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Duplicate File Finder PlusDiscount

Duplicate File Finder Plus

Quickly Find and Clean Duplicate Files

v21.0 for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11, 32 & 64-bit both.
Duplicate File Finder Plus ScreenshotDuplicate Files Software ScreenshotDuplicate File Finder Plus, Duplicate Files Software ScreenshotDuplicate File Finder Plus, Software Utilities ScreenshotDuplicate Files Software, Duplicate File Finder Plus ScreenshotSoftware Utilities, Duplicate File Finder Plus ScreenshotSoftware Utilities, Duplicate Files Software ScreenshotDuplicate File Finder Plus, Software Utilities, Duplicate Files Software Screenshot

You think you’re about due to get a bigger hard drive, because you’re running low on space. But have you ever stopped to consider that most of your hard drive is being occupied by duplicate files? Get a copy of today’s discount software promotion, Duplicate File Finder Plus, and find out just how much space you can recover!

Duplicate File Finder Plus quickly finds and cleans duplicate files on your drive based on their content, not just their file names. With Duplicate File Finder Plus, you won’t have to rely on the consistently unreliable process of visually identifying duplicates based on name, file size, or date modified. Instead, the power of computers is used by Duplicate File Finder Plus to apply a high-speed file comparison algorithm to detect true duplicate files. And when Duplicate File Finder Plus presents you with the results, you can sort the list of duplicates by file size and start getting massive amounts of space back by starting with the largest files.

It’s incredibly easy to use Duplicate File Finder Plus, and there’s a good amount of flexibility to be had, as well. Select your drive, specify the size of duplicate files you seek, and even go so far as to limit the scan to specific file types (movies and music files, for example). Which button do you push to start Duplicate File Finder Plus? Why, the only button there is! The one that says “FIND NOW!”. Yes, it’s that easy!

    Please notice below the new features added in the latest version:
  • Made the smart selection feature with the corresponding settings: automatically checks the unwanted files and only keeps one for each duplicate group, in order to let you quickly delete them or move them to the Recycle Bin.
  • Added the comparing algorithm and corresponding setting for the large files, now you can specify do sampling or full comparing for the large files. And you can set what are the large files by size.
  • Can scan and display the empty files. That is: adds the "Empty (0 byte)" size condition, and can see & filter them on the result interface.
  • Added the "Find" function for the result listing, now you can find file by name or path.
  • Displays the [Date created] field in the result listing.

This promotion includes the following:
Duplicate File Finder Plus Lifetime Single License (1 PC) v21.0 ($59.99)
Duplicate File Finder Plus Lifetime Personal License (3 PCs) ($89.99)
Duplicate File Finder Plus Lifetime Home License (10 PCs) ($149.99)

The Conversation
The Fine Print
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AL-M712 Downloaded trial to check out the program before deciding. Interface has no menu; instead just some nondescript, unhelpful icons. Thus and comparatively, this program is hard to use and not a worth contender to others competitors in its category. Also note that it does not provide thumbnail results that provide visual assurance that you are saving and deleting true matches. Without the visual thumbnail feature, there's always a danger that incorrect filed are being removed.
May 3 at 3:16pm Copy Link
David F Yes, I am interested, because it looks like a good program. But, I've already got a Duplicate Finder, and I am not sure that this is advanced enough to meet my needs. However, it looks more basic, which is not bad (at times) for a quick review of the duplicates.

But, I hope it advances over time, and I will consider coming back to see pricing and features later-on.
May 3 at 5:06pm Copy Link
TSS Support @David F

Thanks for your support!

TriSun Software - May 3 at 9:27pm Copy Link
TSS Support @AL-M712

Thank you for liking our products.
This is our most important product.
It is the fastest in the world.
The interface is the most beautiful.
You can also customize the interface.
Its results are completely accurate and no preview is required because the file contents are compared.
Previews waste screen space.
Thank you for your third renewal.
Thank you also for recommending many colleagues to buy.
thank you very much.

