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Easy Explorer

Take Control of Windows Explorer Windows

v3.7.0.170 for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016
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Here’s a question for you – how many Windows Explorer windows do you have open at any given time? A lot, right? And yet, it still takes you a while to find the files you need, drilling down through folders. Time to take your file management game to the next level with today’s discount software promotion, Easy Explorer!

Easy Explorer lets you organize multiple Explorer windows with ease, saving and recalling window layouts quickly and easily. With Easy Explorer, you’ll be able to organize your Explorer windows just the way you like them, then save that configuration as a layout that can be recalled any time you need it.

The fun doesn’t end with layouts, though! Easy Explorer offers a bookmarks bar so that you can access frequently used folders with just a click. Imagine having a clean desktop, but still being able to get into your favorite folders quickly! Best of all, you can apply one or more search filters to your Explorer windows to find exactly the files you’re looking for right away.

Please note folks: version 3 has the ability to search for files using attributes other than name e.g. you could search for files by size (size = x, size > x, size < x) and combine multiple search criteria e.g. (size > x) AND (NameContains('mp3')) etc. This is described in more detail here:

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Mark Snyder I bought the software. The download link does not work. I was able to download from the vendor site.
Aug 24 at 3:57am Copy Link
Yeoh Ray Mond Hi, could you please send us ( the download link you received from BitsDuJour? Thank you.
Yohz Ventures Sdn Bhd - Aug 24 at 5:03am Copy Link
Mark Snyder Sent. Thank you!
Aug 24 at 8:24am Copy Link
Robert Crombie There are a few things that irritate me about Windows Explorer -
1) The young programmers (Companie's don't appear to use Analysts anymore) assume we love to use the documents (etc) folders that are buried miles down a mineshaft dug by a rabid wombat. I hate those folders, as how can one readily back up your files. I create folders at the C level EG C:\DOWNLOADS
The young programmers fill the left side with those mineshaft folders, forcing us to constantly search for the C drive.
2) Windows Explorer (or whatever MS calls it this year) forgets the layout you last used.

If this giveaway remembers the last layout (plural if we had multiple tabs open), that would mitigate most of my concerns. ?
The description above says we can save layouts, BUT I would like it to automatically remember my last session for all tabs ?

AND can you build in a feature like - Tick a box, and that will grant your program/Windows Explorer to manipulate any files/folders.?
Windows 11 is driving me crazy with it barring me from doing what I want on MY pc.
I would pay big money for that feature
Aug 24 at 5:14pm Copy Link
Paul Kelly I purchased this some years ago and use it daily. Clean, simple, multipane file browser - it does everything I want in a file browser without a lot of extra whiz-bang clutter of features I don't care about. For $4.50? Can't go wrong.
Aug 24 at 5:43pm Copy Link
Robert Crombie For the price, I bought this to experiment.
The good news - On first open, immediately I preferred your display. It is usable
Whereas Windows Explorer makes me want to slash my wrists.
The bad'ish news - I was hoping you would have Tabs. What you have is called Windows. I have never been a fan of 'Tiles' file managers.
If I have a few 'Windows' open (Tiles), and they are all side by side (the way god intended), it would be nice if a click on the address bar automatically widened that 'Tile' to a width pre-set in Settings (to say 90%)
I could live with that (pretending to be tabs)
Aug 24 at 8:08pm Copy Link
Yeoh Ray Mond @Robert Crombie You can set up Easy Explorer to use the (last closed) layout as the default layout via the Settings options.

With regards to file/folder manipulation, could you please provide an example where Windows Explorer requires explicit permissions before allowing you to work with a specific file/folder?

@Paul Kelly Thank you for your support.

@Robert Crombie It isn't possible to have multiple tabs as currently displayed in Windows 11's File Explorer. It is possible to dock multiple 'tiles' to form a tab-like layout, but the tabs are displayed on the bottom and not on the top.
Yohz Ventures Sdn Bhd - Aug 25 at 12:46am Copy Link
Robert Crombie Yeoh Ray Mond
Thanks for response(s)
My problems with W11 blocking file management were mostly with thumb drives, and particularly attempts to use a thumb drive in my Telstra (Aust) modem.
I have given up on the thumb in the modem.
Also I acquired a USB Switcher which I recommend to all that jump between PCs.

Regarding your program, I am very pleased with it. You shoud send a copy to MS's young programmers, so they can see what an unholy mess their Windows Explorer is (W11 task mgr still calls it thst)
With your program, I have settled on a single 'Window' and am using the Bookmarks bar.
If one has a few bookmarks, it can be treated as if they are tabs. That is what I will be doing.
In fact, I prefer that layout to the one that Directory Opus displays for its tabs.

I heartily recommend this program to all that are reading this.
Aug 25 at 5:13pm Copy Link
Mark Snyder So I love the software and I have been using it on and off all day on a file management project moving files around. I am using Windows 11 and it crashes after I have moved like maybe 10 files. I can immediately reopen but what a pain. Now I wonder if my files being moved are safe? I do have backups but... Are there plans to make it more stable in Windows 11?
Aug 26 at 12:16pm Copy Link
Yeoh Ray Mond @Mark Snyder Could you please send us at the steps to reproduce the error? Do the files need to be of a minimum size, are the source or destination folders protected folders that require special permissions, etc? Thank you.
Yohz Ventures Sdn Bhd - Aug 27 at 8:38pm Copy Link
Mark Snyder My drives are not encrypted/protected. I just had two explorer windows opened side-by-side and drag from left to right. I have the configuration as a favorite. When it did crash I was able to open right away and go back using the favorite to finish my project. Other apps like MultiCommander which is free does not crash.
Aug 28 at 4:07am Copy Link
Yeoh Ray Mond @Mark Snyder - I've sent you an email providing instructions on how to create a crash log so that we can reproduce the error on our side. If you did not receive the email, it may have ended up in your spam folder.
Yohz Ventures Sdn Bhd - Aug 30 at 2:20am Copy Link
Mark Snyder Ok will look for it
Aug 30 at 6:32am Copy Link
Randal H. I have experienced EasyExplorer crashing too, both with older version and the latest (I hoped upgrading would fix the issue). Previously on Windows 10, now on Windows 11, and a newer PC. I found that running EasyExplorer as administrator eliminates the crashing - maybe this bit of info will help.
Sep 1 at 10:03am Copy Link
Mark Snyder I took Randal H advice and made it so the app run only in Admin mode. It still crashes after 5 or 6 file moves. Give this app a one star for effort. Unless the crashing issue is fixed I cannot trust the apps to move my files around and not have to worry if the files are really there. . Too bad because I love the format and ease of use. Yeoh Ray even sent me and updated version but same issue. :(
Sep 3 at 6:42am Copy Link

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