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Organize Media, Documents, and Other Files

v7.2.310 for PC 
Platforms: Windows 2000-10
Check it out folks, you can also get

ModusDoc Portable
ModusDoc Network
ModusDoc Cloud
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How many ways do you catalog your stuff? Do you have one spreadsheet for books, another for movies, and still another for movies? What about documents? How do you make notes? If the number of applications you use for cataloging need to be catalogued themselves, it’s time to simplify matters with today’s discount software promotion, ModusDoc!

ModusDoc is a universal catalog application that lets you organize documents, e-books, audio books, movies, photos, and other files in a single database. With ModusDoc, you’ll enjoy quick and easy access to all of your content, with an easy and intuitive onboarding process that automatically scans and creates tree groups based on the structure of your folders.

Adding new content to ModusDoc is easy! Just click and drag files, shortcuts, and folders to the application. You can even drag and drop links, selected text, and email messages, or entire folders all at once. Best of all, you can build an unlimited number of databases in ModusDoc, each with its own unique configuration! Powerful filtering tools let you quickly find anything you need. Plus, you can store your ModusDoc databases on the local hard drive, on a network drive, or on removable media.

Please note folks, the upgrades for the up-sell (paid) licenses are free within version 7.x.x or within a year after purchase.

This promotion includes the following:
ModusDoc Standard - Giveaway license v7.2.310 ($15)
ModusDoc Portable ($17)
ModusDoc Network ($57)
ModusDoc Cloud ($19)
Review Written by Derek Lee
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Gridleak Could I use a bar code reader with this software?
Jul 26 at 3:16am Copy Link
Valery User No. If it is not difficult, write how do you think to use the scanner with the program?
NITC ltd - Jul 26 at 3:27am Copy Link
Gridleak I like the idea of all my collections of media in one program. This is why I ask.

One use is in my book library. My current book catalog, when scanning the bar code of the book, it goes online and retrieves all the info of that book, saving me the trouble of having to type all that info down.

I have another collection where I have created my own bar codes to identify each item I have. So, a scanner would be handy for me there as well.

Thanks for the quick reply too. 8c)
Jul 26 at 3:45am Copy Link
Valery User Thank! It is interesting. I think the program really needs such a function. I will think how to implement it in the program.
NITC ltd - Jul 26 at 4:09am Copy Link
Ray User Does this work with network drives as well?
Jul 26 at 8:36am Copy Link
Valery User Yes
NITC ltd - Jul 26 at 8:43am Copy Link
Colin McAllister "Download Your Software
Your Download Link should arrive shortly at the email address you supplied us. "

Once again the registration details failed to reach my email address. I have checked spam and deleted folders too. I will change my registered BDJ email, but I would have liked to give this software a try.
Jul 26 at 1:31pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Colin McAllister, I just resent you the receipt email.
BitsDuJour Admin - Jul 26 at 1:31pm Copy Link
Nabeel Auzae The language of the program is English but:
Does it support indexing documents and books that are in languages other than English?
Jul 26 at 3:36pm Copy Link
A User Installed OK on Windows XP(SP3) 32bit.
But get error message on launching
"Missing fie : \WINDOWS\SysWOW64\macomctl.ocx
Repeat the installation program".
Will this software work on 32 bit Windows Xp? - Please advise.
Jul 26 at 4:19pm Copy Link
Nunya User I like the way this developer has answered every question put to them. Very impressive. I didn't expect to have one, but I have a question.

When I ran the setup exe, Windows refused to run it saying:

"Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.

App: ModusDoc Standard v7.2.310.exe
Publisher: Unknown publisher"

I didn't just recently turn on this feature of Windows. I've used it for years. I've also installed a LOT of software with this feature enabled. However, this is the first time in my experience that Windows has refused to install software.

