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ABBYY Screenshot Reader

Turn Screenshots Into Editable Content

v11 for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 SP2, Windows Server 2003
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Ever get stuck retyping information from an image into an editable format? Want to find out how to convert images into editable formats quickly and easily? Wonder no longer, thanks to today’s discount software promotion ABBYY Screenshot Reader!

ABBYY Screenshot Reader turns any screenshot into an editable format for inclusion in emails, reports, and documents. With ABBYY Screenshot Reader, you’ll be able to translate image content in more than 160 languages into editable forms with the highest levels of accuracy.

Imagine being able to just open documents, web pages, presentations, PDF files, or Flash content, taking a screenshot, and then having an editable version of that content in mere moments! It’s all within your grasp once you own a copy of ABBYY Screenshot Reader.

The Conversation
The Fine Print
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Praveen Fine Print says:
"Upgrades to future versions of the software will require additional payment. Installing a new version may overwrite the existing version and invalidate your license key."

Does this mean that even minor version updates are not included?
Nov 14 2018 at 5:46am Copy Link
ABBYY No, not for minor updates. If there were a new SSR version update then yes there would be an additional payment.
ABBYY - Nov 14 2018 at 8:08am Copy Link
SoftCollector Any plans to offer the new FineReader here?
Nov 14 2018 at 2:24pm Copy Link
ABBYY We do have a Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotion for ABBYY FineReader 14 Standard and ABBYY FR Pro for Mac in the works coming Nov. 21 so please do keep an eye out for that if you are in the market for it!
ABBYY - Nov 14 2018 at 2:41pm Copy Link
Joe M I am currently using version; Part # 1136.1.
Is this version any different then what I already have?
Nov 14 2018 at 2:56pm Copy Link
ABBYY Hi Joe, No this is still version 11.
ABBYY - Nov 15 2018 at 7:11am Copy Link
Cary Adams @Praveen User... I doubt you need to worry much about upgrades. I've been on v11 for quite some time. I don't see much happening with this app apart from fixes to keep it working w/Win10.
Nov 15 2018 at 8:38am Copy Link
Sara User I thought I got this for free from another site on 8/8/2018, but then I had the very unpleasant surprise that - with installation the very same day - it did NOT work: Here's one problem:

C:\Users\[withheld]\AppData\Local\Temp\ScrA11E.tmp\_FRBatch.pac was not found.

Then some other, persistent, problem, even with second/third download, second/third/fourth installation:

Operation failed. Some errors occurred:
Cannot access document C:\Users\[withheld]\AppData\Local\Temp\ScrF00C.tmp. Access denied or document corrupted. Please close the document.

I use W10-64; every other software - more than 200 in all - works as expected.

Any comment? (This problem could not been resolved since Abbyy refuses to provide any help for giveaways, so whenever they don't work, even after allegedly successful install, as in this case, you're on your own. In principle, I would have been very interested in Abbyy FineReader at a good price, but then, with such problems, I have second thoughts.)
Nov 15 2018 at 8:40am Copy Link
SoftCollector Will the discount for ABBYY FineReader 14 Standard be offered on this site or on your own site? Will the price be lower than 129 EUR (the current price for an upgrade)?
Nov 15 2018 at 9:27am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @SoftCollector, We will have a promotion involving ABBYY FineReader 14 next week here on BitsDuJour.
BitsDuJour Admin - Nov 15 2018 at 9:28am Copy Link
ABBYY @SoftCollector It will be on BitsDuJour and on Same discount for both - 60% off FR Pro for Mac and FR 14 Standard.
ABBYY - Nov 15 2018 at 9:52am Copy Link
Sara User Interesting that ABBYY comments on discounts here, but not upon error messages?
Nov 15 2018 at 10:13am Copy Link
ABBYY @SarahUser. ABBYY did not offer SSR for free on 8/8/2018 so I am not sure what site did and apologize that they advertised that. It's unfortunate that someone would.
ABBYY - Nov 15 2018 at 10:47am Copy Link
Bertie Brummel @vendor / DDJ: A few hours ago I purchased (using my real name, not the alias for BDJ) and installed. However, I cannot activate. When I try to start the software an error message pops up saying "cannot start because the licensing service has been stopped"

Please advise ......
Nov 15 2018 at 12:08pm Copy Link
Doug Atkinson Longtime user of ScreenShot reader. I does a very good job at capturing screen text from an image and converting it to text. I use it to capture book table of contents listings. It has some issues - sometimes the page numbers appear on the same line, but sometimes the page numbers are formatted to appear at the end of the document and I have to do more manual editing. But for the price, it works great and I highly recommend it. Sorry for Sara User; I use Win10 64 as well and it installs and works fine. Perhaps the place where you got it has a corrupted version.
Nov 15 2018 at 12:10pm Copy Link
ABBYY @Bertie Sorry to hear that! You can find the best way to contact us based on your location here:
ABBYY - Nov 15 2018 at 1:01pm Copy Link
Sara User The SharewareOnSale Giveaway Abbyy Screenshot Reader Hub is dated 8/8/2018, and the .exe is from 20/8/2018, so my problem dates from 20/8, not 8/8, sorry for my memory not being absolutely perfect.

