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EverDesk Mail

Fully Integrated Email and File Management

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Platforms: Windows XP, Windows Vista
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It seems that the days of email attachments are here to stay. Whether it's for work or play, the email attachment has become the most popular method of easily transferring files and documents. You could keep the attachments with the emails, so that you can keep track of who sent what, but that tends to eat up a lot of space in your inbox. But, if you pursue the alternative, and save the attachments to your hard drive, you're severing the relationship between the email message and the file, and end up spending a lot of time hunting for the files in your file folders and looking for the associated message in your email program.

EverDesk Mail answers this dilemma elegantly, by combining a conventional email program with a file manager, all in one intuitive interface. By including a hierarchical tree comprised of your Windows subject folders, in addition to your traditional set of mailbox folders, you'll be able to see, organize, and work with all of your email, attachments, and files from within one program. With EverDesk Mail, you can say goodbye to switching between email and Windows Explorer!

In EverDesk Mail, every email attachment is treated as an individual file that can be categorized, stored, and moved to a folder like any other file. Yet, the email will still be displayed in its original complete form, with sender, contents, and attachment - preserving the relationship between the message and its attachment! You can even choose to view your entire folder of email attachments independently of their host emails, and Everdesk Mail's integrated preview pane lets you peek at emails, pictures, MS Office Documents, PDF files, music files, video files, and more. It's the best of both worlds!

Review Written by Derek Lee
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Software Guy I highly recommend the Everdesk applications. Everdesk Mail puts your messages onto your hard drive into folders that look like your mailbox. No more special applications to send or receive mail. But even better, the mail is now in the form of normal files and is stored on your computer for easy archiving and sorting. if you would like to set up rules to automatically sort your mail, I would recommend Everdesk mail's big brother, Everdesk optima.
EverEZ has excellent customer support. I believe the license covers use on up to 3 computers, so you could install on your home, work and laptop for true convenience. Again, I highly recommended this - just check to make sure that your email provider is supported.
Mar 26 2009 at 2:48am Copy Link
Vladimir (EverDesk Team) 2 Software Guy: Thank for great comments! :)
Small clarification: you can set up sorting rules in EverDesk Mail too. The difference is that in Optima the messages can be automatically sorted in regular windows folders, while in Mail the sorting rules can be applied only to mail folders.
Another clarification - EverDesk supports any email provider with POP or IMAP access to the mailbox. However, the support of IMAP in current versions of EverDesk is limited to receiving mail only (same as POP, no synching) and full support is coming in the next releases of EverDesk.
Mar 28 2009 at 1:16am Copy Link
Colin McAllister Hi.
Never seen EverDesk before, but looks interesting. Can you give some info about syncing Contacts and Calendar please - I like to keep an online version of both.

Specifically, Outlook is abysmal at handling telephone numbers, still offering titles from the 80's - e.g. "Car"? "TTTY"? "Radio"? ". In 2009 however, there are Mobile (Home) - many people no longer have fixed lines - Mobile (Personal), Mobile (Business), Desk Phone (for home workers) Customer Centre (Company main contact number for the public), etc, etc .

Phone companies like Nokia get that, and supply sensible phone fields. So, If I want to sync Nokia-like contacts data into EverDesk, what telephone fields are supported please?
Mar 29 2009 at 1:56am Copy Link
Vladimir (EverDesk Team) 2 Colin McAllister:

Hi Colin,
Thank you for your interest in EverDesk.
EverDesk uses standard vCard format for storing contact information. There are various fields for phone numbers, which may be assigned by EverDesk user or directly imported from vCard files. Since Nokia can export contacts in vCard format, you won't have any problems with your Nokia Address Book since all the fields in Nokia will be respectively shown in EverDesk Address Book.
The situation with Calendar is different. Currently EverDesk supports import of events from Outlook only, but we are in the process of implementing full support of vCalendar format and this will result in supporting a lot of different applications including online calendars. In particular, EverDesk will sync with Google mail, contacts, events and even documents, thus removing the wall between online and offline computing and creating a single working environment.
Thank you for your interest in EverDesk.
Mar 29 2009 at 2:45am Copy Link
Sally Marciniak Could you please explain for us the difference between EverDesk Mail and EverDesk Optima? And will you be offering Optima on Bits du Jour anytime soon? Thanks.
Apr 1 2009 at 1:09am Copy Link
Vladimir (EverDesk Team) 2 Sally Marciniak

Hi Sally,
The main difference between Mail and Optima is that in Mail there are conventional mail folders, which people used to see in all other email programs, while in Optima, all mail is stored within the regular windows folders, side by side with other documents and files. Of course, you may also assign separate folders for your mail in Optima, but there will be no separate folders for sent mail, drafts, received mail etc. - instead there are filter tabs, which allow to see all the above separately and in a more convenient way. For example, using filter tabs it is just one click away to see the regular Windows Explorer-like interface with only files and documents - no mail. Also, in Mail it is not possible to automatically filter incoming messages in the windows (subject) folders - only manually.
In general, Optima provides more flexibility and functionality compared to Mail for those, who work on subjects which involve not only mail, but other documents and files too - EverDesk allows to keep all these together in the same folder, unlike it is done at present with all other applications, where you keep your mail in one location, other documents and files in another, etc., although they all are related to the same subject and have to be stored together.
It doesn't mean, though, that Mail is just "Optima's little brother" - a lot of people prefer Mail over Optima since they do not want to keep their documents and files together with email messages. Or they simply do not need more features of Optima.
I suggest you try both editions of EverDesk in order to decide which one works best for you. And if you register now for EverDesk Mail without purchasing it during this promotion, you will keep this promotion price for later purchase while being able to try both editions.

