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Create Striking Graphic Designs Without a Learning Curve

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Do you need to make a snazzy graphic, poster, infographic, or other collateral that requires much more creative talent than you actually possess? Instead of shelling out big bucks for a graphic artist, you should look into today’s discount promotion, DesignCap!

DesignCap lets you build striking graphic designs for your business, event, social media, and more, with amazing templates and an intuitive interface. With DesignCap, you’ll be able to get up and running quickly, accessing thousands of customizable templates and over a million stock photos. From there, just use the powerful editing tools to instantly add images, text, and backgrounds.

People will think you’re an expert in graphic design when they see what you create with DesignCap! Only you need to know what you can accomplish in just a few minutes!

After you purchase DesignCap, it may be used for 12 months.

Review Written by Derek Lee

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The Fine Print
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anh User thnksss
Jan 3 2020 at 1:37am Copy Link
Louis Ayers How does one download the software?
Jan 3 2020 at 5:22am Copy Link
Marshall Brown Ditto, how to download?
Jan 3 2020 at 8:17am Copy Link
clive User As far as I can see this is online software and you need internet connection to access it. Your designs are stored online. I signed up to try it for a year (you have to give credit card details) and was billed £0 correctly. However in my viewing the link to cancel the account (to be able to use it for a year but not be billed next year) was non-existant. I had to send them a message to mark my account for deletion and for them not to collect future subscriptions. Although I appreciate the free year's use I feel that subscribing to pay money should be a pro-active thing on the part of the user. By all means send a reminder email a month or so before it expires and invite me then to enter my credit card details.

The BdJ fine print reads "After you purchase DesignCap it may be used for 12 months and will not function after that unless you renew your subscription."

This is inconsistent with the email they send which reads "Your subscription will automatically renew on Jan 03, 2021, unless you cancel it."
Jan 3 2020 at 9:25am Copy Link
s User I was able to sign up without adding a credit card - just used the coupon code sent in my email. Looks to be all online, yes.
Jan 3 2020 at 9:37am Copy Link
Marshall Brown I got the email but there was no coupon code unless they use the serial number they included as a Coupon code. It did allow me to go through the registration process OK though.
Jan 3 2020 at 9:54am Copy Link
Linton User WARNING: This SAME offer was available on SharewareOnSale a couple of weeks ago and when I went through the process of signing up they DID require me to input my VISA card details and they then CHARGED ME THE FULL COST OF THE YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION!!!!

Despite me contacting them within an hour... they STILL haven't addressed the situation and given me a refund!

I'm EXTREMELY unhappy with this company as they scammed me and ripped me off for the FULL COST of their service even though it was supposed to be a free 12 month giveaway subscription just the same as today's offer here on BitDeJour!

Jan 3 2020 at 11:07pm Copy Link
Nico Westerdale Great News! PearlMountain has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy!
BitsDuJour Admin - Jan 4 2020 at 12:11am Copy Link
wwwww User Instructions

1. Register an account.
2. Go ahead to this page:
Choose “Annual” and “Basic” plan to move this forward.
3. Paste your coupon code into the code box after clicking “Have a coupon?”. Click “Redeem”. Then you will be notified with a message “You’ve successfully redeemed coupon code!”

Number 3 not showing up.
Jan 4 2020 at 2:20am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @wwwww User, The redeemable code is in the receipt email you received.
BitsDuJour Admin - Jan 4 2020 at 2:52am Copy Link
Jo Ann Rice Once again another software that is not software but an online service. The Fine Print actually says you will download the software, but I'm very sure this is just an online builder, not software. I couldn't find any download link anywhere on their website at all, only ways to login or create an account so you can build online.

Not a bad thing, just wish these sellers would correctly describe their products better.
Jan 4 2020 at 2:55am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Jo Ann Rice, This is indeed for the 1 year Basic plan.
BitsDuJour Admin - Jan 4 2020 at 2:57am Copy Link
DesignCap Thank you for your question. DesignCap is a web-based tool which can be just used online.
Jan 4 2020 at 2:58am Copy Link
wwwww User 1. Register an account.
2. Go ahead to this page:
Choose “Annual” and “Basic” plan to move this forward.
3. Paste your coupon code into the code box after clicking “Have a coupon?”. Click “Redeem”. Then you will be notified with a message “You’ve successfully redeemed coupon code!”

Number 3 not showing up.
Jan 4 2020 at 5:30am Copy Link
DesignCap @Linton User Sorry for any confusion. But there is no need to give the credit card details. All you need to do is copy the code and paste it into the code box and click Redeem-> Pay Now buttons.
Jan 4 2020 at 5:32am Copy Link
wwwww User 3. Paste your coupon code into the code box after clicking “Have a coupon?”. Click “Redeem”. Then you will be notified with a message “You’ve successfully redeemed coupon code!”

Number 3 not showing up.
Jan 4 2020 at 5:49am Copy Link
s User @wwwww then you have not selected the "annual" plan before selecting the "basic" package. Go "back" in your browser, slide the slider to the right (above "Basic") Make sure the selection then shows a monthly price for Basic. The field will then show to enter a coupon code. No need to enter any credit card details at all.
Jan 4 2020 at 6:03am Copy Link
Indusekar SK I had no problem using the code and there was no need to enter CC details on applying the given code for redemption.

thank ;you
Jan 4 2020 at 6:09am Copy Link
wwwww User The field will then show to enter a coupon code.

Not showing up at all.
Jan 4 2020 at 6:43am Copy Link
clive User @Linton. If any company wrongly takes money from your credit card then contact your credit card company, explain the circumstances briefly and ask them to reverse the charge. It will help your case if you have a copy of the relevant offer but in my experience credit card companies usually act on such a request which means that the vendor has to object and prove the payment was valid rather than leaving onus of proof on you. Obviously you have take the first step of asking the company to refund it so no point in chasing them further - go straight to the CC company
Jan 4 2020 at 7:07am Copy Link
Debbie For those of you not seeing the coupon box; once you have registered for a free account, login and go to your My Account in the upper right corner, where you should then see a green upgrade button, click on that, then choose the basic plan, this will bring up the payment screen where you can enter the coupon code that you'll get by email from BitsDujour. Don't enter any CC info, just put the coupon code in the box where it asks if you have a coupon. Once you've done that click on the button that says 'pay now' and this will complete the process.
Jan 4 2020 at 3:41pm Copy Link
wwwww User Sorry,the coupon thing is to much hassle.
Jan 5 2020 at 4:25am Copy Link
Charles User is it still worth taking?
Apr 13 2022 at 5:20pm Copy Link

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