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Search and Find Files Faster

v2.42 for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows Vista or later
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Do you still search for files in your computer using only file names? The end result is always the same – a bunch of files with similar or the same name, and you have to open each one to find the right one. Step up your game with today’s discount software promotion, DeskRule!

DeskRule lets you search and filter files using over 300 file properties, making finding the right item exceptionally easy. With DeskRule, you’ll be able to leverage the flexibility of file attributes to quickly find files by Artist, Author, Tags, Keywords, GPS location, and more!

Search using DeskRule isn’t limited to just your computer. In fact, you can use DeskRule to search mobile phones, cameras, ZIP archives, and virtual folders. You can even use wildcards and regular expressions, combined with Boolean search, to perform amazingly complex searches that deliver results!

Until recently, using DeskRule, you could only find files in the conventional way, say find documents modified in the last month or pictures with 4 stars rating and above. But what if you wanted to check file properties against each other? E.g. find files whose Modification date is older than their Creation date? Now you can do just that with the unique desktop detective search mode.
No doubt this is an impressive search capability, but whom is it for? Unless you are working as a forensic investigator for the FBI, why would anyone need such functionality? Arguably this kind of power isn't for everyday searches, but it could prove useful in many situations that you need to combine file attributes and check their relationship. Here are a few examples off the top of my head:

  • Find photos that were edited since shot:
  • $System.DateModified > $System.Photo.DateTaken + 1
  • Find photos shot at non-standard aspect ratio:
  • $System.Image.VerticalSize / $System.Image.HorizontalSize != 4/3
  • Find files with substantial hidden parallel streams (fishy?)
  • $System.Size + 5KB < $Stock.TotalFileSize"

Please note folks: you can now search your photos using a map, please click here to read more about this.
Trying to decide which version of DeskRule (Lite, Standard) is right for you? Check out the feature comparison matrix and make an informed decision!
Version 2.01 brings new features for "offline" search as explained here: Offline catalog: Find files in disconnected external storage media
The new version 2.4 brings these two important features:

  • REFINE SEARCH: a new toolbar button next to START SEARCH lets you refine previous search results. It is like a local search, where instead of searching your hard disk, it just considers the previous search results available in the window, applying a new search filter on them. Old search results that don't match the new filter are removed.
  • BIGGER DIALOGS: easier to read and work with dialog boxes, for high DPI monitors.

This promotion includes the following:
DeskRule Lite v2.42 ($19.95)
DeskRule Standard v2.42 ($39.95)

The Conversation
The Fine Print
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Nailesh User I want to upgrade Deskrule lite to standard, do I have to pay 10 USD ?
May 6 at 12:50am Copy Link
nikos bozinis sorry the upgrade path isn't on offer
zabkat - May 6 at 11:12pm Copy Link
lisba f Two questions:

a.When I do a search for a word and open the file that that word is found, is it possible that your program guide me to the specific point/page instead to just open the file for me and letting me do another search to find where the word is located in that document?

b. Do I need to change something in the settings to work with Unicode characters?
May 12 at 2:22pm Copy Link
Rohs Can deskrule (or one of its plugins) search and find words within images (png, jpg)? I am looking for more than OCR of documents in pdf form. Looking to be able to search and find text in a photo like a picture of a street sign.
May 12 at 2:34pm Copy Link
Robert Crombie My main PC is XP Pro 32 bit (The only PC that I need to do searches)
What is the latest version of your program that will work in XP ?
And does the 50% discount apply ?
May 12 at 9:09pm Copy Link
nikos bozinis @Rohs sorry no
@Robert deskrule needs vista or later, no XP. For good search in XP try xplorer2
zabkat - May 12 at 9:22pm Copy Link
nikos bozinis @lisba
a. The previewer in deskrule (press CTRL+Q keys if you don't see it) will highlight all the keywords you search for in documents. Press F3 in there to see the next hit. As for external programs that open the documents. it's generally not possible to link them with deskrule. The exception is if you have xplorer2 (editor2) installed, then when you press F3 to view a matched file, then another F3 will take you to the first keyword. But this only would work for plain text files

b. unicode/utf8 and all other encodings are handled automatically
zabkat - May 12 at 9:27pm Copy Link
Kelly Hamblin @ Rober Crombie - Try Agent Ransack, the free (older) version of File Locator Pro. It should work on an XP machine, but it works differently than Zabcat's offering. It will search anything and everything from its own interface. If you search for a word, it will show every file that contains the word and the surrounding text so you can better determine which file you need.
May 13 at 9:03am Copy Link
Robert Crombie Kelly,
Thanks for responding.
I just purchased the full version (aka Standard) of DeskRule.
I will copy the folders from my XP PC to my network thumb drive (shoved into my modem), and search from my W8.1 PC
PS (To others)
The interface could do with much more informative ToolTips.
Sound and Closed Captions appear to be missing on the youtube video
There are a few more videos on youtube which I will check out later.
May 13 at 6:47pm Copy Link
nikos bozinis @robert, the email you received with the unlock key has instructions for using it. If you wait for a day or 2, deskrule will ask for the key anyway
zabkat - May 13 at 10:24pm Copy Link

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