Answering your second question, EverDesk Optima was offered here at BDJ in February.

Thank you for your interest in EverDesk.
Apr 1 2009 at 1:35am Copy Link
Tom Colvin Just got up an hour ago [live in the Philippines] and was intrigued to read about this program. Downloaded it and the program is now struggling to download 5 years of back email from Gmails.

I have quite a number of different folders within Gmail, but so far none of them are showing up. I guess the program is first chocking a bit on my Inbox, before moving to other folders.

Even so, I'm beginning to see some major benefits of your program to help me stay on top for lots of historical research.

QUESTION: does your program "thread" emails, as does Gmail? That's an essential feature for me.

QUESTION: Can I import mail from PocoMail, which I abandoned some years back due to inability to sync email from 3 different computers.

QUESTION: When do you expect to add full synchronization between your program and Gmail, and other computers which have your program installed?

Apr 1 2009 at 1:32pm Copy Link
Colin McAllister Hi.
I've been trying to purchase EverDesk for 30 mins now, and I keep getting this...

"Cannot find an available route for the purchase. This may be caused by merchant configuration or remote systems failures."

I've contacted my credit card company and they can see no fault at their end, I've reset my password twice, they've reset my password twice and I've read out to them everything I was entering, as I typed it in.

It's now 2:30am and the offer ends in 2 hours, but I will be in bed in 5 mins . I'm saddened to lose out on the offer, but I thought you should now, as you might like to have a word with your payment collection agency and possibly even consider using (the much easier) Paypal in future? Thanks.
Apr 1 2009 at 2:50pm Copy Link
EverDesk Support 2 Tom Colvin

Hello Tom,

First of all, EverDesk provides limited IMAP support - download only - no synchronization. So, after downloading your Gmail messages your labels will not be visible in EverDesk. Full IMAP support is coming in the next release of EverDesk together with som other functionality, such as threads and more.

No, there is no direct import from Pocomail. I would suggest to consider one of the following solutions:
- export from Pocomail in some format, which you can then import into EverDesk (EverDesk understand a lot of different formats of email messages), or
- import messages from Pocomail into some other email program, from which then you can directly import messages into EverDesk (the list of such email programs and formats can be seen in EverDesk when selecting from the where the messages have to be imported from.

EverDesk already provides offline synchronization using, for example, flash drive. To move around all your documents, messages, files, contacts, EverDesk setting sincluding PGP keays etc. you only have to back up one folder. This folder (root EverDesk folder) can be selected by the user and if ti is located on flash drive, then you simply plug such drive in any computer running EverDesk and start working in the same visual nevironment whoch you have on your computer.
Online synchronization with Gmail, including mail, calendar, contacts, and even documents and files, is coming in the nearest releases, with mail and contacts coming first.
With the implementation of full IMAP support, which is coming in the very next release, we expect EverDesk to allow synchronization of not only email messages, but also any files and documents too, using just IMAP protocol and any email server, which supports it - this feature is unique to EverDesk and will make any mail server an online storage for email, files and documents (we are working on using it for synchronization of contacts too).

Thank you for your interest in EverDesk.
EverEZ Systems Limited - Apr 1 2009 at 4:18pm Copy Link
EverDesk Support 2 Colin McAllister

Hello Colin,

Sorry to hear that you have problem with purchasing EverDesk. We will check with our card processing bank first thing in the morning. In the meantime, do not worry - as long as you registered you EverDesk username using promotion code, which is the first step in purchasing process, you will be able to complete the purchase later having the same promotion price.

Adding Paypal is in our plans and hopefully this will be done soon.

Hope you will not miss this offer and enjoy EverDesk.

Thank you for your interest in EverDesk
EverEZ Systems Limited - Apr 1 2009 at 4:23pm Copy Link
Tom Colvin Thanks for the answers to my questions. I have spent more time exploring your software and find many things to like about it. Once you implement your promised new features, you will surely have a winner.

My payment was also refused for some reason.
Apr 1 2009 at 4:44pm Copy Link
EverDesk Support 2 Tom Colvin

Hi Tom,

Thank you for your support. We are already testing some of the featuresI described here and more are coming soon.
EverEZ Systems Limited - Apr 1 2009 at 4:50pm Copy Link
EverDesk Support 2 Tom Colvin

Tom, please contact me by email (you may do this from contact page at and leave your email address so that we could get in touch with you to resolve the payment problem.

Once again, sorry for the inconvenience.
EverEZ Systems Limited - Apr 1 2009 at 4:56pm Copy Link
Edward Smith Does this work with exchange servers? For a variety of reasons I want to get away from Outlook, but all my emails except one are exchange servers.
Feb 29 2016 at 3:32am Copy Link
Austin User It was a piece of nice information shared by the author. Please share some more articles.

Mar 13 2020 at 3:52am Copy Link
Colin User It seems that Everdesk software and EverEZ, the company that developed it, have gone out of business. Both websites have been down for at least a couple of weeks. This creates a problem if you are using one of the slightly older versions of Everdesk because the software is set to "call home" from time to time to confirm that the user has paid for the software! With no available to confirm registration Everdesk becomes unusable. Two questions:
1) Has anyone found a way to keep Everdesk software running without it having to confirm its registration?
2) I am not keen on using orphaned software. Has anyone found a good alternative to Everdesk that provides an easy transition.
My business has something like 300,000 emails from the last fifteen years archived in Everdesk folders. I really don't want to have to train the team on a new software unless it is a simple drop-in replacement for Everdesk.
Thanks for any suggestions anyone can provide.
Aug 4 2020 at 9:05am Copy Link

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