The problem remains that instead of working as expected, this Screenshot Reader gives error messages you're obviously not eager to comment upon.

This doesn't build up trust.
Nov 15 2018 at 2:06pm Copy Link
Colin McAllister This is one of the most useful programs I own. If you're not sure if you need it, then I'd say to you that "This $7 purchase is a no-brainer investment is a piece of software that WILL actually save you tons of time".
Nov 15 2018 at 2:07pm Copy Link
ABBYY @SaraUser I am so sorry you are experiencing errors. Can you please reach out to our customer support team so they may better assist you with this? You can find the best way to contact them based on your location here:
ABBYY - Nov 15 2018 at 2:41pm Copy Link
Sara User EDITED: I just lost 7$ plus lots of VAT.

This program (I downloaded and installed the file given in the Abbyy mail) is unusable for me.

When you leave it at the defaults, "Area, English, Text to Clipboard", then click, you get a special cursor to draw a rectangle. The screen gets greyed, and the rectangle gets white. Problem is, the rectangle you draw does NOT start at the point you hold down the mouse button, but some 200 pixels above the point (my left=main screen starts at y=0, my secondary=right screen starts at -300 or so; I tried on both, so my screen is not the problem).

Thus, you do NOT know what text you select, the wrongly-placed white background misleading you; it's only at the point of releasing the mouse button that the white background will then switch from its much too high a position to the one you will have really drawn with the mouse; this is identical for drawing the text area from topleft to bottomright or from bottomleft to topright.

This is absolutely awful already.

Then, I get the following error message:

ABBYY Screenshot Reader
C:\Users\[withheld by me]\AppData\Local\Temp\Retail.SSR11\SSR_{74BAF4E1-EB2E-40DB-8AD7-555B48917CB5}\_FRBatch.pac was not found.

(Needless to say I did all three allowed downloads, and then used the middle download which in my download manager (IDM) went thru without any retardations.)

My original message:

(Thank you, Doug, will buy and hold you personally responsible if it doesn't work as fine as it does for you! ;-) (Yes, Colin's right, 7$'s a no brainer if it works.))

Very "funny". I'm really fed up.

As said, every other application on my system works as expected.
Nov 15 2018 at 2:52pm Copy Link
Nico Westerdale Great News! ABBYY has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy!
BitsDuJour Admin - Nov 16 2018 at 12:11am Copy Link
Brenda Adams I can use my Omnipage OCR to convert text in screenshots. What is the advantage to having your product? (I mean: does your software make screenshots and therefore, would the outcome of the conversion therefore be more accurate?)
Nov 16 2018 at 1:53am Copy Link
Doug Atkinson SaraUser, have you tried contacting Abbyy support at the contact given above? Also, have you tried fully uninstalling Abbyy first and then reinstalling it? Perhaps there is something left over from the previous install of the "free" version that is still messing things up. On my installation, I just have "area" selected, Text to Clipboard, and click the button. Then I just place the cursor where I want to start the selection, left click and drag to the bottom corner, then select capture, and it works fine. I don't know why it's not working for you. If the software doesn't work - then perhaps you should see if BitsDuJour can issue a refund (I don't know if they do that or not).
Nov 16 2018 at 2:14am Copy Link
Steven Avery I've used Screenshot Reader for years (version 9 originally) and it has been my best small utility, doing a big job. Often I try to make sure I have an extra license available. (New puter, friends.) They do have some sort of check system if you try to install everywhere.

I also use WinSnap a bit as well. However, Abbyy is always used on the following two situations:

1) OCR in English, German, Latin, etc.
2) Pictures quickly to the clipboard, ready for pasting.

Granted I could also use it for "Save to File" but for that I usually use WinSnap, which is occasionally on Bits in the past. No OCR.

Very rarely I had to deal with an frbatch_pac glitch and the stopped service problems. The Abbyy support was superb, since it is a paid ($7) program. I kept my email support notes.

Since you can get this special, I would not bother with any "free" one day alternatives.

I've never had a problem getting the right text location, the issue with the gentleman above.

