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Hard Disk Sentinel Standard EditionDiscount

Hard Disk Sentinel Standard Edition

Monitor the Health of Your Hard Drive

100% Off
$0 $19.50
v5.50 for PC 
Platforms: Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 2012 - both 32 and 64 bit

*** Great News! H.D.S. Hungary has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy! ***

Hard Disk Sentinel Standard Edition ScreenshotHard Drive Software ScreenshotHard Disk Sentinel Standard Edition, Hard Drive Software ScreenshotHard Disk Sentinel Standard Edition, Software Utilities ScreenshotHard Drive Software, Hard Disk Sentinel Standard Edition ScreenshotSoftware Utilities, Hard Disk Sentinel Standard Edition ScreenshotSoftware Utilities, Hard Drive Software ScreenshotHard Disk Sentinel Standard Edition, Software Utilities, Hard Drive Software ScreenshotHard Disk Sentinel Standard Edition Screenshot 8Hard Disk Sentinel Standard Edition Screenshot 9Hard Disk Sentinel Standard Edition Screenshot 10Hard Disk Sentinel Standard Edition Screenshot 11Hard Disk Sentinel Standard Edition Screenshot 12Hard Disk Sentinel Standard Edition Screenshot 13Hard Disk Sentinel Standard Edition Screenshot 14

Have you ever suffered through the pain and agony of a hard drive failure? To you, it's pretty straightforward -- one day your computer is humming along smoothly, and the next day it won't boot at all. But what you may not know is that, beyond the capabilities of your human senses, a whole host of little warning signs and other signals can actually tell you when hard drive failure is imminent! That's why Hard Disk Sentinel is so important.

Hard Disk Sentinel monitors and analyzes your hard disk and solid state drives, giving you valuable feedback on the health of the drive, any performance degradations, and warning of impending failure. With Hard Disk Sentinel, you'll be able to find, test, diagnose, and even repair disk drive issues before they escalate to catastrophic status.

And you won't have to worry about getting overwhelmed with a bunch of technical babble -- Hard Disk Sentinel gives you an easily understandable description of what's going on, and offers tips on how to proceed! A laundry list of alerts and reports gives you the ultimate flexibility to determine how close you wish to monitor your drives, letting you safeguard your data at all times.

Unlike some other titles on the market, Hard Disk Sentinel is a complete monitoring solution. There's no need to purchase other tools in order to verify internal hard disks, external hard disks, SSDs, or disks in RAID arrays!

What kinds of info do you get with Hard Disk Sentinel? How about temperature, and the ability to view S.M.A.R.T. (Self Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) data, a feature built into the latest disk drives. There's also real-time monitoring of disk transfer speeds, an important indicator of a failing hard drive!

License grants usage on one computer at a time.

Today's promotion includes the following:
Hard Disk Sentinel Standard Edition - Lifetime use and no upgrades (install within 3 weeks) v5.50 ($0)
Hard Disk Sentinel PROFESSIONAL - Lifetime Upgrades v5.61 ($14.97)
Hard Disk Sentinel PROFESSIONAL Family license - Lifetime Upgrades v5.61 ($26.50)

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The Conversation
The Fine Print
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y x fine print: You can install/register the software at any time.
receipt: install within 3 weeks

>> which one is true? thx
Tuesday at 1:18am Copy Link
Janos Mathe You'd need to install before 30 August 2020.
H.D.S. Hungary - Tuesday at 1:34am Copy Link
step is the pro edition offer also valid for the portable version?
Tuesday at 1:44am Copy Link
Janos Mathe Both the Installed and Portable Hard Disk Sentinel PRO versions are (in terms of licensing) same: they are both Professional version: they have 100% same functions, features.

The only difference is how the software deployed (installed OR started from a removable device, eg. pendrive/CD) and started (automaticaly on startup OR manually).

So generally, if you have one license for Hard Disk Sentinel Professional,
you can decide if you prefer to use
- with the Installed version (to get real-time protection)
- with the Portable version (to use by a pendrive, without installation to diagnose / fix issues when launched manually on a Windows PC)

If you prefer to have BOTH the installed and Portable version, then you'd need to have two different licenses: one for the installed and one for the Portable.
Or the most economic solution is to have Professional Family license, which can be used on up to 5 computers (or 5 pendrives - or any combination of them, eg. the installed version on 4 computers and the Portable on 1 computer).
H.D.S. Hungary - Tuesday at 1:50am Copy Link
TJ806 @ y x

Possibly combine the two phrases (install/register at any time + install within 3 weeks) to conclude that you can install and register any time within 3 weeks. At least that's what I'd do.
Tuesday at 1:53am Copy Link
DJ User Ahhh so this is not a lifetime use with no free upgrades. If you have to install within 3 weeks, computer goes down in 6 months to a year, no more HDS.?
Tuesday at 9:22am Copy Link
William Todd Any reason to believe that "Transfer of a license to another owned computer is allowed" doesn't cover that?
Tuesday at 11:48pm Copy Link
Janos Mathe @DJ User: To have a real, lifetime license which grants free updates to all future versions, please consider to order a PRO / PRO Family license, which is offered with 50% discount now. This is the best solution to have protection and cover both the current and possible future (re)installations.

