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Replicate the Microsoft Office Experience

v8.3.23083 for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 64-bit with .NET 4.5.2
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Vole Office Ultimate Edition LTUD v8.3.23083
Vole Office Business Ultimate Edition LTUD v8.3.23083
Vole Office ScreenshotMicrosoft Office Software ScreenshotVole Office, Microsoft Office Software ScreenshotVole Office, Business & Finance Software ScreenshotMicrosoft Office Software, Vole Office ScreenshotBusiness & Finance Software, Vole Office Screenshot

You really can’t get along in this world without the ability to create, open, and edit Microsoft Office documents and spreadsheets. But cost is a factor when using flagship applications – either you’re shelling out one big sum for a program, or paying every month for a subscription. Get around these hassles now with a copy of today’s discount software promotion, Vole Office!

Vole Office is an amazing program that lets you create and edit Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel files in native DOCX and XLSX formats. With Vole Office, you’ll be able to fully replicate the Microsoft Office user experience at a fraction of the price.

Everything that you need is here, minus the functions you never really used anyway. In Vole Word, you can create new Word files, open existing documents, and print them, with support for images, tables, and hyperlinks. The utilities that you use most often in Word are here, including Reference, Mail, Review, and Spell Check. Same is true for Vole Excel, which offers Formula, Data, Review, and Design for your convenience.

So grab a copy of Vole Office today, and no one will ever know that you don’t use Microsoft Office!

After you purchase Vole Office, it may be used for 12 months.

This promotion includes the following:
Vole Office Professional Edition AUTD 1-Year v8.3.23083 ($28.80)
Vole Office Ultimate Edition LTUD v8.3.23083 ($72)
Vole Office Business Ultimate Edition LTUD v8.3.23083 ($90)

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Norman Wong Hello everyone! I saw some users directly using the Unlock Code in BDJ receipt email to activate, but this method is incorrect. The software can only be activated using Redeem Code.

The Redeem Code is located in the Sanwhole Promotes Passbooks.vmc file. You need to download the file and double-click it. The Sanwhole Studio software will automatically open it. Of course, you must first download the latest version and install the Sanwhole Studio software.

The VMC file is password protected, so an Unlock Code is required to open the VMC file. At this point, the Unlock Code in BDJ's receipt email can be used. After unlocking the VMC file, you can read it and see the Redeem Code.

Additionally, activation of the software does not require registration on Sanwhole website.
Sanwhole - Aug 15 at 2:10am Copy Link
Mick Martin Has ANYONE been able to activate this program?

I don't know which is worse, is it the instructions offered by BitsDuJour or the tossers at Sanwhole? In this respect, they make a fine addition to each other!

The instruction is to download "‘Sanwhole Promotes Passbooks’ vmc file. Search Passbooks at and click the download link to download the vmc file." but there is NO download link provided.
Aug 15 at 5:48am Copy Link
Norman Wong @Mick Martin, Hello.

After search, only one record will be display in the list. Just scroll to right, you will find the download link. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will try to improve it next time.
Sanwhole - Aug 15 at 6:12am Copy Link
Norman Wong Hello everyone.

Due to PassBook vmc prohibiting copying and pasting. Therefore, I copy the redeem code here VOEPA100SAN01S01MVJS0102S??? But please modify the last three ? to the correct values based on VMC's Redeem Code.
Sanwhole - Aug 15 at 6:23am Copy Link
Mick Martin @Norman Wong.

I appreciate you trying to help out, sir, but there is nowhere to scroll right.

My page is open as far as it will go, and there's no way for me to scroll right.

Which web browser have you optimised your page for and I will use that specific one? I have so far used Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave, and Vivaldi, and none of them give me the opportunity to save anything.

Aug 15 at 7:12am Copy Link
Norman Wong @Mick Martin

Please see this image:
Sanwhole - Aug 15 at 7:31am Copy Link
Mick Martin @Norman Wong.

