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Dr. ExplainDiscount

Dr. Explain

An Amazing Automatic Documentation Authoring Tool

v6.x for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows 7, 8, and 10 (64 bit)
Dr. Explain ScreenshotHelp Authoring Software ScreenshotDr. Explain, Help Authoring Software ScreenshotDr. Explain, Development Software ScreenshotHelp Authoring Software, Dr. Explain ScreenshotDevelopment Software, Dr. Explain ScreenshotDevelopment Software, Help Authoring Software ScreenshotDr. Explain, Development Software, Help Authoring Software ScreenshotDr. Explain Screenshot 8

It's a funny thing about help authoring software - the tools that we use to write the help documentation have generally not evolved at the same pace as the stuff we're documenting. So, as the software that we're explaining gets more and more complicated, we're still stuck with the same tools that require us to map out our topics, figure out what's important, dissect each screenshot, and so on. With complex applications, you end up spending most of your time researching and less time writing.

What if I told you that there's help authoring software that will write help documentation for you? That all you needed to do was to introduce this app to your software interface, and the app would automatically create topics that you could simply flesh out?

Dr. Explain is an automated help authoring tool that produces your choice of output formats - CHM, HTML, online manuals, and even printed documentation. Dr. Explain analyzes the structure of your software's screens and forms and automatically generates numbered annotations for each GUI element - every button, icon, field, menu, and toolbar. As the help author, your job just got a lot easier. All you need to do is add the descriptive text to each annotation to explain each function. Dr. Explain condenses hours of work into just a few minutes!

Dr. Explain will astound you with its flexibility. The output files that are produced by Dr. Explain can easily be invoked by a variety of programming languages such asC, C++, Visual Basic, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, WinForms, WPF, Delphi & Object Pascal, Clarion, FoxPro, PHP, Perl, HTML, and JavaScript, to name just a few!

This promotion includes the following:
Dr.Explain Regular License v6.x ($250)
Dr.Explain Advanced License v6.x ($350)
Dr.Explain Ultima License v6.x ($450)

The Conversation
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Francesco Hello, I read that this deal about Dr. Explain is coming back. Do you have an ETA, please? Thanks
Sunday at 4:11am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Francesco User, When a deal is marked as "Deal Coming Soon", it will be no more than 3 days when the deal will be live.
BitsDuJour Admin - Sunday at 4:12am Copy Link
Francesco That's a very good news! Thanks
Sunday at 1:25pm Copy Link
Nelson Therrien Is there any discount if we already have v.5 (Advanced in my case)?

I tried to enter my order id to receive a discount (to compare, because too often the upgrade price is higher than buying a new one on BitsDuJour) and I got the error message "An update for this order has been already issued.()"... It's like I would have a two years (of lifetime?) deal, but I've never received anything and if I install v.6, my key doesn't work...
Wednesday at 7:03am Copy Link
Dennis Crane @Nelson Therrien. Purchasing a license today via BDJ is a better option than purchasing an upgrade as a regular user.
Indigo Byte Systems, LLC - Wednesday at 7:18am Copy Link
Visitor-2014 Hello, I would like to ask two quite different questions:

1.1. Would you say that your software is suitable for creating not only help files or documentations etc. in the narrow sense but also a bilingual dictionary (with about 24.000 keywords at the moment)?
1.2. Would it be feasible to publish it afterwards on TiWri (not for collaboration but simply for reading)?

2. And my even more basic problem: I am still on Windows 10 32 bit. So at the moment unfortunately I cannot make use of your software in its current version.

Is there any time limit for activating the licence if I buy it? In other words: Could I buy the licence now with the discount and activate it only in, let's say, 10 or 12 months when I will possibly have a machine with 64 bit?

Or should I simply start to work with the latest version that supported 32 bit too (and which i had already tested a little) (= 5.4)? But I think to use an outdated version does not make much sense.

Wednesday at 12:55pm Copy Link
Pete User Can Dr. Explain be used to create documentation for: (a) websites? (b) PWAs "Progressive Web Apps"?

If "yes" for (a) and (b) will it automatically identify the controls (checkboxes, text fields, droplists, buttons...) and generate the numbered call-outs for each?

I want to use Dr. Explain for creating website and web-app (e.g. WordPress) documentation, but am doubtful that the full feature set of Dr. Explain will be available as seen in your video demos. Please provide detailed explanations and links to videos for documenting web based apps. Thanks.
Wednesday at 1:14pm Copy Link
Dennis Crane @Visitor-2014:
1.1. Yes, though it's not intended specifically for dictionaries. I'd suggest you to give it a try and evaluate if it meets your needs.(In your case you can start with version 5.4)
1.2 Yes. You can publish your web-version on a third level domain on platform.

2. Sure. You can activate the license any time you want. There are no limits or restrictions.

@Pete User: There is no difference in documenting windows apps or web pages. The workflow is just the same. Currently, we're working on version 6.1 and a better and more precise analysis of web pages on capturing is one of the upcoming improvements.

Thank you
Indigo Byte Systems, LLC - Wednesday at 10:25pm Copy Link
Visitor-2014 @Dennis Crane: Many thanks for your information.
Thursday at 9:06am Copy Link
Richard User What is the activation process? Will this activate on a machine without internet? Thanks
Thursday at 2:13pm Copy Link
Dennis Crane @Richard User: Yes. You can activate the copy via email by sending email from another PC with Internet.
Indigo Byte Systems, LLC - Thursday at 2:38pm Copy Link

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