Alternatively, you may create a backup image of the current OS which you can restore with the installed software.
H.D.S. Hungary - Tuesday at 11:58pm Copy Link
Janos Mathe @William: Please read:

- Each license allows installation on 1 computer.
- Transfer of a license to another owned computer is allowed.

and yes, you can install the license in August only. So you can install (eg. on a test PC), verify and then transfer to the "real" PC which you prefer to protect.

Sorry if this may hurt, but needed to make some decisions when offering the giveaway version. Other sites simply copy/offer the software in a non-official way.

Also the problem was previously that months after (!) the promotions I still saw that "clever" users and websites not only offering the same giveaway installer for free download but also sell them (!) for money, asking $$$ for the free giveaway version.

This should never happens as this way users may pay for it (thinking
that they have real, licensed version with support - but this is not the case).

So we needed to decide to
- stop offering all such giveaway versions
- make some changes to restrict such unwanted use

This is why this change required. I hope you understand and agree that this may be better than no longer offering giveaway versions with our partners.

I try the best to offer such versions exactly to help - but if people mis-use them, then it may cause that this may be not possible.
H.D.S. Hungary - Wednesday at 12:06am Copy Link
DJ User @Janos Mathe: I agree that you have to find a way to truncate installs from other sites weeks after promo ends, but to have this statement " Hard Disk Sentinel Standard Edition - Lifetime use and no upgrades" is incorrect. You do not have lifetime usage, and I have argued this many times with other developers.
I have done as you suggested, with other software, that had no re-install allowed.. The results are a disaster. Those softwares went back to trial editions when the backed up OS image was transferred to a new drive.
They also stated lifetime usage with no upgrades, and transfer allowed.
Wednesday at 9:19am Copy Link
Janos Mathe Sorry, but "Lifetime use and no upgrades" is 100% correct.

I do not really know how other developers offer giveaways, but Hard Disk Sentinel is really offered as "lifetime license" (but with no updates) for free.

You can use for unlimited time, it will never expire.

If you'd backup (image) your system (when this giveaway version of Hard Disk Sentinel installed) and restore, then the software will be working again with all functions, so you continue the lifetime use.
It would turn to unregistered/trial only if you'd update to latest version.
H.D.S. Hungary - Wednesday at 9:27am Copy Link
Harvey Bernstein I purchased HHD Sentinel PRO and downloaded and installed per the link in the email. I then went to register with the license code included and received a message that I had to download HHDsentinel PRO from your website for license code to activate. Also, should I use my name as registration name? Can you please explain exactly what I have to do to register the Pro version.

Thank you.
Yesterday at 8:11am Copy Link
Janos Mathe Thanks for selecting Hard Disk Sentinel Pro.

To switch from the giveaway Hard Disk Sentinel standard version, please just completely close first, but no need to uninstall.
If I'm correct, you may already installed the Pro version but for reference, I'm sending the details as it may help other users too:

To use the latest possible licensed version, please download Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 5.61 version from the Download page
( )
or directly from

After installation, to register and activate your product, please click on "Help" and select "Enter registration key" in Hard Disk Sentinel Pro.

Please enter your name (or nickname) as username (you can use any name, it does not matter) and the license code you received (15 digit number) and click on the "Register and activate on-line" button.
Then the software should be registered and activated and can be used without limitations.
Make sure that the software need to access the activation server during the activation, so your firewall should not block it.

If the online activation is not possible, then you can use the "Register and activate by e-mail" button to create an un-activated key file (HDSentinel.hds) to the folder of the software. Please send that - and I can activate with your license code and send back the activated file.
H.D.S. Hungary - Yesterday at 8:34am Copy Link
William Todd @Janos

While you of course have every right to limit the features that any 'giveaway' provides, if you are saying that "Transfer of a license to another owned computer is allowed" only until August 30th then that should be clarified in the offer, as 'transfer of a license' is not the same thing as 'installing' one (an impression reinforced by the additional "License grants usage on one computer at a time" statement). While I have never had occasion to transfer such a license I always understood that I could do so at any time, possibly by contacting you as the transfer mechanism was not specified.

Just to be clear, I've always appreciated both HDS itself and your frequently making it available without charge as you do here. It provides facilities which few (sometimes VERY few) other applications do, let alone all under one roof.
Yesterday at 9:21am Copy Link

Hard Disk Sentinel Standard Edition

$0.00 100% Off

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