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Buy GoodSync2Go, Get A Free GoodSync for Windows/Mac licenseDiscount

Buy GoodSync2Go, Get A Free GoodSync for Windows/Mac license

Easy, Fast, and Reliable File Sync and Backup Software!

v10 Mac & PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Download available for: Windows Vista/7/8/10 32bit and 64bit, Mac OSX 10.7 and up (64-bit Intel)
Buy GoodSync2Go, Get A Free GoodSync for Windows/Mac license ScreenshotFile Sync Software ScreenshotBuy GoodSync2Go, Get A Free GoodSync for Windows/Mac license, File Sync Software ScreenshotBuy GoodSync2Go, Get A Free GoodSync for Windows/Mac license, Security Software Screenshot

You want to keep your files in sync, but don't want to pay for online storage? Then GoodSync2Go 10 is perfect for you!

How many computers do you have in your house? Chances are that you have more than one, you save different files on each, and your files are spread throughout them all. Most of the time having several computers is a good thing, except of course when you need to get to a certain file, and you don't remember which computer you were using. What you need to do is to synchronize your most important files across all of the computers in your household, so you can get to them anywhere, anytime. The easiest way to Sync City runs straight through GoodSync2Go 10.

To be absolutely certain that you will never lose an important file, you must have multiple copies of that file that are stored in different places. That's where GoodSync2Go 10 comes into the picture. With GoodSync2Go 10, you'll be able to backup and synchronize all of your important files both locally (desktops, laptops, external drives) as well as remotely (FTP servers, SFTP, WebDAV, and more). GoodSync2Go 10 performs automated file comparison that would be impossible to reliably accomplish manually - it uses a complex algorithm to compare, backup, and sync your files. Just set up each sync job once, and GoodSync2Go 10 will remember your preferences and run automatically going forward.

One of the best things about GoodSync2Go 10 is its portability. The program runs completely off of a USB flash drive or portable hard drive, so even if you don't have administrator rights, it's not a problem. Just plug the drive containing GoodSync2Go 10 into a computer, and it will immediately keep all of your files in sync! The best part? You only need one GoodSync2Go license, no matter how many computers you are keeping synchronized - just plug the drive into each machine to make sure your most important files are always backed up and secure!

Take advantage of this special offer from BitsDuJour and get GoodSync2Go 10 today!

Please note folks, transfer of a license to another owned USB drive is allowed.

Also, for increased convenience and flexibility, the licensing has been unified so there is now a single GoodSync 10 for Windows/Mac license

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riad af Hello

1. Does the software support these cloud services: Amazon Drive, Pcloud ?

2. Does the software support Unicode for multi-language filename ?

Thanks in advance
Apr 12 2017 at 1:55am Copy Link
Siber Systems @riad af - GoodSync supports the following cloud server folders:

Amazon S3
Amazon Cloud Drive (ACD)
Backblaze B2
Google Drive
OneDrive by MS: OneDrive, Office 365, SharePoint
Windows Azure

We use UTF-8 to encode file and folder names in transfer and UNICODE internally.
Siber Systems Inc. - Apr 12 2017 at 6:57am Copy Link
riad af Thanks @Siber Systems
So there is no problem regarding Arabic & Hebrew file names ?
Just to be sure
thanks again
Apr 12 2017 at 10:36am Copy Link
Siber Systems @riad af - Correct, there should be no issues.
Siber Systems Inc. - Apr 12 2017 at 11:30am Copy Link
Robert User 1) Does goodSync2Go recognize renamed files on one side and do the appropriate move on the other side instead of a transfer of data? I heard this is the case but could not locate that information on the website.

2) The online FAQs do not specifically state whether they cover GoodSync2Go or the standard GoodSync program. Since I have a license for GoodSync 10 that I have never installed, I am curious about one of the entries in the FAQs, and how it applied to the regular GoodSync and the GoodSync2Go. One of the statements contains:
"Also, free space on C: should be at least twice as big as the biggest file you will copy."
2a) Is this requirement determined by where GoodSync is installed, or where its settings are located? (C:\Users\User Name\App Data\Roaming\GoodSync\)
2b) Most importantly, can it be changed to a different drive? (I do not want to use the C: drive SSD as a buffer for copying)
2c) Does this affect GoodSync2Go?