Please see this image, sir:

Aug 15 at 8:04am Copy Link
Norman Wong @Mick Martin

I cannot see the image. It shows ''You do not have rights to access this Photo Library' when I click it. Could you please send an email to

Thank you!
Sanwhole - Aug 15 at 8:51am Copy Link
David Mescheloff This really is difficult to install. I finally managed to download the Sanwhole Promotes Passbooks’ vmc file. but double-clicking on it just fails to open it to get the right redeem code. It doesn't get as far as asking for the "unlock code". It informs me that it is "unable to load DLL SanwholeWincppall.dll" What is going on here? It's nice that you give us most of the Redeem code, but we can't get the last 3 digits from the VMC. What to do?
Aug 15 at 11:43am Copy Link
Mick Martin @Norman Wong,

I thank you for coming back to me, sir. Sorry it's taken me several hours to reply but I have a sleep disorder, narcolepsy, where the sufferer falls asleep inappropriately, and often fall to sleep several times a day.

I can't explain why it's stating that ''You do not have rights to access this Photo Library" as I've made it viewable to everyone.

Anyway, the picture that I've uploaded simply shows that it's NOT the same as the image that you advised me to see, except there is no scroll bar near the bottom of the screen, and there is NO DOWNLOAD Link available to me, hence the reason I asked which web browser you've optimised your download page to be used with.

I WILL send an email to (I have already tried logging in to my existing account, but it simply states ERROR!)

Thank you again, sir.

Aug 15 at 12:17pm Copy Link
Norman Wong @David Mescheloff, Hello.

Many you need install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable here

Learn more, see the download page "Pre-requirements",
Sanwhole - Aug 15 at 2:32pm Copy Link
Andy Phillips I managed to activate it, but I really can't explain how. The VMC download page didn't immediately provide the link (the "downloads" column was indeed offscreen right, but there was initially no link there... perhaps because the page was loading very slowly?) for a while,,, and then it did. After getting the VMC file to the desktop and after closing an instance or two of the Studio I had open it finally opened a three-element document one of the tabs, only one of which was the right key, but you could determine which one from the included date. Contra the developer's statement above (which I hadn't yet encountered, so I copied the code into Notepad manually), they diffI'm still n ot sure what program to ered in more than the last few digits. After I redeemed it a couple licences (for the .editor and excel clone, iirc) appeared in the license manager. And then I was able to open a spreadsheet in the Excel tab in Vole Studio.

I'm still not sure what program to associate an .xmls extension with to have it open a spreadsheetm but at ;east I'll be able to open Excel spreadsheets on this laptop. For a year, anyway.
Aug 15 at 3:41pm Copy Link
Mick Martin @Norman Wong,

After sending an email to Sanwhole Support I decided to Shut down my computer, wait a few minutes then try again to see if I was able to see the scrollbar at the bottom of the page to to see if the download link would appear. It did!

I successfully downloaded, and double-clicked on the vmc file, which did correctly open Sanwhole Studio.

I thank you, once again, sir, but following an email from Sanwhole Support I am still unable to Activate the software as I'm greeted with: "There is no such email account. Go back to try login again." It seems that Sanwhole are incapable of maintaining a database as I KNOW that both my email address and password are correct as they are saved in my Password Manager software.

I've searched on the Sanwhole website to see if I can register a new account, but can't find where to do this. I have explained this situation to Sanwhole Support and asked if they can provide me with a url to create an account, but I'm waiting for a response.

To be honest with you, I PROBABLY won't keep Vole Office as, personally, I find it rubbish. It is not able to open existing docx files, even though a page does open up indicating that it's there ... the title of the said document appears along the top, on the Tab, but the document is totally blank. It looks like I'll be going back to using LibreOffice, which is a FREE alternative to Microsoft Office.

Aug 15 at 3:48pm Copy Link
Norman Wong @Andy Phillips, Hello.

The main menu of the software is as follows: "Browser, Explorer, Word, Excel, ...", where Word is Vole Word can open all Microsoft Word files, and Excel is Vole Excel can open all Microsoft Excel files.
Sanwhole - Aug 15 at 4:41pm Copy Link
Norman Wong @MoreMick Martin,

Software activation is done using the Redeem menu, without the need to enter an email or password, just the Redeem Code. Based on the information you provided, you may have mistakenly used the 'Activate this PC' menu.

Also, I couldn't find your account. If you have indeed registered before, it means that it has been automatically deleted base on our Agreement. Please refer to 'Dormancy' in the agreement here

Please note that this restriction is only applicable to giveaway license. As long as there is any purchase license in your account, the account information will be permanently retained.
Sanwhole - Aug 15 at 5:03pm Copy Link
Mick Martin @Norman Wong,

I've already got past the Redeem menu, sir, and when that appeared successful, I thought I'd try the Activate this PC, which is where it 'caused problems'.