Granted, books from the 1700s and early 1800s can be hard for OCR, but that would be true with any OCR.
Nov 16 2018 at 3:17am Copy Link
Sara User Update: Incredible white-rectangle display much too high persists, so I'll have to live with that if I want to use this tool: Rectangle is ABOVE the selected text, or, if the selected text is "long" enough, the rectangle partly superposes within the real selection area; both is incredibly awful.

This occurs even after closing down the pc and restarting it, after having switched off my secondary screen (the one with the even better solution, and of which the "y" axis start position is minus something, in order to get the "base line" of both screens identical; to make this clear: I switched off the possibly problematic screen BEFORE restarting the pc; I also switched off Autohotkey, but which doesn't do anything either for positioning the main screen (used solely now, for these try-out purposes).

This persististing after "repairing" the installation: I re-installed, but from my third one of three permitted downloads (one of two which had stopped in-between, was then resumed by my download manager): I was then asked if I wanted to repair, by replacing the file of n bits with the other one of n bits too, i.e. these two numbers in the dialog were perfectly identical. I clicked on "yes" all the same, so the install was overwritten/"repaired" then.

Btw, these files, according to the dialog, are all "modified on 9/16/2013, which has been more than 5 years ago and thus could indicate some problems with W10-64, since from 2013, W10 (32/64) has evolved in quite some way.

I do NOT get the above (or any other) error message anymore, for the time being, and after this "repair" (even with Autohotkey on and both screens on), and the text retrieved is very well the text within the REAL (but not indicated) rectangle you draw with the mouse (i.e. which you draw within the grayed-out screen area), but that - useless - white area which then displays around 200 pixels higher-up is an incredible nuisance.

It seems that the absence of development for more than 5 years shows here, on my system, the latter just being too recent for this tool's development status, and the same could happen for any other recent system, either today or after the next, automatic Windows (10) update.

Whilst my (as said, disconnected anyway) secondary monitor runs on a basic NVidia card, my main screen runs on the in-built 630 graphics, so this constellation is far from "exotic".

And I'm far from happy with this, the "user experience" price I'm paying to get (sufficiently big) screen text ocr'ed being very high.
Nov 16 2018 at 4:50am Copy Link
ABBYY @SarahUser We are glad to hear that you are no longer experiencing an error message. I encourage you to reach out to our Customer Support Team with any other concerns or questions you may have here:
ABBYY - Nov 16 2018 at 8:07am Copy Link
Bertie Brummel @ vendor:

"You can find the best way to contact us based on your location here:"

No good advise: This URL shows only the sales e-mail links for the vraious regions.
I then phoned ABBYY EU and they told me to contact the centralised support unit:
Nov 16 2018 at 9:16am Copy Link
ABBYY @Bertie Thanks for pointing this out. There are different ways to go about it yes and different locations have different ways to contact us. For instance, you can also reach out to ABBYY in the US via this form here: Glad you were able to connect with ABBYY EU and they provided the email to you.
ABBYY - Nov 16 2018 at 11:35am Copy Link
Steven Avery Sara, I had a quirky problem last night, similar to the offset you mentioned. I ;think at the time my puter was running at a different resolution, for some unknown reason..The print looked small at the time. However, for me that was a one-time quirk.

I hope you can work it all out with Abbyy. Good catch on the old version. In my experience, they do know their stuff.
Nov 16 2018 at 12:00pm Copy Link
HJ B As far as I can tell, all formatting is lost and font is substituted by a plain text font. Am I correct?

With that limitation, I can still see a certain usefulness for this application, if a quick, "down and dirty" capture is sufficient. Otherwise, I would capture the scree or portion as a graphic and then run it through Adobe Acrobat OCR.

On the other hand, if the screen is displaying copy-able text, I would just highlight the text and copy it using plain Windows functionality.

This only seems to be of value if the text on screen is a graphic or is copy-restricted.

Have I missed something?
Nov 16 2018 at 12:49pm Copy Link
Steven Avery For one thing, often PDFs do not have copy-able text. Similar with many books and magazines. I use Abbyy with material from Google Books,, and all sorts of other spots Such small unit copies for research are generally "fair use"..

I find myself using the OCR daily, and only occasionally is the loss of some original formatting significant. Granted I should compare with Adobe, presumably Finereader does the same as Screenshot reader. However, I like the idea that I can work quickly, I don't have to run the tex-shott through another program. Speed is helpful.

I also use Abbyy for the very quick capture to clipboard, e.g. if I am gong to paste into an email or a document it is a very comfy quick metjhod.
Nov 16 2018 at 2:46pm Copy Link

Please note that all comments for this promotion will be screened before posting. It's nothing personal, just a step we have to take because of a few bad apples last time around.

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