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The Ultimate Automatic Screenshot / Screen Capture Software

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Platforms: Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7
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You have probably noticed, deep in the credits of most major motion pictures, a credit for a set photographer. And you probably know that's the person that takes photographs of the movie as it's being made. Furthermore, you have probably at some time wished that you had a set photographer for all the action on your computer screen, right?

May I introduce to you IcyScreen, your own Personal Computing set photographer!

IcyScreen is an automatic screenshot taker that offers ease-of-use without sacrificing features. One simple interface allows you to set the screen-shot intervals, tweak the specs, and determine exactly where they should be sent. Besides saving your screenshots to disk, IcyScreen can automatically upload them to a web server via FTP and e-mail them to an unlimited number of recipients!

IcyScreen also allows you to fully customize your screenshot file names. It can even be set to dynamically insert the date and time into the file names for easy reference!

IcyScreen is great for professionals who want to monitor activity on their network and it's great for freelancers who want to make their invoices shine with step by step re-enactments of the work that's being billed. IcyScreen is also great for sharing information with customers, co-workers, and friends!

Review Written by Andrew Dick
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Bob S Nice user interface, but I'm wondering why one would need many of these options. This appears to automate many tasks that would be cumbersome if one were doing "high volume" screen captures - is that correct? If so, curious why/when one would do high volume screen captures.

Perhaps my needs are much simpler... I'm often capturing just a region/section of a screen. 2nd option that's important to me is having a border added (or not added) to image. I don't see these options available in IcyScreen.

I like the UI... just want to be sure I understand whether and how it would benefit me. Thank you.
Feb 26 2010 at 3:52pm Copy Link
Patrick McCann Hello Bob, thanks for the compliment on the UI.

I assume when you say "I'm wondering why one would need many of these options" you're talking mostly about the FTP uploading and e-mailing options?

Most of the options are... well, optional, and you don't need to configure them. But a lot of them are useful.

The FTP and e-mailing options are useful if you want to share screen data with either yourself (so you can see the computer screen from a remote location) or someone else.

For example, one of our customers uses IcyScreen to upload a screenshot of a computer screen that runs diagnostic software for one of their machines, every 15 seconds or so. This way, the computer screen can be monitored from a different part of the building, or even from a different town or city.

We have another customer who uses the FTP uploading option to view the local TV channel outside of its broadcasting area. Another (quite a few more, I'm sure) uses IcyScreen to upload a screenshot of the active application every 30 seconds to his websote; this application screenshot happens to contain very useful information, information that changes frequently, and so he allows access to this screenshot to his subscribing customers for a monthly fee.

We have a few who use the e-mail feature to monitor their workstations from home to make sure that the tasks they scheduled have been completed successfully, too.

Just as many don't even use the FTP uploading and e-mailing functions, but only have IcyScreen save screenshots to disk. If you don't need to share screenshots with anyone else remotely, then the disk-saving feature is all you'll probably need. You can use these locally-saved screenshots to keep track of how you spend your day; you can also use them to document intensive tasks so you can just look back at the screenshots any time you want to remember what you did/how you did it. There are many, many uses for automatically taken screenshots; regardless of your need, if you need 'em, IcyScreen can take 'em for you. :)

IcyScreen is designed to make taking screenshots and saving them much, much easier. Even if you need only a few taken per day, IcyScreen can make your life a little bit easier... configure the options, press "Print Screen", and it will capture the screen, and then save it to disk, upload it via FTP, or e-mail it wherever you configured it to, using the options you configured. So instead of Print Screen, paste, save as, enter file name, save, and then if you want to e-mail it, create new e-mail add attachment, enter subject/message/to/from... all you have to do is Print Screen and Icy does all of that for you.

IcyScreen will help you out even more if you find yourself needing screenshots taken at a certain interval (every second, every 22 seconds, every hour, etc), or you find yourself needing screenshots taken even when you can't be at the computer. Set the screenshot interval, press On, and then IcyScreen will take a screenshot at that interval and save/upload/e-mail it where you configured it to. You can even do it as infrequently as every 12 hours or 24 hours. We actually have quite a few people who are using IcyScreen to take a screenshot once every 24 hours.

A lot of the non-saving/uploading/e-mailing options are useful as well. Some of them are for optimizational purposes: for example, you can tell Icy not to take a screenshot if the keyboard and mouse haven't been used since the last screenshot was taken, or to do nothing with the screenshot if it's identical to the last one (preventing duplicates). Others deal with multiple monitor support or configuring the part of each monitor that should be extracted (for example, from X,Y 100, 100 to X,Y 250, 250). There are other useful options as well, like audible warnings before the screenshot is taken, etc etc.

Let me know if you have any other questions!
16 Software - Feb 27 2010 at 2:34am Copy Link
DrTeeth I have to say I wished I needed this program it is so nice. My needs are simple and I already have a paid-for program. The comprehensive response by the developer also speaks volumes.
Good luck with the sales, Patrick.
Feb 27 2010 at 11:47pm Copy Link
Software Guy Nice software - perfect for sending timed photos of a construction site to your email. The options look very comprehensive, and the file save format options are the best I have seen.
What is the terms of your eula - single computer, personal license on users computers, desktop plus laptop, or other?
Feb 27 2010 at 11:54pm Copy Link
Steven Avery Hi Folks,

Since I just ragged the uniblue utility thing, I will say that this looks like a nice piece of software, with the built-in option for Image Shack. A little hard to justify for light non-timed use, considering the wide range of freeware, yet I will watch the comments. It is pretty new so you do not have many normal mentions in Ghacks, DonationCoder, Lifehacker, etc. So BitsDuJour is a good way to get exposure.

Clearly the developer Patrick is a real person and has a nice blog and is responsive to requests and ideas on the support forum. These make me want to do a bit more comparison. $18 over two years is 2 cents a day, so if the convenience saves a few minutes here and there (even without fancier features) this may be a good example of a nice Bits find. Will watch the other discussion and consider the download trial later in the day.

Steven Avery
Feb 28 2010 at 1:19am Copy Link
Patrick McCann @Guy: Thank so much!

@Software Guy: The license is for one computer, so basically you'll need to purchase a license for each computer you'll be using IcyScreen on. :-)

You can also read the full EULA here:

@Steven: Just let me know if you have any questions.
16 Software - Feb 28 2010 at 2:07am Copy Link
piyush kamani Hi,

just i have installed icyscreen shot software in my system, its working fine, But its not taking screen shot automatically. Manually its working fine.

Please help me.

Piyush Kamani
Apr 14 2010 at 12:02am Copy Link
Patrick McCann Hi Piyush,

I just sent you an e-mail with some suggestions. Please let me know how they work out for you.

16 Software - Apr 14 2010 at 2:12am Copy Link

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