Having said that, it still seems incapable of opening Word .docx files. I haven't tried any other file types.

I guess my account HAS been deleted, sir, as the last time I used the Sanwhole website was to register a previous giveaway of Vole Office some years ago. I can see now why I decided to uninstall the previous installation. I simply couldn't abide it as NOTHING seemed to work with importing Microsoft Office files.

Thank you for taking the time to come back to me ... again!

Aug 15 at 6:00pm Copy Link
Norman Wong @MoreMick Martin,

Vole Office includes Vole Word and Vole Excel. Vole Office license can activate these two software.

How to open Word doc please see here:

How to open Excel doc please see here:
Sanwhole - Aug 15 at 7:26pm Copy Link
M. User Everything works fine as far as step 2. In step 3 however, after double clicking “Sanwhole Promotes Passbooks.vmc” after a considerable amount of time a window "Customer Area - Sanwhole Studio (8.3.23083)" opens, which is totally empty -- no request to enter an unlock code, and no "unlock" button! So what ?
(The task manager shows zero activity with the Sanwhole Studio App)
Please clarify and give instructions!
Aug 15 at 7:39pm Copy Link
Norman Wong @M. User, Hello.

The first run is relatively slow because it requires all initialization, including one-time and repeated.

You can try close all Sanwhole Studio process and double click the vmc file again. The software should auto open the top main menu "Briefcase".
Sanwhole - Aug 15 at 8:20pm Copy Link
Andy Phillips @Norman Wong: Yes, I found out how to open an .xmls file from within Vole Studio, but the question is how to associate that file type so that clicking on it automatically opens it up within your application. I associated it with Vole Studio, but then clicking on the file merely results in opening VS at the main menu, not loading the file into your Excel clone. Is this fixable?

As to the VMC file, I did indeed get it to open in Briefcase, but THREE activation codes appeared in a tree, one of which was the right one. You ought to get rid of the other two with earlier dates. (If they are used the result is a message saying the code has expired.)
Aug 16 at 12:49am Copy Link
Mick Martin @Norman Wong,

Thank you, yet again, sir.

I don't have an xls, xlsm or xlsx file to open in Excel, sir, but I do have several .csv files and .txt files and these open without any problem.

I do still, however, have a problem with opening .docx files. It still displays a blank page, even though the title exists of the document I've opened. It DOES open .doc files and these display correctly.

Another thing I've noticed is that each time I start up Sanwhole Studio is runs through the initialisation process. Is it meant to do that each time I start up the program?

Aug 16 at 2:37am Copy Link
Norman Wong @Mick Martin,

Could you please send us the docx file that you cannot open it with the software?

The initialization process of the software is necessary. Just like loading Microsoft Word and Excel.

Additionally, the installer will create a folder at c:\Sanwhole Desktop after installation. You may find Excel example file there.
Sanwhole - Aug 16 at 3:07am Copy Link
Mick Martin @Norman Wong,

You, sir, have been a great help.

Thanks to your advice, I am able to View and Edit both of the .xlsx files that you so kindly pointed me to, and I am able to View and Edit both of the .docx files that are included, too.

As far as I can see, the 'problem' that I was experiencing with opening the .docx files that I have on my hard drive is because they weren't actually created using Microsoft Office Word, but were created in LibreOffice Writer. They are, however, capable of being opened in Microsoft Office Word.

I've confirmed that there MUST be some disparity between the way that Microsoft Office saves .docx files and the way that LibreOffice saves .docx files as I've just installed another Office Suite, namely Kingsoft WPS Office, and once I save a .docx file in that I can open them up in Sanwhole Studio and they appear fine. I can also edit them, too.

In that respect, I believe it would be a waste of evryone's time for me to send across the .docx files that I have saved on my hard drive as I firmly believe that you will find exactly the same root cause as I have. Believe me, I must have tried to open several dozen different .docx files in Sanwhole Studio, and not one of them opened up ... or rather, they opened up as a blank page, with the title of each document in the Tab area of what appears when I am able to successfully open one of your documents.

I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your phenomenal assistance. I think that speaks volumes about the kind of support that Sanwhole offers its customers ... even non-paying customers, like myself.