TriSun Software - May 3 at 9:30pm Copy Link
TSS Support @AL-M712

Thank you for cursing.
Thank you for your kindness.
Thank you for your generosity.
Thank you for liking me, our company, and our company's products.
With such users, we can make our products better.

Hope this helps.

TSS Group.
TriSun Software - May 3 at 10:01pm Copy Link
AL-M712 BS may not be "politically correct," but so be it. Feel free to replace it with anything else that may be appropriate in replying to what I felt was subjective, unproven, undocumented claims, such as "interface is the most beautiful and "fastest in the world." And insofar as customizing the interface, yes, I guess, but relatively, not so much.

Insofar as Its results "being completely accurate" and "no preview is required because the file contents are compared" and "Previews waste screen space," That too remains unproven and questionable. I have tried out and reviewed many competitive products, many of which are FAPP quite fast, and a few among them also contain thumbnail previews. And within this genre of product, most make similar claims of accuracy, yet many have failed in that promise. At the very least, thumbnail views along with the routine comparative metrics are an additional and relatively absolute assurance / confirmation of accuracy of produced duplicate findings, and therefore, are a good thing. I really see no merit to the idea of wasting screen space. And as far interface, the icon only idea is, IMO, a bad one when not accompanied by a more traditional drop down text menu. One may disagree conceptually with that, but then I'd say that at least the icons should be able to clearly do the same. Icons may be cute or seen as "sleek: or :modern,: however, substance over form is always a better way to go.

I regret that I ruffled your feathers, but kindly just consider my prior comments (prior to what offended) as constructive ideas and considerations improvement.

In furtherance of the positive, I will add that a test of dupes using your program was quite fast (that is good, but not of primary importance FAPP, and compared with a level of comfort via visual thumbnails. Unfortunately, I did not take the time to verify 100% accuracy because I dismissed purchasing the program from the get-go because of the DRM citing that Email license activation is required with a hardware footprint, and unlimited installations per footprint, and without stating any number of reinstallation allowances. I took this as an indication that this would limit use of the product to one PC, and that that a user would be unable to use the software on a newly acquired machine. I generally do not look favorably on software that uses any hardware footprint DRM schemes. Most purchasers of software, I feel, are honest, and that overall and all things considered, lesser forms of DRM, if any, are more appropriate, even if there may be some losses.

Truly, best wishes to you and your company endeavors.
May 3 at 11:23pm Copy Link
TSS Support @AL-M712

Thanks for your comment.
Thanks for your time.
Thank you for liking our product, it is the best duplicate checking software in the world.
In our country, the military also buys it and uses it to compare suspect profiles, because it's the fastest in the world, so it shortens the time to catch bad guys.

Hope this helps.
TriSun Software - May 3 at 11:31pm Copy Link
jckinswo Ummm, actually TSS Support, your last reply really wasn't a help. It didn't address any of ALS-M712's points and/or concerns and neither does it offer any fact-based, or 3rd party testing results or anything except your opinion.

It would be much more helpful to provide some sort of basis for that opinion other than a government entity has used it. Did they do testing with competitive products and make the purchase based on those results and any other objective criteria or because it was a locally developed product that works and is supported well enough to meet their needs, or..? Some of our Federal and many State government entities here still use IBM COBOL that was developed in the late 50's and I learned in the early 80's for extremely important processes (unemployment, taxes, etc) that broke down in the early COVID period. Use, even over decades can't be used as a "proof" of a product's superiority over any other alternative.

Your claims may be true and it does seem to do a good job though I found it (and others like it) frustrating in some respects when I used it in the past. I'm needing to do it again with about 10TB of personal "stuff" but product "puffery" doesn't help in making a decision. I may still go ahead with it just because of the all-important great price point and no resources to look elsewhere. It's also a known factor with no or very little learning curve.

But, you don't represent your company well when blanket positivity is all that's offered. No one expects a point-by-point or detailed response but additional layers of superlatives don't provide any help either imho.
May 4 at 3:16am Copy Link
TSS Support @jckinswo

Thank you, your comment is pertinent and useful.

TriSun Software - May 4 at 3:26am Copy Link

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