Do you have any idea why this happened? Thanks for your help.
Jul 26 at 4:30pm Copy Link
RichU nunya, You can bypass that Windows screen. There is a very small link right below, and if you click on the link it expands and gives you an option to allow the program to run. Sorry, I don't remember specifically what it says, but if you look, you will find it.
Jul 26 at 6:09pm Copy Link
Nunya User Thanks, Richu. I know that and I did that. That's how I got the description to post in my comment. My question was, why did Windows intervene, at all.
Jul 26 at 6:27pm Copy Link
RichU I don't know... But that window pops up from time to time on installs and the link is kind of obscure. For anyone else, the link is "more info" and then something like "run anyway"
Jul 26 at 6:34pm Copy Link
Nunya User Richu, I was hoping to hear from the developer about this. Are you associated with them or BitsDuJour or just a user, like the rest of us?

You're right about the "More info" and "Run anyway" options. As I said, I've had the Smartscreen feature turned on for years on multiple computers and have installed 100s of programs, but this is the first time I've seen that error message.
Jul 26 at 6:46pm Copy Link
bsr007 I am trialling the Portable version of ModusDoc and I am finding it very good. The only issue I have found is when I start the software I get the error message: Component 'mscomctl.ocx' not correctly registered: file is missing or invalid. Fix this error? I then click yes and a Windows dialog appears asking if I want to run the software.This routine happens every time.I would be grateful if the developer could give some advice on overcoming this.
Jul 26 at 6:57pm Copy Link
Valery User Yes supports work with documents in other languages.
NITC ltd - Jul 26 at 11:54pm Copy Link
Robert Crombie A User,
I have Win XP 32bit SP3
I just installed this giveaway, and received no error messages.
Perhaps your AntiVirus should be disabled during your install, as it may have prevented the installer accessing some system folder ?
I have Avast Free. I did not have to disable that.
PS I have long hungered for a program that can Bookmark my folders/files
If I ever find an ideal program, to do that, it will cure me of my nasty habit of keeping folders open in my file manager, hoping they(the Tabs to folders) will still be there when I next open the file manager. Quite a few times that nasty habit does not work, and the file manager's memory of the open Tabs is lost.
I am hoping today's giveaway can be used as a Bookmark Manager
Jul 27 at 3:18am Copy Link
I copied MSCOMCTL.OCX from \Windows\system32
to \WINDOWS\SysWOW64 and it now starts ok without error.
Jul 27 at 8:21am Copy Link
Valery User bsr007, after restarting the computer, the error should disappear.
NITC ltd - Jul 27 at 10:58am Copy Link
bsr007 Hi Everyone, I purchased the Portable version of ModusDoc. Thanks to all who commented on the error message I am receiving when I start the program. Unfortunately I am still getting the error on startup regarding the mscomctl.ocx after rebooting my computer and this file is present in the Windows\SysWOW64 folder. Any other ideas would be much appreciated.
Jul 27 at 3:07pm Copy Link
Valery User bsr007, For windows 10 x64: look for cmd.exe in \ SysWOW64, right-click - select run from administrator, enter REGSVR32 MSCOMCTL.OCX

Or try running ModusDoc as administrator.
NITC ltd - Jul 27 at 9:44pm Copy Link
bsr007 Many thanks for your help, Valery User.
Jul 27 at 11:19pm Copy Link
Valery User Nunya User, I need to get a formal certificate and pay an annual fee. I have not done this yet.
I also understand that Windows Defender SmartScreen in fact does not guarantee anything, only creates inconvenience for users.
NITC ltd - Jul 28 at 12:20am Copy Link
Nunya User Thanks for getting back to me. I take that to mean the certificate would eliminate the problem I'm experiencing with Smartscreen.

I understand that everyone has a different experience with software because their machines are configured differently. Each person's PC configuration is probably unique from any other, due to the 1000s, if not millions of possibilities.

However, I have not found what you said to be the case with Windows Defender. It has worked quite well protecting my system from malware, such as trojans and other dark stuff found in almost every corner of the Internet. But, I will read up on Smartscreen to make sure it's what I need.

Thanks for the info.
Jul 28 at 7:20am Copy Link
Valery User I agree with you. My Smartscreen is also enabled. I wanted to say that Smartscreen is not a panacea for all problems. It is hard for a user to start a program when he trusts it, but Smartscreen is not. Need to do the whole procedure. I think it would be enough to show the two buttons "Yes" and "No".
NITC ltd - Jul 28 at 8:36am Copy Link

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