Aug 16 at 5:45am Copy Link
David Mescheloff @Norman Wong,
I asked this yesterday. I hope you'll answer before it will not be possible to install!
I double click on "Sanwhole Promotes Passbooks.vmc”, and after it seems to try to get going, a window opens up with:
(Unable to load DLL "SanwholeWinsppall.dll". The specified module could not be found (Exception from HRESULT 0x8007007E))
and then "Sanwhole Promotes Passbooks.vmc" closes down.
I did, before the above, install the latest Sanwhole Studio.
What shall I do?
Aug 16 at 5:46am Copy Link
Norman Wong @Mick Martin,

I am also very grateful for the detailed and professional information you were able to provide throughout the entire process. We are deeply moved by your spirit of not giving up until you have identified the problem. Thank you. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us again.
Sanwhole - Aug 16 at 6:13am Copy Link
Norman Wong @Andy Phillips,

We have just released 8.4.23084 to address the file association feature of Vole Word and Vole Excel. This version can automatically open Sanwhole Studio and navigate to Vole Word or Vole Excel when you click the Word or Excel file.

When installing the new version of Sanwhole Studio software, please manually uninstall the old version first.
Sanwhole - Aug 16 at 6:21am Copy Link
Norman Wong @David Mescheloff,

Have you tried my previous reply? Here

Additionally, we have just released a new version of 8.4.23084. The installation file for this version is EXE instead of MSI. This version can automatically detect and prompt you to install required Windows components, including detecting. NET Framework 4.5.2 and Visual Studio C++ Redistributable.

When installing the new version of Sanwhole Studio software, please manually uninstall the old version first.
Sanwhole - Aug 16 at 6:30am Copy Link
David Mescheloff @Norman Wong
Thank you very much! I finally succeeded, with the help you suggested.
I see that I have installed version 8.3.23083.
Is it at all significant in any way that it is not 8.4.23084 ?
Thanks again, and best wishes for success in all your endeavors!
Aug 16 at 7:54am Copy Link
Mick Martin @Norman Wong,

Bless you, sir.

I wouldn't consider anything that I added as "detailed and professional information", simply on what I was finding and/or noticing. YOU, on the other hand have provided an exceptional amount of detailed information and guidance that I'm sure many users on this website would be able to make use of.

Thank you again, Norman Wong.
Aug 16 at 10:33am Copy Link
Lazar Voin This software was initially a German product and was a Pain to activate, now it belongs to some Asian company and registration is impossible.

Why make it simple when you can complicate things?

I bought previously a lifetime license to the "360 Office online" or something like that and never got to activate it.

Poor service before and useless today!
Aug 16 at 3:51pm Copy Link
Norman Wong @David Mescheloff,

Don't mention it, that's what we should do. The new version adds Vole Word and Vole Excel software to associate Word and Excel files. It can be achieved that when double clicking on Word and Excel files, the Sanwhole Studio software automatically opens and navigates to the Vole Word or Vole Excel window to display the corresponding files.

If you click on the App button in the upper left corner of the software, select About from the pop-up menu, and you can see all the upgrade records of the software.
Sanwhole - Aug 16 at 5:49pm Copy Link
Norman Wong @Lazar Voin, Hello.

It is unethical to release unpublished information from others without permission. If the information disclosed is still incorrect, it may violate the law.

Simplification and complexity are two aspects of the same thing, and neither is indispensable.

If you are dissatisfied with our software or services, you can receive a full refund according to both our service agreement and BDJ's service agreement. I have reviewed your purchase record and found that you purchased the Sanwhole Studio 365 Business Ultimate Edition AUTD 1-Year (No Renewal) on March 10, 2022. It is a 1-Year service, not a permanent service. This service is free now.

Just like 'to gain respect from others, you must first respect them', if you want to receive good service, you must also serve the people who serve you first. For example, preparing necessary materials, polite greetings, etc. I checked your account information on BDJ and found that you are also an old user. I don't want to say much about your comment, please behave yourself.
Sanwhole - Aug 16 at 6:36pm Copy Link
David Mescheloff @Norman Wong
Thanks again very much.
In the last hour possible I managed to uninstall the earlier version and to reinstall the newer version, 8.4.23084 .
I'm looking forward to a good year of productive use.
Best wishes,
David Mescheloff
Aug 16 at 11:43pm Copy Link

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