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Graham Process Mapping Starter EditionDiscount

Graham Process Mapping Starter Edition

Become a Business Process Expert!

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According to Wikipedia:

Business Process Mapping refers to activities involved in defining exactly what a business entity does, who is responsible, to what standard a process should be completed and how the success of a business process can be determined.

Graham Process Maps tell a story -- they tell the reader WHAT is going on; WHAT items (forms, documents, databases,etc) are used and WHAT happens to each item. For each item, they identify WHO is doing the work and WHERE the work is being done.

The work is laid out in sequence to show WHEN any particular task occurs relative to others. The symbols call attention to value-added work, non-value-added work, work inspections (controls), movement of work from one location to another and Delays (when nothing is happening).

In a nutshell, no other mapping technique provides the level of transparency, the level of decision-making support, the level of analysis support, and the level of training support.

Graham Process Mapping was the first software product developed specifically for documenting business processes... it was launched all the way back in 1990!

The competitors are many, but none offer the level of detail provided by Graham Process Mapping.

This promotion includes the following:
Graham Process Mapping Starter Edition ($99)
Graham Process Mapping Professional Edition ($485)

The Conversation
The Fine Print
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CFGuy For The Ben Graham Corporation Rep,

I admit I know almost nothing about "mapping programs", including the process mapping software that you are offering here, "Graham Process Mapping Software". However, you have piqued my interest, and I have done some light reading on the subject, as well as having taken a look at your website and product's homepage. I have also googles some reviews and looked at competitor's products and their reviews. I see that these types of programs are typically very high-priced (in my opinion) and I would probably consider (based on the price point for the programs I was finding) basically "outpriced" (priced too high to make sense for purchase) for the average consumer/small business owner, who would likely be the typical customer here on BDJ.

One thing that stands out to me are the reviews from website, and their slightly higher (4 stars Editor's review vs your product's 3 star review (for the "Professional Edition") starred editor's review (which I usually take more seriously than user reviews, although I am aware that could be biased on my part) of what looks like a "free" competing product, Workflow Connect's mapping product " Workflow Designer".

Again, I am far from an expert on this type of software, but if a consumer is able to utilize a "free" competing program, that is rated by software website Editor's (who are presumably more knowledgeable and we can hope have done slightly more product research in this software category that the average user) as higher than a paid program, what selling points are you able to give me (us) for spending the money on your product.

Please understand that this is not a negative review of your product, nor an attempt to sway customers away (as just an average software consumer who does have a small business that this type of software might be useful for, I have no vested interest in doing this). I would just like to give your marketing/sales department a chance to make a case why I might benefit more from buying your product (even the higher-priced " Professional Edition") rather than going with a free, well-rated competing product such as Workflow Connect's "Workflow Designer".

In any event, thanks for bringing such a unique and cutting-edge product like this to BDJ, and for "opening my eyes" to such a product's existence and ways that it might benefit someone like myself. I really applaud your innovation, and hope that we hear back from you with some unique "selling points" for your software and how it could benefit us (especially versus the free competing product that I previously referenced).

Jul 17 2017 at 4:20am Copy Link
Ben Graham Graham Process Mapping is a unique tool in the “process improvement” arena that provides structure and guidance to help you prepare detailed process maps that really help people understand the mapped process well enough that they can make informed decisions about that process. Most other mapping methods are variations of system development tools designed to connect a single-line of high-level activity boxes that either omit the details or capture details in spreadsheets (behind the scenes).
We offer a Library of free resources:

Additional free resources are available at our Process Improvement Method page:

Graham Process Maps display reality – multiple flows of all the documents (paper and electronic) in a process and their relationships.
Graham Process Maps use a well-defined, limited symbol set that can’t be altered.
The Symbols identify doing non-value-added work, doing value-added work, checking work, and moving work from one place to another. The Storage/Delay symbol represents when nothing is happening to the work. This often accounts for MOST of the processing time and is omitted from most other mapping methods.
The Conventions (conventional ways of connecting the symbols) in Graham Process Mapping show parallel processing and alternative processing.
Ultimately, there is ONLY one reason to map a business process. That reason is to help someone understand the process so they can do their job better. Graham Process Maps do that.
The review is somewhat superficial in that it is based not on what can be done with the software, but rather on its appearance and how it is marketed. Admittedly, Graham Process Mapping Software is not as “pretty” as some others, but the pictures it produces provide more visual value. Most of the free alternatives offer some variation of high-level box and arrow mapping that ultimately offer only limited direction for improvement.
The Ben Graham Corporation - Jul 17 2017 at 9:07am Copy Link
Petr I've been interested in BPMN (Business Process Modelling Notation) and model driven software engineering.

If you software and methodology is better than BPMN 2.0 tools, how?
I'm always open to new ideas and advances.

I typically use Smalltalk based IDE's because of their productivity. Does your software integrate with any code generators?

