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All About GS-Base, A Cool Database

50% Off
$9.95 $19.95
v19.8 for PC 
Platforms: Windows 7/8.x/10/11 64-bit

*** Great News! Citadel5 has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy! ***

GS-Base ScreenshotDatabase Management Software ScreenshotGS-Base, Database Management Software ScreenshotGS-Base, Development Software ScreenshotDatabase Management Software, GS-Base ScreenshotDevelopment Software, GS-Base ScreenshotDevelopment Software, Database Management Software ScreenshotGS-Base, Development Software, Database Management Software Screenshot

Need a database that’s easy to use without a steep learning curve? Want something to organize photos, music files, code snippets or multi-GB statistical data? For everyone in this category, there’s today’s discount software promotion, GS-Base!

GS-Base is a versatile database that can be used for variety of tasks thanks to its scalability: from photo albums or video collections to analyzing very large multi-GB data sets. GS-Base lets you store any type of data: text and numeric fields, dates, LongText or memo fields, files/documents, images, code snippets with syntax highlighting for many programming languages. You can also analyze very large data sets using pivot tables with up to 256 million records and over 16,384 columns using up to 100 processor cores. GS-Base enables you to perform both simple and complex record filtering, searching for duplicates, full-text searches, find-as-you-type, fuzzy searches, searching quartiles, random searches and one-click statistical breakdown analysis. You can set up one-to-many relations, merge tables, consolidate changes from many files in one table and much more. You can create/editing/convert Excel *.xlsx/*.xls, text (csv, txt, tab, etc.), MySQL *.sql, SQLite *.db, dBase, Clipper, FoxPro and XML files, save compact PDF files and fill predefined html forms. For best performance, GS-Base can use from 1 to 100 processor cores when updating calculated fields and pivot tables.

You can edit, filter and convert large CSV files, opening them with the speed of about 5GB/minute. You can split and merge instantly large Excel xls workbooks or worksheets in a workbook. Filtering with a regular expression a field in a set of 100 million records takes a few seconds.

Beyond its data analysis capabilities, GS-Base also helps you with your print workflows, with the ability to print forms, letters, reports, or generate personalized email messages and attachments from the database. You can even take advantage of the 300 integrated calculation functions in GS-Base to create calculated field, to validate or automatically convert the entered data!

Also, please notice the movies below detailing a few of the product's features:
Joining columns from two 0.5GB csv files in GS-Base
Mass-(un)merging records from tables based on fields from CSV/text/xBase/xlsx/MySQL files.
Consolidating tables from multiple CSV/text/xBase/xlsx/MySQL files.
Inserting and managing images/files in GS-Base.
Loading photos and htm files from an entire folder as a new table in GS-Base.

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Citadel5 New features in GS-Base 19.8, a database and a versatile ETL tool (Oct-22-2023):

New procedures to perform permanent and dynamic table joins even easier.
For dynamic joins all vlookup() formulas are created automatically in the specified fields.

Easy column splitting and normalization of data tables with a few clicks.
Citadel5 - Thursday at 6:55am Copy Link
Pete User Hello, I currently have MS-Access with my Microsoft Office subscription. Some pre-sales questions please:
#1. What does your database do that Access does not?
#2. I'm looking for advanced reporting capabilities. Do you have a link or refereence to your documentation that summarizes the reporting (filter, sorting, category breaks & sub-totals...) for your reporting features?
Yesterday at 12:08pm Copy Link
Rohs I am curious if GS-base offers any way you automatically enter data/information found on websites. For instance contact information?
Yesterday at 12:58pm Copy Link
Citadel5 @Pete
It depends on why you would like to use/try out something else. All the links are available on the home page: the online HTML help, PDF doc. The detailed descriptions of the latest new features are available in the "updates" forum section.

I don't know Access. I can only refer to the specs listed on MS websites. Two obvious things are pivot tables not available in Access and very limited database capacity. Access has a limit of 2GB for uncompressed data which is imo very, very little. I'm not sure you can even have one million records with some non-trivial data in one table - certainly not with LongText fields. For comparison, GS-Base can load 10-15GB .sql, *.csv etc. with LongText/Memo
fields in 10mln+ records with files with 32GB RAM in 1-3 minutes.

In GS-Base you can have up to 16K fields (up to 64K for text files) and all can be filtered at once. In Access 255 fields (and 50 queries?).

Actually, it seems there is a surprising number of strange limitations in Access, so if I may take the opportunity to list a few of them: only 255 characters in plain text fields (8K in GS-Base); up to 65K of manually entered text in memo fields (4GB in GS-Base); the number of objects in a database limited to 32K (no limits in GS-Base); max. number of indexes 32 (in GS-Base any number created dynamically on-demand); max record size for short fields is 4000 characters (in GS-Base 16K * 8K); max. items in a drop-down list 64K (in GS-Base 12 millions) And so on.

In GS-Base you can edit text/csv and files in other formats in-place, same as native files, without any "importing" or "exporting" procedures.

From what I can see, there is a lot of things that are straightforward to use and work out-of-the-box in GS-Base, e.g. built-in regular expressions, built-in find-as-you-write, built-in exif tags extractions to filter/organize your photos and images etc.
Citadel5 - Yesterday at 2:01pm Copy Link
Citadel5 @Rohs
GS-Base does not do any web scraping or harvesting.
If you mean reading such an already collected data set by GS-Base - sure, like with any other types of tabular data, it's possible. If you use the table view in GS-Base, you can even simply copy/paste entire columns with millions of records in one step, just like in spreadsheets.
Citadel5 - Yesterday at 2:07pm Copy Link
Nico Westerdale Great News! Citadel5 has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy!
BitsDuJour Admin - 16 hours ago Copy Link
Steven Aves I have the lifetime license for GS-Base and Calc. I use each everyday.
My experience with another database was with Lotus Approach (which I still have installed on a Windows 10 machine - just because and the sucker still works great).

For me, GS-Base is very flexible in allowing changes and additions to data and fields. The large text field is a feature that is essential for a couple of my databases.

It is very fast, doesn't hog resources, and support is excellent.

For $10, you can not go wrong.
10 hours ago Copy Link


$9.95 50% Off

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