your information manually.

When it's time to retrieve all of the information that you need on a topic, just enter your search term into the Quick or Advanced Search, and Ultra Recall will display all of your matching items. Quick Search retrieves a list of matching items in a flash, or use the more detailed Advanced Search to pull information out of the database with surgical precision using logical operators! Each of your data items comes with an attributes list that tells you everything you need to know about that file.

Finding your data is just the first step. Everything that you need to view, organize, and work with your data is neatly contained in Ultra Recall. Use the integrated web browser to view your bookmarked sites, or the rich text editor to open text files. Images display in the image viewer, and the native email message viewer, contact editor, and form viewer round out the arsenal of convenient features. Of course, you can always elect to open web pages and documents in their associated application, but with such robust integration, you may never need to leave the program!

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Egon User Buy without remorse! Since it's simply the BEST (desktop, laptop) PC information manager for individuals (and tiny work groups possibly, too), mature, SQLite standard, multiple and flexible import and export possibilities (and which really work); further development a little bit slow, so to some glitches (not: bugs: it's bug-free!) the developer expects you to adapt in the meantime if I may so, but:

Speaking of the developer, he's not only hyper-competent but also enormously helpful if you don't find your problem (comprehensively even for you) treated in the extensive but somewhere technical help, and then he answers, repeatedly if necessary, with almost endless patience...

and that's why lately - I bought some 15 months ago, then and up to now strained his patience beyond all measure -, you will even find most answers to your possible questions in the - recently thus quite incredibly "developer-enhanced" UR forum - just look up answers for any question not only in the help file anymore, but also in the forum, and you'll be almost certain now to find your answer.

I more or less intimately know about comparative tools for PC, some of which I also owned and used for some time, and I wouldn't want to change back; I also have some not totally superficial knowledge on two forefront, renowned, partially resp. quite thoroughly comparative Mac apps, Ulysses App and Devonthink, and so (sic!), if they became available for PC, I wouldn't even switch then - the grass isn't greener in Mac county at the end of the day, it just sometimes shines that way: in the morning dew, i.e. before attacking your day work.
Jul 5 at 7:27am Copy Link
MojoMan I will say that out of the tens of dozens of PIMs I've tried there are none which will do all that this program can, Yes, there is a learning curve and a sizeable one given the plethora of things you can do with it.

1. It can archive an exact copy of a webpage.
2. You can import a PDF right into the program or link to is and view it and v
organize it along with your other data.
3. You can link about everything if you wish.
4. You can attach notes to whatever your wish... or just create and save a note.
5. You can have a detailed info panel about whatever page you are working
6. You can save everything into one database file or you can leave them saved
separately on your drive.
7. Tree heirarchy - no problem. Tags to find info - no problem.
8. Did I mention that you can customize just about everything.
9. I bought it (and have updated it) and have gone back to it because I'm tired
of One Trick Ponies that do a couple things really well, but other things
poorly or not at all.

The uses are limited only by your imagination. You could use it as a doctument manager. A client file system. A web archiving and bookmarking app.. and dozens of other tasks. And you can keep them all in separate databases. As always, male sure tp backup.

There is one nitpicking little thing I wish it could do. I wish it could have a topic/collection tree so that you could more easily separate folders and contents into a bit more detailed heirarcy. (The tree can get awfully long and be a bit of a pain tp navigate. My idea is like Column A - drawer for all info related to specific topic. Column B - Folders that will expand/collapse for the different sub-topics.

Anyway, unless you need access everywhere and syncing, don't look any further (and save a lot of time in the process). Even at that you could backup and download your database file on a different computer.

There's a lot under the hood... and you can make it into your own special tool for whatever need you may have, Grab it while it is a steal.

Jul 6 at 5:03pm Copy Link
Roger User I ordered this two days ago and have not received the license, nor a reply from the developer. I am the only one in that rut?
Jul 8 at 10:08am Copy Link
Kyle A We sent it to you on the day you ordered. We also replied to your email this morning with the license info (to both the original address from the order and the address you sent from this morning). Neither message bounced. Can you check your spam folder or provide another email address?
Kinook Software, Inc. - Jul 8 at 11:44am Copy Link
Roger User Hi Kyle,ΒΈ

Sorry about that but I used the same address in both cases and there is nothing in the spam. I'll get back to you again with another address. I can't understand what is going on.
Jul 8 at 1:03pm Copy Link
Robert W Hi Roger User and Kyle A. Like you I ordered, and early this morning I sent a message asking about my license. I have not heard back. Email sent to . My name is Robert Warren .
Jul 8 at 5:51pm Copy Link
Roger User Hi Robert,

I just wrote to Kyle that the license wound up in trash (not spam) for some mysterious reason.
You might want to check.

Best to both,

Jul 8 at 5:56pm Copy Link
Robert W Hi Roger. My license, ended up in Spam. Thanks for your help. I will soon send a message to Ultra Recall. I am using gmail, and license was flagged as spam.
Jul 8 at 6:15pm Copy Link
Roger User Hi Robert & Kyle,

Well, glad things worked out and communication was useful. A lesson...
Take care, one & all.

Jul 9 at 3:30am Copy Link

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