3) I could not locate this information on the website, but on BitsduJour, the platforms stated for GoodSync are for Vista or higher, but the platform shown here on BitsduJour show GoodSync2Go can run on Windows XP. Is this correct? if so, why does GoodSync not work on XP?
Apr 12 2017 at 12:04pm Copy Link
Siber Systems @Robert User

1. Yes, when sync is in place, GoodSync recognizes it as new file and propagates changes on both sides.

2. All of the FAQs are based on both programs, the only difference is licensing between and where you can install

2a. Because we copy before we sync, in the case of deletions, it's recommended to have twice as much space because any file that is deleted will be kept as a backup until the next sync or until you manually delete the file

2b. Yes, you can install GoodSync wherever you'd like. You are not restricted to the C drive.

2c. Yes the free space and the drive answers are also applicable to GoodSync2Go.

3. GoodSync will probably still work on XP, but unfortunately we no longer support this OS.
Siber Systems Inc. - Apr 12 2017 at 1:17pm Copy Link
Robert User Thanks Siber Systems for the reply, but some of the responses has not answered what I was asking.

I have to do a lot of syncing, a source to a destination (more duplicate/backup then sync), and very often a very large file or folder needs to be renamed on the source side. I am concerned in cases where the source and destination copies do not change, merely a rename on the source side. To prevent re-copying a very large file/folder, I generally have to do a manual rename on the destination side. I would like to use a utility that recognizes that the source has a renamed file or folder, and does an appropriate rename/move on the destination side. Your reply did not clarify how GoodSync handles this situation:
>1. Yes, when sync is in place, GoodSync recognizes it as new file and propagates changes on both sides.
Of course it propagates changes on both sides, that is its primary function. In a sync scenario, "recognizes it as new file and propagates changes on both sides" could mean that two copy operations occur, and I end up with the same data twice on both sides but with different names. In a backup (duplicate) scenario, that could mean I end up with two copies on the destination side, all due to a unnecessary long copy operation.
I was asking about whether GoodSync recognizes a file has been renamed on one side, and then does the same rename on the other side, in order to prevent unnecessary copying a large file over again. The data can be recognized as being the same because it has the same hash values. The text "GoodSync recognizes it as new file" imples that GoodSync does not recognize the data on one side has been renamed.

>2a. Because we copy before we sync, in the case of deletions, it's recommended to have twice as much space because any file that is deleted will be kept as a backup until the next sync or until you manually delete the file
I understand why twice as much space is necessary; what I wanted to know is if that location was dictated by the User settings location (C:\Users\User Name\App Data\Roaming\GoodSync\) and if that location could be specified by the user. Like other programs, I am confident I can install GoodSync on any drive, but often programs still have their settings stored on the C: drive, generally C:\Users\...). I would prefer the settings location also not be on the C: drive, and also any reserve space not be on the C: drive. In short, can I install GoodSync and not use the C: drive for any part of its operation?

>3. GoodSync will probably still work on XP, but unfortunately we no longer support this OS.
Therefore, is this promotion wrong in having XP listed as one of the Platforms for GoodSync2Go?
Apr 12 2017 at 3:10pm Copy Link
Siber Systems Hi @Robert User - We highly recommend that in addition to our reply, you also contact our technical support team as they'll be best suited to provide the most in depth responses and address any remaining questions you may have.

1. Yes GoodSnc will recognize a name change, but treats it as a new file.
2. File backup is done in the same drive or folder where the sync is started from in a hidden folder. The location cannot be modified, but this feature can be disabled.
(C:\Users\User Name\App Data\Roaming\GoodSync\) is only used for the job files and not for back up purposes. The Goodsync installation can be done on any drive you have installed. Goodsync2Go is used for an external drive that will be connected to other computers.
3. While there are no known issues regarding GoodSync and XP, we have requested this promotion remove the information.
Siber Systems Inc. - Apr 13 2017 at 7:42am Copy Link
Carl Dolc ¡La promocion ya no está activa!

Después de presionar el botón BUY NOW simplemente nos envía a la página inicial del desarrollador ( pero no a la página de pagos, si entro a la página de pagos de manera manual no aparece esta oferta...
Jun 20 at 2:49am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Carl Dolc, We have no active promotion for this product. When there is a promotion for a product, there are two prices on the promotion page, and one of the prices will be cut with a red line.
BitsDuJour Admin - Jun 20 at 2:51am Copy Link

Please note that all comments for this promotion will be screened before posting. It's nothing personal, just a step we have to take because of a few bad apples last time around.

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