What other "views" of models do you offer?
Jul 18 2017 at 12:20am Copy Link
CFGuy Dear Mr. Graham,

Thank you so very much for doing such a good job (and thorough) job in addressing my previous questions and concerns. It is unfortunate (in my experience here on BDJ) that so many software authors/representatives do not always do such a good job of addressing potential consumer's questions - or if they do, they will have only addressed part of the question and will sometimes give answers that leave potential customers wanting more thoroughness.

You are not one of those authors, and not only did you take the time to address all of my questions, in details, you also provided me with free content that your software company offers (as well) and even took the time to read the your program's review on the website that I specifically mentioned and gave your opinion of where you thought potential flaws were in that (website Editor's) review, and addressed some of his comments directly. As a software consumer I am really impressed and grateful for the relative information that you provided me.

As a side note, when researching your software product and company, I also came across some very highly-reviews investment books that you have authored, as well, and as a new investor, I have ordered several from Amazon and am anxious to read them. This, in my opinion, further lends credibility to your software product and company.

Just wanted to take the time to highlight an excellent example of a good software developers response to a potential consumer's questions here on BDJ, as well as to give you credit for this, and offer you my thanks.

Jul 18 2017 at 4:27am Copy Link
Bernhard The Fine Print says "You must install/register the software within 30 days, and cannot do so afterwards."

What if I get a new computer or do a fresh install?
Jul 18 2017 at 6:38am Copy Link
Ben Graham The software printing will disable if it is not registered within 30 days. As soon as you register, the printing will be re-enabled. You will have 30 days to register after a new install as well as long as you have the registration key. If you are a registered customer (we have issued you a registration key, whether you install it or not) of a current version we will provide email support to ensure that you get up and running.
The Ben Graham Corporation - Jul 18 2017 at 7:53am Copy Link
Ben Graham Petr,

Graham Process Mapping is very different than BPMN and they each have a unique focus.

The Graham Process Mapping method was developed (in 1944) for business process improvement. Its plain language style is well-suited to the people who do the work, who spend the most time with the maps.

BPMN is geared toward system development and system integration and its language (artifacts, events, gateways…) and functionality attest to that.

Graham Process maps are intended to display the details of the work performed by people and systems and show how they work together. They are highly-detailed and yet very easy to understand. They focus on the collection of document and system flows that make up a business process and the relationships between those flows. A typical Graham Process map may include 50-100 symbols and stretch for 20 feet. Of course, the process dictates the number of symbols (or steps) and I’ve seen them range from just a few to several hundred. Graham Process maps display where each item (document, system, email, spreadsheet, form…) enters the process, what happens to that item, and the disposition of that item. Each item displays on the map: Who does the work, where the work is done, what happens to the item (when it is inspected and when information is added or changed), when the item is sitting idle, and when an item moves from one location to another. When you make a change on a Graham Process map, you can see the impact of the change on the rest of the map.

We create Graham Process Maps only at the reality level that includes displaying the detail needed for effective analysis. However, several higher-level maps can be created and viewed in a couple of clicks. These maps focus on specific steps in the process. For instance, a developer might view all the value-added steps and the relationships between the source and target items. An Improvement team may want a quick look at where the delays occur. If you are capturing business rules or controls, you may want to focus on the inspection points.

Graham Process Maps can output to desktop procedures, but they don’t offer any kind of code generation. However, with a Graham Process map in hand, a BPMN model and its accompanying data and be prepared very quickly.

A final note: Graham Process Maps can be created very quickly. With access to the people who do the work, a complicated map can be created in hours. I had a ~20 foot, ~160 step map of a main mission process in front of a client at noon following the day I started.
The Ben Graham Corporation - Jul 18 2017 at 11:07am Copy Link
Jan Hinchliffe Hi, I have just purchased the Pro edition of the Graham Process Mapping app, via Bits, as it looks so impressive and I look forward to getting to grips with it - though I'm basically a mature student, just looking to strengthen my job prospects (so, I don't have a specific purpose for it just yet). I can see, however, that it would have been very useful to some of the jobs I've had in the past.
My Bits receipt contains a suggestion that I also buy the Starter Edition.
I was wondering if there would be any point in my doing this, or is the Starter Edition simply a subset of the Professional Edition? (would I find it easier to use the Starter or can I simply use the Pro Ed as I would the Starter, then involve other functionality when I'm ready?).
Thanks in anticipation.
Jul 19 2017 at 7:37am Copy Link
Ben Graham Hi Jan,

The Pro Edition will handle everything the Starter Edition can do. The Starter Edition is often a stepping stone to the Pro Edition, but you wouldn't need both.

The Ben Graham Corporation - Jul 19 2017 at 8:29am Copy Link
Jan Hinchliffe I see Ben. Common-sense, I guess. But I wanted to be sure, before the end of the Bits discount.
Thank you!
Jul 19 2017 at 11:35am Copy Link
Jerry S If I purchase the Starter Edition today on the BDJ special and decide later to upgrade to the Professional version, will the upgrade to Pro be at the BDJ specialprice?
Jul 19 2017 at 10:13pm Copy Link

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